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Too Faced Cosmetics was founded in the US in 1998, by Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson. (Blandino had worked at Estee Lauder makeup counters in the mid-90's.)That same year the company created the "world's first glitter eyeshadow." Known for its innovative style and intricately detailed products, the brand grew quickly and was eventually acquired by Estée Lauder in 2016.

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Recent Too Faced Reviews

Blush -Too Faced -Papa Don't Peach

on 5/21/2018 11:05:00 PM


I'm really enjoying this blush! I own over 50 blushes, and I probably only have about 6 or so that are remotely "peachy", I'm a mauve girl most of the time. This is just a happy blush, and I love the texture, the packaging, the scent, really everything about it. People either love or hate TF, I'm a fan, and have never been disappointed in anything (except that their foundations run too yellow LOL.)..I love that its build able, and not super in your face unless you want it to be, it also has above average wear time with a good setting spray..there is a healthy sheen, so if you are only wanting a total matte blush, this isn't it..its definitely not glitter, but a healthy sheen, it's perfect for summer days/nights.. Definitely recommend💋💄❣

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Foundations -Too Faced -Born This Way Foundation

on 5/19/2018 4:45:00 PM


Whenever I wear this foundation I feel like my skin just doesn't look healthy at all. This foundation makes my skin look super cakey, orange and streaky because of the undertones of the foundation. I prefer foundations that are lighter coverage and enhance my skin rather than just slapping on some cakey orange make-up and making my skin look too artificial. This is a no from me and I would imagine that this foundation would not be good for oily skins because I'm combination with an oily t-zone and chin and this made my skin look pretty greasy after a few hours. It's a no from me.

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Mascara -Too Faced -Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara

on 5/19/2018 5:14:00 AM


I will list the pros and cons of this product so it's easier to understand how I feel about it.

- It does NOT dry out your lashes. The formula makes your lashes feel very hydrated and luxurious and soft which is something that I really appreciate in a waterproof mascara (considering that it can damage your lashes sometimes as it may dry them out, which is not the case = makes me very happy).
- It is indeed waterproof. I've cried and swam with this on and it stayed put without flaking.
- The packaging, hello? It's amazing and the wand is also very good. Some say it is too big, but for me is very satisfying as it:
gives volume, gives length, provides definition, oh and it also holds the curl pretty well. HOWEVER, if you are not like me and usually apply more than one coat of the mascara, be careful because it will make your lashes a bit clumpy. I don't have that problem since I only put one coat of it.

- This is the part that really disappointed me, which is >the smudging< and oh wow what a disaster.
I have combination skin but I wouldn't say my eyelids are THAT oily. Unfortunately, out of ALL the mascaras I've tried (considering this is the only high-end mascara I bought so far) this is the only one that smudges on my eyelids. I have to put a lot of powder on my eyelids and downer part of the eyes (not too much so it won't look cakey) but it still smudges on the outer corner.
- The price. Honestly, I find this mascara a bit expensive considering the "smudging catastrophe". That's pretty much why I personally won't be repurchasing this product.

Overall, I'm so sad that this mascara smudged a hell lot on me, because even tho all the aspects (pros) are so satisfying, smudging is a big deal for me.

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Primer/ Corrector -Too Faced -Hangover 3-in-1 Replenishing Primer and Setting Spray

on 5/16/2018 7:30:00 PM


I have oily skin, so I am actually surprised I like this! I spray before my tinted moisturizer or BB, whichever I am using for the day. It leaves a nice, dewy finish (not greasy). My skin has also been exceptionally clear, so I think I'll keep using it.

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Palettes -Too Faced -Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection Palette

on 5/14/2018 1:15:00 PM


This a very unique palette as far as color selection goes, but in my opinion the formula of these shadows are just okay. This palette did not wow me like the chocolate bar palette did, but it is not horrible. I find that I have to wet my eye shadow brush when applying the shimmers to my lid or they are not very pigmented. Some colors look odd together, so you really have to think looks through when playing with this palette.Also I found it interesting that the way the color looks in the pan often does not show up the same color on the eyes. Overall I do enjoy this palette and I can make it work and create some beautiful looks but I would not purchase this item again, especially for $49.

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