essence Cosmetics was founded by Christine Oster-Daum and Javier Gonzalez. The two met while working at Coty and decided to start their own company. It launched in Germany in 2002. They are a part of Cosanova Beauty company. essence cosmetics are now sold in over 35 countries worldwide.

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Brows -essence -Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara

on 3/13/2019 1:27:00 PM


A really great little gem! would give it 4.5 stars if I could. my only complaint is that the wand needs to be blotted or wiped before application, since it packs a lot of product on that can goop up your brows. Otherwise, this is a go-to for me in holding my brows in place once I have filled and defined them. Definitely worth its price and then some.

Mascara -essence -Lash Princess Mascara

on 3/11/2019 7:03:00 AM


Did not like this mascara. It is smudging under the eyes.

Mascara -essence -Lash Princess False Lash Effect

on 3/5/2019 12:34:00 AM


Got mine directly from Essence. I actually ordered lash sculpting mascara, but they've made a mistake and shipped False lash effect instead.
I'm super happy with it. It doesn't smudge (even if I take a pillow smashed into face nap). It doesn't flake. It gives a great volume and great length without any clumps (I don't let the first coat to dry before applying the second).
Wonderful mascara and I also find the packaging to be super cute.

Update: Never before I've tried a natural mascara. It happens that I'm allergic to beeswax (the second ingredient here). I got red swollen patches under and over my eyes the second day I wore it in a row. I took anti-allergy pills, couldn't wear any eye makeup the next day, and wore this mascara again in a couple of days. It gave me the same allergic reaction but more intense. That's a shame that such a wonderful product isn't for me.

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Pressed Powders -essence -All About Matt Fixing Compact Powder

on 3/1/2019 3:17:00 PM


I like this for setting my foundation. Works great both with liquid and mineral foundations. I apply it using a powder puff, and press it into my t-zone.

It can apply too white, but then I just press it in more or dust it away.

The fact that it‘s silicone-free is a plus for me.

The packaging is flimsy and cheap but I‘d rather they keep it that way if it keeps the price low.

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Foundations -essence -Fresh & Fit Awake Make up

on 2/18/2019 10:36:00 AM


Yissss, finally a foundation that looks good on me. I haven't had a foundation look that good since....actually, since I last used an essence foundation.

Depending on what I use under it, I can get it to look either dewy, or neutral (neither matte nor dewy). I apply with a damp sponge and it blends well and easily, leaving no evidence of the application process. It just looks like skin on me. I haven't had this crease, flake, settle into smile lines, oxidize, transfer, or look chalky even at the end of a very, very long day. I'm frankly blown away. Now that I've been using a good moisturizer for a while my otherwise very dry skin occasionally succeeds in producing a tiny amount of its own oil, and after ten hours of wear I am a little bit shiny. This is excellent for me as some overall great products can block my skin's oil production and look chalky, but very oily people would probably prefer if it were more mattifying, or using it wih a mattifying primer.

No pilling, no breakouts, irritation, I didn't even notice it had a smell either. I find the coverage is good, but I'd call it medium if I compare it with stick foundation for example. But it does cover everything, for me anyway, in one to two thin coats. I have even spread it to my undereye area and it caused no eye irritation. It is weightless on the skin, and removes easily.

The terrible part? You guessed it, four damn shades. Fresh ivory was a great fit for me now that I'm not at my palest, but very fair skinned people would probably find it too dark ( Essence did use to have make up brightening and darkening drops that worked well though, don't know if they still sell those). The bottle is glass, which bugs me a little because it could break, but it's trasparent so you can see how much you have left, and the pump works fine on mine.

I find this habit of some companies of coming up with four shades so infuriating. I'm usually okay just picking the lightest shade as long as it's not too yellow, but I can see the majority of people not being able to get a matching shade in such ranges. I was tempted to take a lippie off for that alone, but the product works so well otherwise it's the easiest, most wearable foundation I've had in a long time. I have to say though, the shade fresh ivory looked quite dark and almost orangey in the bottle, but not on my skin. So even if, by the looks of things, none of the shades are a good match for you, I suggest trying the tester in the store, you might be lucky. It goes on much more flattering than it looks in the bottle for me.

Eta: taking lippies off because it is drying. after applying, I can feel my skin tugging from dryness. The application does not look dry though, not chalky or flakey, it looks great, but it feels too drying. I suggest wearing a good moisturizer underneath and slathering on occlusives at night. I'm saddened that it's so drying as it looks very nice. With already very dry skin, I won't repurchase.

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