MakeupAlley Ranking Policy

At MakeupAlley, we strive to manage our services where all can feel at ease in achieving unbiased reviews on beauty products. In addition, we highly respect and value the reviews posted by individual members based on their personal experiences.

The MakeupAlley Ranking is computed based among other factors on the number of reviews and ratings posted by our members using a proprietary algorithm that eliminates biased posts. This allows us to achieve a fair ranking system that excludes artificial posts designed to manipulate the rankings. We also continuously review and revise our ranking algorithm.

■ Review Management Policy

Monitoring all posted reviews

To maintain the integrity of our services, we have implemented a system whereby we check all reviews that are posted on MakeupAlley and respond swiftly to any posts requiring an urgent response or that violate our Guidelines for Reviews, Images, and Videos. We also carry out regular audits to ensure that no inappropriate reviews remain on the site.

■ To all MakeupAlley members

The MakeupAlley team is taking various measures to prevent fraudulent behavior and to provide a reliable service. We also appreciate your understanding and support in maintaining the utmost fairness and transparency.

When posting a review, we would like to ask you to keep the following principles in mind:

  • Review and rate products based on your honest impressions of products you have actually used, in your own words.

  • When posting reviews, please follow the rules set out in the MakeupAlley Review Guidelines.

Although we would like to display all reviews in their entirety, reviews that are in violation of our guidelines or unsuitable for the community may be deleted or otherwise altered by management.

Please Support MakeupAlley to Maintain a Fair Service

As service operators, we take a variety of measures to ensure that we remain a fair and neutral service. If you notice a review which violates our guidelines or seems suspicious when browsing MakeupAlley, please use the “Flag” button found on the review screen to notify us. Likewise, if you found a review helpful, we encourage you to click the “Helpful” button to let the member know that you appreciate their review.

◾ To Brands and Retailers Who Wish to Publish Product Information

We strive to operate a fair service and the support of brands and retailers is vital. We ask for your cooperation and contribution in creating a reliable platform.

MakeupAlley is used by a large audience with an interest in all things beauty. Please provide us with your brand and product information to reach out to our members at

The following activities are considered violations of MakeupAlley policies. Such policy violations will be dealt with strictly and may result in the deletion of the reviews in question or the removal of the account that posted the reviews.

  • Requesting a third party to post a review in exchange for a free product or a monetary reward (or other equivalent compensation)

  • Reviews posted by persons involved in the manufacturing and sales of products for advertising purposes

If you have been asked to engage in, or have noticed any fraudulent behavior, we encourage you to submit a contact form to notify us.