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Lip Gloss -Bonne Bell -Lip Smackers

on 4/22/2018 9:33:00 AM


I used to like Lip Smackers when Bonne Bell owned the company before Markwins took over and bought it. Back then, Lip Smacker and Bonne Bell catered to us collectors (we buy thousands of lip balms a year. I used to buy like twenty thousand lip balms). They would create new flavors just for us collectors, and they didn't need Disney products to carry the brand like nowadays.

In 2015, Markwins bought Lip Smackers and Bonne Bell. I was so worried about if the quality would be good like with Bonne Bell, and I was right that the quality would turn bad. Markwins keeps putting out the same flavors in different packaging for all the seasonal years. They started to make LS and BB products in China when they've been made in the USA since the beginning. Us collectors complain all the time to Markwins, but I don't understand why they don't cater to us. I don't understand why they can't create new flavors for us collectors to buy. Lazy, lazy, lazy!

I wish Markwins were more grateful for the dedicated fans they acquired when they bought LS from the Bells. Seriously, the world doesn’t revolve around Disney branding.

I mean, come on, we spend our entire salary every year buying over thousands of LS products unlike the other lowly customers who only purchase LS products maybe once a year. I wrote in on Facebook about my thoughts and someone had the nerve to say to my post that Markwins won't cater to us because we're not the general public. We're a niche brand and a small niche. The person had the nerve to say that since Markwins is a big company, they have no time to target small niches like us.

I'm like, excuse me????!!! Us collectors are so not niches at all. We helped build up the company to how great and powerful it is for today. If it weren't for us collectors, this company wouldn't have lasted as long as it did. Now, Markwins is ruining everything that Bonne Bell stood for. Also, that person said since another company took out, the management would manage BB and LS differently than Bonne Bell did because of the switch of companies.

That is so, so wrong! They should manage LS and BB the same because we're the companies bread and butter.

UGH! I'm so over Markwins. Anyone with me?

Lip Gloss -Bonne Bell -Dr. Pepper lipsmackers

on 4/14/2018 6:01:00 PM


I fell in LOVE with this in the 90’s (I’m currently 33) and I bought so many tubes of it over the years that have amazingly, held up through time so I can say without any doubt, that this formula has changed immensely. I’m finishing up my very last “original’ lip balm and I keep buying these anyway, hoping that I’ll somehow get an original version somehow but I’m not going to do it anymore. This new formula is somewhat drying on the lips but it’s the smell that’s heartbreaking. There’s a faint chemical cherry coke-ish scent to it that smells nothing like Dr. Pepper, like the original balm did. I keep smelling them side by side and it’s sad each time.
If you’re planning on buying one of these for nostalgic reasons, don’t. You’ll be disappointed. As far as quality goes-meh. There are better quality lip balms out there for the same price. To it’s credit though, it does leave a light tint on the lips which is perfect for no makeup days.
Oh, I noticed that another poster had mentioned that this smells like cloves. I just swatched a brand new one on my hand and I actually picked up a hint of cinnamon oil-it’s faint and I can see why someone would say they smell cloves.

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Fragrances -Bonne Bell -Bottled Emotion (All Scents)


I really miss these perfumes. I'd actually been trying to find them for a little while, now, but I couldn't remember anything other than "Hopeful", which is the one I wore. I would love to see these brought back, but Bonne Bell sold out to the company that makes Wet n' Wild, and I don't think they brought these back.

Personally thinking we should all band together and form a Nostalgia Brigade and demand that these are brought back. LOL (But seriously, I'm not joking. >.>)

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Lips -Bonne Bell -Lip Smackers -- Cherry Coca Cola


I met her in a club down in old Soho, where ya drink champagne and it tastes just like cherry cola -- or do you prefer the "coca cola" version? ... The Kinks? Anyone? I should go be a dad somewhere else? Okay. Good lip balm. It does what it should. Can't go wrong with Bonne Bell. I liked this one a lot as a kid but my favorite was the Mountain Dew.

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Lip Gloss -Bonne Bell -Lip Smackers in Bubble Gum

on 10/23/2017 12:55:00 AM


I am a huge fan of this and the Dr. Pepper flavor. This does smell like bubble gum. The Bazooka kind. I have had mine for a few years as I keep them in different purses. Very moisturizing which is more than I can say for a lot of other lip balms. I wear this under lipstick, to bed and under gloss too. Heavenly, reminds me of my childhood and I will be buying this for as long as they make it.

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