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 Oil Cleansing Method (OCM)


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Age: 19-24

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Neutral

Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Other

My skin: combo (dry/normal cheeks, oily T-zone, nose tends to peel sometimes, eeeeeww), blackheads/whiteheads on my nose, lightly acne-prone (I always have at least one-two pimples). This method is good for removing makeup but cleansing your face with it? Nah, I skip. After I remove my makeup with oil I always use micellar water just not to end oily for the rest of the night. Otherwise, I wouldn't use it for any other purpose. Besides, I always get some pimples after using OCM, even though I do my best to get rid of any makeup. Thankfully, there is a cheap mask which helps my acne and gets rid of dirt and bacteria better than this method. So, try it. Love it or hate it. I'm not into this.

on 9/4/2017 12:33:00 AM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Acne-prone, Tan, Neutral

Hair: Brunette, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

If you care about your sanity at all, DO NOT TRY THIS. ESPECIALLY NOT IF YOU ARE ACNE PRONE!!!

Long story short my skin was 70% clear, with the other 30% suffering from hormonal breakouts; that is, until I decided to use OCM. I exclusively use argan oil, which is supposed to be completely noncomedogenic or whatever, which is a complete lie. Within like one week I started to notice little bumps underneath my skin; the texture was just getting rougher. I used the internet, which got me into this mess in the first place, to see what other people's experiences were, and I was reassured that I was just going through a "purging" period. So I kept using the stuff for like three weeks, and my skin got exponentially worse with each passing day, until I just could not do it anymore.

I really wish I had a Harry Potter time-turner so I could go back to the day I bought that little amber bottle of demon oil from Trader Joe's, smash it on the ground, and slap myself in the face for experimenting with my skin so much. OCM ended up being the worst thing I've ever done to my skin--and trust me, I have done A LOT.

It's taken three months to repair the damage that that damn oil wrecked on my poor face, and I've still not completely recovered.

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Age: 30-35

Skin: Other, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Other, Other, Other

Eyes: Other

I have never written a review, but I feel like I must.

If I could give this a ZERO rating I would. If you are acne prone...DO NOT TRY THIS.

Basically, I experienced the exact same things that all the other "OCM ruined my skin" people did. First few weeks, glowing, awesome skin. My breakouts had pretty much stopped and I was even gloating about what an awesome regimen this was. Then about 3 weeks in, I had a minor breakout. I thought I was just purging. I kept going with OCM. About a month and a half in I woke up to find my entire face covered in comedonal white heads. I thought, maybe I wasn't getting all the oil off, so for another couple weeks, I tried double cleansing. After about 3 months, I decided enough was enough, so I stopped...

That's when all hell broke loose.

It took a few weeks after stopping OCM, but eventually, the whiteheads got inflamed and turned into inflamed pustules and acne. I went to a derm, and everything he prescribed me (CLindamycin lotion, cetaphil acne face wash) irritated my already massively irritated skin. He also gave me an antibiotic I was allergic too, and I developed a liver problem.

After stopping that derm's regimen, Cystic acne started to develop on top of the whiteheads and pustules. All of my breakout have been on my cheeks and jawline, where I hardly ever broke out. My t-zone is clear as a bell.

Worst part of this breakout is the throbbing pain and itchiness of the acne. It wakes me up at night sometimes. Not to mention the emotional pain. I am so self conscious I hardly leave the house except for work. I've been using Retin A 0.1% for about 6 weeks, which I had success on in the past. I honestly can't tell if my acne is improving with it or not because of all the hyperpigmentation, cysts and new pustules each day, but at least it's stopped throbbing and itching in the last few days. I want to use an AHA and sulfacetamide sulfur cleanser as that cleared me up in combo with the retin-a in the past, but everything is irritating my skin at the moment, so I'm just trying to calm it down and not adding in too many things at a time.

I am praying this doesn't take several more months to correct. I'm seeing a new dermatologist this week and hoping he doesn't recommend accutane...that stuff is too scary, especially with a liver condition. I'm also going to try an acupuncturist.

