OPI began as a dental supply company which was purchased by George Schaeffer in 1981. After partnering with Suzi Weiss-Fischmann and R. Eric Montgomery (Artistic Director and Biochemist, respectively) they created an acrylic color system and began selling to nail salons individually. In 1989 they expanded to nail laquers and other products, and in 2010 OPI was aquired by Coty Inc. They are currently headquartered in North Hollywood, CA.

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Recent OPI Reviews

Polishes -OPI -Nail Lacquer - Closer Than You Might Belèm

on 3/16/2019 2:17:00 PM


This is okay. From their Lisbon Collection for Spring 2018, OPI's Closer Than You Might Belem is a slightly dusty medium turquoise with a creme finish. The shade is similar to Essie's Where's My Chauffeur and China Glaze's For Audrey (but not a dupe). On the nail, I thought it looked a little too greyed and subdued.

The formula wasn't the best either. Closer Than You Might Belem is very pigmented, and it's a bit streaky and uncooperative. It self-levels very nicely, though. And it's opaque in two coats. But the application wasn't as easy as I would have liked.

It's not horrible but it's not something that I would buy again.

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Polishes -OPI -Electric Eel

on 3/13/2019 6:08:00 PM

First, I'm not sure how available this polish is any more. I found it from a clearance house that gets "old stock", so I know it's still out there, but it seems to be pretty HTF now. Still, I found it, and I'm wearing it, so I'll review it just because.

The colour of this polish is a lime-to-mint green with flashes of peachy-pink in raking light. I also see flashes of gold sometimes. It's fresh, lively, pearlescent, and pretty sheer. Two coats is semi-opaque, with the tips clearly visible. I think it looks very pretty that way, but if you don't like sheer polish, you'll want to wear this over an opaque base unless you want to use three or more coats.

IMHO, this does work best as a specialty top coat. It looks very dramatic over black or dark green (I tried it over OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow, for example). It also looks nice over an opaque nude base if you want to go lighter (I used OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons). It can even work over white, which really lets the iridescence shine.

I grabbed this on a whim, not knowing if I'd like it, but I really do. It's versatile and different, unlike anything else I have in my very extensive collection. If I find another bottle of it somewhere, I'll be grabbing it, because it's just that good.

EDIT: As I was writing this review, I was wearing Electric Eel over a medium-pastel mint green (Revlon Jaded) and I could hardly keep my eyes off my fingers. The polish just glows, and it's incredibly beautiful. I went out to run an errand and got a random compliment on my manicure from a stranger!

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Polishes -OPI -Nail Lacquer - Yoga-Ta Get This Blue!


This is hands down my favorite blue nail polish. It's dark, but still looks blue in most lighting. It's its best in bright light - super shimmery and shiny (even without a top coat). I think it would flatter most skin tones. Two coats offers perfect coverage. I didn't experience problems with staining that some other reviewers have mentioned.

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Polishes -OPI -Nail Lacquer - Tickle My France-y

on 3/12/2019 9:59:00 AM


I've used several bottles of this over the years, very unusual for me since there are so many new shades I tend not to re-buy unless something is a HG.
Tickle My Franc-y is the most wonderful nude shade. It's a taupe shade with a hint of pink. A glossy crème, it goes on smoothly and easily, it self levels, opacity is great with 2 coats. A top coat of Seche Vite and it looks fabulous for a week! Highly recommend!

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Polishes -OPI -Nail Lacquer - Tagus in that Selfie

on 3/11/2019 11:38:00 AM


I don't like pink. But I really, really like this polish shade! It's a true, light/medium candy pink. Not as neutral as one would usually consider for a corporate environment, which is what I was shopping for. But the beiges and greys looked too blah to me and I wanted something brighter. It's just fine for the office. It applied almost opaque with one coat, and just right with two coats. It seemed to self-level very well. I used it with an OPI base coat and Seche Vite top coat. This is day 6, with natural nails and only minor chips. And I haven't even touched up the top coat. Amazing. This one is going into heavy rotation as a "neutral."

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