CeraVe is a skin care brand developed by dermatologists in 2005 in the U.S. It specializes in advanced skincare products, specifically cleansers, moisturizers, sunscreens, healing ointments and a dedicated baby line.* In 2017, L'Oreal purchased the company from Valeant Pharmaceuticals. *From L'Oreal-Finance.com

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Sunscreen -CeraVe -Body Lotion SPF 50

on 1/16/2019 12:29:00 PM


I bought to use on my face because it's identical in ingredients to the face version and a bit cheaper. It leaves a very noticeable white cast, is too thick to apply without rubbing, has a weird smell, and in summary is just as crappy for everyday use as any other American sunscreen. It also gave me a mild breakout, which is weird because usually that only happens with chemical sunscreens. CeraVe cream is one of my HGs but every other product of theirs has been at least a little bit of a disappointment in some way. Lesson learned: stop trying to cheat on my HG to save a few bucks!

Lotions/ Creams -CeraVe -Therapeutic Hand Cream

on 1/15/2019 4:19:00 PM


I really wanted to like this hand cream. I was on the lookout for a new un-scented to carry in my purse over winter. I am a big fan of Cerave body cream, so I had high hopes for this product too. It's a good size for on the go and very reasonably priced. But I have eczema with tendency for the backs of my fingers to flake and crack so I need something pretty rich, and I felt it was a bit too thin and just a tiny bit greasier than I prefer. It's not bad so I used up what I had at home, but likely won't purchase again. I prefer something like Aveeno Eczema Therapy (much richer and less greasy) or Gold Bond ultimate healing for my hands.

Cleansers -CeraVe -Foaming Facial Cleanser

on 1/15/2019 3:05:00 PM


The dermatologist recommended this. I can see why. My irritated, oily skin has not been this well behaved in _decades_.
It's a little flaky right now, in the dry winter indoor heat and outdoor cold, but I'm a-okay with that.
Very little goes a loooong way, and rinses away fairly easily.
Has been great taking my makeup off, including eye makeups.

Moisturizers -CeraVe -Facial Moisturizing Lotion - AM SPF 30

on 1/15/2019 3:00:00 PM


Reading these reviews makes me think two things -- first, I'm glad I'm not the only one who has problems with this moisturizer and second, I wish I'd read these reviews before purchasing! I had the same problems as many others with the product pilling/flaking off when I put something on top. I thought it was my makeup or serums I was using before, but I found this moisturizer didn't really work with anything I tried. I found that putting foundation over it (even using a sponge or my fingers) the foundation just sort of moves around and ends up looking patchy. I didn't mind the scent (didn't find it noticeable) and I like that it has spf. I'm usually a stickler about using up products, even if I don't really like them, but I tossed this bottle still half full.

Lotions/ Creams -CeraVe -Moisturizing Cream


I use this daily on my body after every bath or shower. I’m on my second tub of it now. It has no scent or color, it’s a very thick cream that leaves your skin so smooth. It’s soothing and moisturizing. I love it.

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