This was the worst thing I have ever done to my skin, and I'm kicking myself because it was self-inflicted.

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Age: 18 & Under

Skin: Combination, Tan, Neutral

Hair: Brown, Kinky, Medium

Eyes: Brown

I tried this for a long time and then used it on and off for a few months and overall I'm rather disappointed. I use jojoba oil as a moisturiser and I'm all for natural alternatives, however, my skin just didn't like this. I can't lie: it does work to remove makeup and residue etc but as for the glowing skin, smaller pores, moisturised skin, I didn't notice any difference. Perhaps it because I already use jojoba oil which my skin absolutely LOVES so any improvements were hard to notice. I also tried various oils but with no success. I just use a natural bar soap that my skin has always loved and has always given me soft, clean skin. Overall I didn't see the point in continuing with this as it was more expensive, hard to travel with, hard to store and I'd say annoying to use. Its worth a try but I didn't get the results people talk about.

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on 9/9/2016 9:36:00 PM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Dry, Fair, Warm

Hair: Brown, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Brown

TL;DR (oh man I love when others do this so here we are):
2/3 castoir oil, 1/3 corn oil, 10 drops tea tree oil. Two pumps of oil for giving myself a nice face massage. Then I wash the oil away with a gentle gel cleanser with warm water, then serum, eyecream, cream, pure castoir oil in some areas. In about 2 weeks, from dull, acne-prone and overall terrible look, I got a glowing skin, impressive reduction of flaws like blackheads and little breakouts (it won't save you from sparse and random cystic acne, something that occasionally happens to me. For that, I put some pure tea tree oil and sacrifice a lamb to ancient gods on a full moon night), smoother pores, an overall improvement of the quality of my skin. 2 times a day for 1 month and a half and still going strong!
SUGGESTIONS (but we're not in North Korea so do what you like): don't use that hot cloth steaming method, like, really, put that cloth down. It's exposing your skin to terrible damage for no reason. Use some warm water and a nice gel cleanser and wash the oil away, don't let it sit on your face! Castor oil is fine, but the other oil will likely work in the opposite direction. Also, take your time and your chances for finding the best combination for you. The web offers many alternatives and ideas but we're all different and react in different ways! Prepare little doses and give each a week of trial. There is NO SUCH THING like a "puryfing period" where you break out like crazy before getting the skin of your life. NOOOO. That's one of the funniest bull___t I ever heard online. If it's the right version for you, nothing will happen, and you will get the first results after a week or two of religious 2x a day use.
Hope this helps!


