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Treatments (Face) -Dermalogica -Age Smart BioLumin-C Serum

on 6/20/2018 9:47:00 AM

The DERMALOGICA Age Smart BioLumin-C Serum is a very light oil-textured serum. Dermalogica Age Smart BioLumin-C Serum contains several good antioxidants and emollients, such as vitamin c, chia seed, lactic acid, vitamin e, one peptide, and licorice root extract. What did disappoint me is that they have included grapefruit peel oil (which is about halfway down the ingredient list) and limonene (near the bottom of the list). Thankfully this only has a scent when you immediately apply this and it dissipates almost immediately. The Age Smart BioLumin-C Serum goes on very easily but it does leave a slightly sticky texture which I fixed by applying a moisturizer over the serum. I didn't have any issues but if you are prone to breakouts I would be careful since this contains Carrageenan, which can be a culprit of acne and breakouts. Overall this serum is just okay, and for this price I want something to be amazing, but this was not it. There are so many vitamin C serums that deliver and for far less than this cost. My video review can be seen here:

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Sunscreen -Dermalogica -Age Smart Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50

on 6/16/2018 2:11:00 AM


I wonder why I'm still trying to use Dermalogica products. None of them worked for me, this isn't an exception.
It costs 72$ and it is a mix of Avobenzone (3.0%) and Octinoxate (7.5%). I never had any problems with Octinoxate in the past but Avobenzone seems to make my normal to dry skin oily and clog my pores.
The cream is packed with essential oils making it extremely irritating for my sensitive rosacea prone skin.
I don't ever have breakouts except for the times when I try something new that doesn't work... This one definitely doesn't. I got multiple pimples all over the face just in a day of using it. Tried it another day - the same story...
Since my pimples are an allergy driven they look like bug bites, they come in day and disappear in one day or two with the help of Zyrtek.
I don't recommend it to anyone. There are way better things on the market for a fraction of the price for this product.

Primer/ Corrector -Dermalogica -Age Smart Skin Perfect Primer

on 6/14/2018 9:00:00 PM


Upon the application, I thought that it's probably the best complexion product I've ever used on my skin. It is tinted and the tint is just perfect for my skin tone. I even thought I could probably use it on no makeup days as a sunscreen with just a tiny bit of powder to set. The primer spreads easily and covers minor imperfections. By itself, it stayed just a tiny bit tacky. My foundation went beautifully over it. The single downside was the strong essential oil smell and tingling sensation, but who cares when the performance is so good!

Then I left the house. Seems that Alima Pure foundation experience taught me nothing... I should have first tried it on 'stay at home' day.
When I look at my face 30 minutes later I was shocked. The primer has separated under foundation it created a sandpaper-like skin surface and my foundation settled in every wrinkle I have, even those that I didn't know I had. It literally aged me 15 years in 30 minutes! My foundation performs well without any primer and I used this one mainly to get SPF.
I had to clean my face with the napkins as well as I could and move on with my day. The separation continued...

When I came home I've checked the expiration day (long time to go). I got it at Dermalogica store, so there is no chance it's fake. So I've decided to try it alone without putting anything over. Half of the face with the moisturizer underneath and another half without anything. In 15-20 minutes I've got sandpaper looking-like skin one more time.

The worst primer ever!

P.S. Get yourself a sample before buying the whole size product!

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Treatments (Face) -Dermalogica -Skin Hydrating Booster

on 6/12/2018 9:38:00 AM


I really enjoy this product especially in the summer. It's quite multipurpose and very effective. In the summer I don't want a heavy moisturizer , as my skin feels overwhelmed and greasy. This product is very lightweight but quite effective a keeping moisture on my face in the summer and not oily at all.I put this on as an eye cream at times too as recommended by my Ulta Dermalogica rep. Perfect routine is this with a sunscreen primer on top and then my foundation. Good staying power and no goopiness.

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Cleansers -Dermalogica -PreCleanse

on 6/8/2018 7:52:00 AM


I've been using Dermalogica's precleanse (the version with a pump) for almost 6 months now and I am really happy with it. It is an excellent make-up remover and my skin (which is normally very sensitive) seems to like it - no breakouts or dry patches. It smells lovely (lavender oil) and is very easy to use.

The main reason why I gave it 4/5 for overall rating is that it seems to be slightly harsh if you use too much of it, especially around the eye area. It has caused some redness around my eyes, and I asked my therapist why this may be the case, and she said I'm probably using too much of it or rubbing too much, both of which was apparently the case because, since I've stopped doing so, my skin isn't red anymore.

As for price, I agree with some of the other reviews that it's not the cheapest product ever. However, it really lasts long! I've purchased my last bottle three months ago, and still have half of it despite using it on a daily basis. So, in case you decide to splurge on this, you'll see that a little goes a long way.

Overall, I am really happy with this product and I'm buying it again! :)

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