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Lipstick -Unlisted Brand -3CE Stylenanda - Velvet Lip Tint

on 8/15/2018 11:37:00 PM

I got this 3CE Velvet Lip tint in Near and Dear.

So first up, I also have the soft lip tint, and true to what the sales lady said, this velvet lip tint is actually less drying! Contrary to its name sake since you would think that soft lip tint would mean its more mostuirising? but anyway, while the soft lip tint would dry after awhile on your lips, this doesn't. this actually allows the colour to glide around your lips a little but it doesn't bleed or stain. so I really really like it way more. Also, the soft lip tint can dry up and flake your lips, or leave the ring of colour around your lips but this one is perfectly fine.

Colour wise:
1. Near and Dear. This is a MLBB colour. Its a neutral shade of dark pink and creates the best neutral look. its not nude though. Overall I love this colour a lot. Its a good colour for days when you just need to grab one and go. Definitely buying more of these if I ever go KR again. I got this in KR so its really cheaper there. buying in SG will be more pricey even with discounts at Sephora.

Stick -Unlisted Brand -Wander Beauty Flash Focus Hydrating Foundation Stick


Very hydrating. I am totally sold.

Deodorants -Unlisted Brand -Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant


On my quest to find an all natural deodarant without all of the nasties i had read up on PPP and reading mostly positive reviews decided why the heck not? I bought the jar in the jasmine scent. It smelled nice and since it was my first time trying a deodarant in a jar I was definitely curious to see how it would do. It started on a good note but ended on kind of a not so good one for me as with the most that i have tried sadly:/ First thing i noticed.. living in a colder climate when i first got it, it was difficult to emulsify since it was so solid. I decided to try it out when the weather got much warmer and found that it was easier to do so since the product came out way smoother makig it much easier to apply. I liked how it just melted into my skin leaving a hint of the scent that wasn't too overpowering but just right. I also noticed that despite following the pea sized amount directions it didnt last through out the entire day. But no biggie, i would reapply mid day and still it kept my summertime funk at bay.
As with all or most natural deodarants not having the Aluminum/antiperspirants in them means you will more than likely accumulate bacteria more frequently that will of course cause a bad smell in your underarm regions. However this isn't necessarily the deodarants fault but as directed a good washing with antibacterial soap prior to applying or re applying natural deodarants will usually take care of and help this problem. Also, be aware that it has a rep for staining your clothes. But wait, there’s more! now on to the really bad thing that made it a deal breaker for me... after the honey moon stage of wearing this deodarant which only lasted about a week, i started noticing the dreaded and painful red swollen rash that i got witht trying most of the other natural deodarants. I was super bummed because i thought i had finally found my HG but sadly i did not:( I could have made peace with the usual little cons that come with wearing a natural deodarant that i expected with this product as well and I don’t usually wear white so i didn't really get the bad stains from it either but rashes are red flags (no pun intended) I ended up doing some more digging online in some other beauty forums and had found out that in recent years (if not bearly last year) they had changed the formula.. boooooo.... needless to say it made me wonder if all of the rave reviews came from the older one and not this “new and improved” formula? I guess I will never know... *le sigh* I wanted to love it so much but obviously the rash thing automatcially makes it a no go. One last thing, I also noticed that the rashes tend to appear when you get really sweaty With this product but not when you are not perspiring as much so what the heck is the point of it? Anyway, when the rash wasn't as swollen it left me with yet another unpleasent surprise: A super dark pit stain. I just used shea butter and coconut oil to heal it and lighten it back up but this took me almost a week to do so. I read that they have a sensitive version but im not so sure if I’d want to try it anymore tbh.. i don't even have sensitive skin to begin with but to all of you that do you have been warned!
Another one bites the dust.. ._. Womp womp womp

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Hair -Unlisted Brand -Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt

on 8/15/2018 3:20:00 PM


I was concerned about the jar (how was it going to stay dry???) and the actual pieces of salt (ow?) but I was pleasantly surprised. This smells so nice but not overwhelming and is really gentle on the scalp. It lathers well, a little goes a long way, and it leaves my hair feeling so clean. I have a very oily scalp but I can't wash my hair every day because my ends would dry out, so I live on dry shampoo. Eventually that and sweat and oil and hard water just built up so I MUST use this every two weeks (about 6 to 7 washes) and it literally is like a reset button on my hair. It will leave it super tangled but it's nothing a little conditioner can't fix. The only problem I have is the jar because a little water always gets into it no matter what, and the price. Those two things aside, this is so worth it.

Fragrances -Unlisted Brand -Shawn Mendes Signature


Notes from Fragrantica:
Top notes: lemon oil, pineapple and McIntosh apple
Heart: frangipani, sugar maple accord, rose petals
Base: dulce de leche, white cedar, skin musk

Also, please note, I got this for a song.

Very sweet and interesting opening, but the mid and drydown become cloying and a bit muddled...
I get more vanilla and pineapple than I do anything else, but a hint of the caramelly dulce de leche/maple/caramel apple thing before it all kind of goes blah.

This is not a bad fragrance, but I can't see myself reaching for it when it really doesn't do much for me. Pretty bottle, and I like Shawn Mendes as a musical artist very much.

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