Thou sweetest cleansing valentine! (I swear I made this us with a Shakespeare generator)
Ok so I'm all praises and love for this method. Finding the right version was quite a journey, but once I found the perfect combination, I won't ever give it up!
My love for castor oil is endless to say the least. It's the single "natural" method I ever trusted and got results from: made brows grow from nothing, got me Bambi-esque lashes, granted a full pouty mouth that will face the coldest windy temperature, and cancelled (well not permanently, but would you say no to such a miracle?) my deep deep dark shadows under the eyes (a full year sleeping 4- 5 hours each night destroyed any trace of youth in that part of my face). So, what I was waiting for for using it as a cleanser? As soon as I heard about OCM, I jumped on the bandwagon not because I'm into fashion skincare trends, but because I needed an extra excuse to test the limitless powers of castor oil on me. Sadly, the first experience wasn't something I would happily remember. I made it with castor oil, coconut oil (an oil I honestly don't like. I bought many bottles but I never saw any of its alleged miracle results) and some drops of tea tree oil (darling!), and honestly I saw no relevant results. Well: nothing happened. I also tried at the end of summer and, as soon as the temperatures dropped under 25°C (77-ish°F), coconut oil solidified and pumping it out was impossible unless I thought in advance about melting it with the heat of the hands. Clearly my patience didn't last, and within a month I dropped this method from my daily routine.
For about 2 months, I did my regular skincare routine - nothing special: gel drugstore cleanser, day/nightcream, and that was that. But I'm slowly aging and all the signs of stress, bad eating, alcohol, lack of exercise and fresh air and usual hormonal issues are starting to show. I experienced a teenage-like acne month and it was so embarassing and I kept covering it with loads of make up, doing worse.
Then one day my husband bought me a nice little dispenser (god knows why) and that's when I tried with a lighter oil: corn oil! The good old cheapo for deep frying stuff! It sounds disgusting I know, but it's totally odourless and it's so smooth and nice. Plus, 1 euro=1 litre. Come on! So yeah, 2/3 of castor oil, 1/3 (a little more than that because that castor oil is so thick it's difficult to pump it out) of corn oil, 10 drops of tea tree oil. I then wash it away (no hot cloth for me! It's a dangerous habit for your skin and you should quit it right now!!!!) with a gentle drugstore gel cleanser. Then some serum (hyaluronic acid and vitamin c are my favourites). Some cool eyecream. A very dense night cream with many nice ingredients like hyaluronic acid, q10, and other yummy effective stuff. Pure castoir oil on brows, under eyes area and lips. I also started to run 5 km every day but that's another story.
But that's that: with this new mixture, I found the ultimate version I ever needed. Of course I still get breakouts because I eat like a swine and have normal things like menstruation. But it's not a mess like it used to be, no sir. Just one or two breakouts each month. My husband,who usually wouldn't notice if I turned blonde from black,told me I have the beautiful skin I had when we first met me when I was 20, and I'm overall glowing. The husband test is the ultimate litmus test for me, so yeah, I take it as a strong sign of improvement. Blackheads aren't as bad looking as they always been, I don't have to scrub as often as before, pores look smoother, and I'm overall better hydrated. Plus, no more signs of yesterday's mascara in the morning! This helps where the micellar water doesn't (out of laziness, hey! I put 4 coats of mascara, and it's hard to take it off) and melts everything.
So. My overall opinion of this is excellent, and would encourage everybody to give it a try (also for oily skins! Yeah you heard me!). It's relaxing, you have this pampering feeling added to your routine, and it works - and I've never believed in "natural" methods or things like that. Just take your time and enjoy!

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on 7/14/2016 2:21:00 PM

Age: 44-55

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Brown, Other, Other

Eyes: Hazel

All right, I need to start out, by saying, that when I first used the ocm 2 years ago, it was horrible!! Worst thing I could have done to my face. I have medium to moderate acne and I'm 45 years old .. and it has been like this my whole life, and im a picker, yes I hate to say it, but I am... I wanted to go with a natural face cleanes and get away from as many chemicals as I could....
This is what I know about my skin, and this is impotrant for everyone to know. When i would use commercial products , my skin could not tolerate too many products on it all at once, it was over load for my face and broke me out even more, any product that dries your face out (will) break you out
I always thought my skin was normal sentive.... turns out its normal/combination. ..I have a oily t zone.
But i still wanted to go as chemicals free as possibe in my face cleaning routine..... I looked into a few other options but to no avail, most thing I have tried had too many things in it...
So know what your face can tollerate before you start any natural cleaning routine.
First things first. ....
only use a oil that will not clog your pours this means only use oils that have 0 rating on the comedogenic scale.. do your reaserch!
I sugest using 1 oil only for 2 weeks and see how that oil reacts to your skin. Remember your face should not go throught any ( purge stage), that all the ocm will say is normal.
Your acne should not get worse . It should start to improve the first time you ues it .
I will tell you as well that any one with acne should also look for a oil that has a higher persentages of linoleic oil then oliec oil as this is better for acne skin.....

My method:
Night routine
I use organic sunflower oil, only!
Use clean hands
Put a quarter size amout of oil, rub hands together and apply to dry face I do this for about 1 minute or so but u can do it longer if u want.
I use a clean micro face cloth with warm water, to take the oil off (I DONT STEAM)...as its can cause wrinkles..... who wants that!
Then I use 2 drops of sunflower oil to moisturize, and thats it.

Morring routine:
I use a nowex makeup remover cloth with warm water..
Then I add 2 drops of sunflower oil, to moisterize, and thats it ......

I also use a scrub every other night
1 use table spoon of poppy seeds and 1 teaspoon of sunflower oil.
Method :
Do the ocm for night, but with one change, when you take off your oil use a dry face cloth to wipe off.
Gently massage the scrub over your face, then use a warm face cloth to remove scrub
Finish off with 2 drops of sunflower oil..
I have been doing this for a month now and I have minor to no brake outs at this point...

Take away :
Understand you skin and what it likes, and doesn't like!
Chose a non comedogenic oil rating of 0
Use a oil with a higher percentage of linoleic oil if acne prone
Your skin should never go through a "purge" period. if you break out worse with in the next 3 days your using the wrong oil...

Hope this helps

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Age: 25-29

Skin: Very Oily, Fair, Neutral

Hair: Blond, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Green

One thing I want to make very clear is that oil used as a cleanser alone will break me out. Coconut, olive, rosehip...most oils, give me cystic acne. Jojoba and mineral oil are trustworthy in my book as they are not plant based. HOWEVER even those two solely used as a cleanser will leave me with pimples. I've spent a lot of time looking into why and it turns out it's not even the oil itself in this case that's the culprit. It's the fact that oil does not mix with water so little traces of the oil AND make up/SS get left on my skin.

Enter polysorbate 80. This is a cheap emulsifier and changed everything. Emulsifiers make the oil mix with water, and also have cleansing agents in them so the oil rinses CLEAN. Polysorbate 80 actually comes from olives, yet surprisingly does not break me out. Most recipes call for 1/10 emulsifier and 9/10 oil. I put about 6/10 oil and 4/10 emulsifier because I'm not kidding when I say I don't want any oil left behind. This is probably too stripping of an equation for normal skin but I have very oily skin.

My former holy grail cleansers are: Bioderma Sensibio, Simple Micellar Water, and Cerave Hydrating Cleanser. *I would still recommend those in a heartbeat*. I didn't stop using them due to them not working anymore. I stopped using them ONLY because cleansing oil has some slight advantages:

-Cost. I don't skimp when it comes to skincare as you can tell by my reviews, but this is something to consider. Emulsifier from Garden of Wisdom is about $5. Snow River Mineral Oil is about $5. That's $10 total for a bottle that will last you 3-6 months. I was happy to pay $10-$20 a month for cleaner before.

-2 birds with 1 stone. Before I would remove make up with oil and follow up with a cleanser. Cleansing oil now removes my make up/sunscreen and leaves me with very clean skin.

-Less ingredients is a huge pro for my acne-prone/sensitive/rosacea-prone skin. This has 2 ingredients and I know for sure that my skin tolerates both. Premade cleansers have at least 10+ and there's always ingredients I wish I could take out. You get to customize your cleansing oil when you do-it-yourself. My skin is a lot calmer from both not having to double cleanse AND because it agrees with the ingredient list.

Will cleansing oil get rid of your acne? Probably not. I rely on retinoids to take care of that.

It took a total of six years for MUA's skincare board to convince me to do this. I regret not trying it sooner but the initial break outs before I found emulsifiers scared me off. I much prefer making a cleanser oil myself because all of the drugstore "cleansing oils" have too many damn added ingredients and emulsifier is low on the lists.

I do NOT follow the OCM directions of steaming the skin because that will break every capillary on my face. Steaming is bad news for any of us with rosacea.

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Age: 30-35

Skin: Combination, Medium Brown, Warm

Hair: Black, Curly, Medium

Eyes: Grey

I have oily skin in the t zone and my formerly normal skin elsewhere on the face has begun to look very dry and flaky as ive got older. Regular moisturizers for oily skin are no longer moisturizing enough for my entire face so I decided to give OCM, albeit a modified version of it, a shot.

I use plain old baby oil or baby oil gel (mineral oil is non comedogenic contrary to popular belief and the molecules are too large to penetrate the skin which i think makes this the ideal product plus it's cheap!), Jergens cleansing face cream or coconut oil... Whichever is closest to hand at the end of the day.

I slather the oil all over my face and neck and massage for a few minutes then leave it to sit and allow it to remove my makeup, dissolve any oil based impurities and soften my skin until im ready to shower. I then remove the oil just before my bath with a baby wipe or damp rag and wash my face as normal with my usual cleansing soap and water. I then use a moisturizing cream afterward on damp skin or my retin-a.

This method has helped remove all traces of makeup which I think helps with the preventing the occasional small breakouts I still get and I've noticed that my skin is far softer and feels and looks more balanced. It has also helped tremendously with the dry areas around my nose and those brought on by using retin-a.

Ive never tried the method where only oil is used with no detergent cleanser after. On my skin, I think this would be asking for trouble not to mention ruined pillow cases! But my modified version works great!

On weekends or days I work from home, I apply coconut oil, which can penetrate the skin and has a number of healthful qualities, and leave it on as long as I like. I've had no adverse effects.

Id definitely recommend this method for daily use, preferably in the evening, but especially for those with oily skin or problem skin, I'd suggest removing oil with a mild detergent cleanser following the treatment and ending the routine with a moisturizer suitable for your skin type.

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Age: 19-24

Skin: Combination, Fair, Neutral

Hair: Red, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Hazel

Now let my just start off by saying that I have oily, dehydrated skin. If you do not have dehydrated skin, you may love this method, but I do not. This method is said to be a universal way to cleanse your skin and will yield incredibly, results- it is probably the most hyped up skin cleansing method I have ever encountered. The theory is that it treats oily skin by using oil to break down the oils on your face, and treats dry skin by moisturizing. I'm not sure what the reasoning is behind it's ability to treat acne prone skin, but I imagine it is decent for sensitive skin because your skin isn't being exposed to numerous irritants that are commonly found in cleansers. The recommend formula is around 1 part castor oil to 2 parts of nourishing liquid oils (ex, olive, avocado, sweet almond, grape seed etc), but you can tailor this to meet the needs of your skin. If you have oilier skin, you may prefer more castor oil since it has more cleansing power whereas if you have drier skin, you may prefer less. To start with the pros of this method, it is very cost effective and removes makeup and cleanses at the same time. It also does leave your skin feeling and looking fairly silky and soft. On the other hand, the method is time consuming given that you have to massage the oil into your face for a few minutes, you will also go through an incredible number of wash clothes, and it can be messy. Why this method ultimately doesn't work for me though is that it doesn't treat my issue. Oils are very nourishing for dry skin but my skin isn't dry, it is dehydrated and those are two completely different kettles of fish. Dehydrated skin is dehydrated because it lacks water, not oil. So rubbing oil into it doesn't help, and it really doesn't help to use steam on your face to remove the oil because the heat from the steam sucks more water out of your skin. It actually made my issue worse because I wasn't able to use my Clarisonic which helps to exfoliate off some of those flaky patches! I did use a number of different oils and lowered the amount of castor oil to make sure I was truly giving the method it's best shot but it didn't work for me. I don't think it is a bad method all around but it's success truly depends on what you are trying to target.

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on 4/29/2016 9:32:00 AM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Sensitive, Olive, Warm

Hair: Brunette, Straight, Medium

Eyes: Brown

Let me just start off by saying I have the most sensitive skin ever. Almost everything makes my skin go crazy. But OCM has done wonders for my skin. The key is to do your own research. Don't take advice from random websites telling you which oil is best for you - most of the time, these articles are written by people who don't have a clue. Do your own research by reading up on the properties of the different oils in scientific journals. Make your own informed decision.

I read up on oils for a long time before I decided to dive into it. I use safflower oil to cleanse but do not use cloth to wipe of the oil. Instead, I wash my face thoroughly with warm water multiple times until my skin feels like it isn't oily anymore, just very soft and moisturized. I don't use a cloth because that is way too harsh for my sensitive skin. Then I double cleanse to get rid of the oil on my face.

I have found that OCM is drawing out impurities in my skin. Random acne is coming to head and healing within the day. I'm 2 weeks in and my skin now has a glow I haven't ever had.

My modified OCM works for me and I love it!

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