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Fragrances -Unlisted Brand -Nude by Rihanna eau de parfum

on 12/17/2018 1:30:00 AM

I picked up a 1oz bottle for $10. It's the reformulated version. At first I wasn't thrilled but I've found that I like it better when I spray it on clothes instead of skin. It lasts so much longer. I sprayed it on a hoodie and when I wore the hoodie again two days later it still had the warm, clean, slightly sweet Nude smell. Now I'm loving it as an everyday scent. It's not amazing but it is pleasant and a nice addition to my collection.

Skincare -Unlisted Brand -Valjean Labs Restore Niacinamide + Zinc Facial Serum

on 12/17/2018 1:08:00 AM

Valjean Labs Restore facial serum claims it will purify as well as soothe stressed, blemish prone skin. I bought it at Marshall’s ($6.99) lured by the promise of soothing stressed skin, I had a breakout on my right cheek and jaw, that while no longer active, had lingering redness. Within a week of using the serum, 4-6 drops nightly there was a notable difference in redness. With the winter weather I tend to get redness around my nose and under my eyes due to dry skin and the serum also took care of that.

The serum is very light, I’d hesitate to even really call it a serum as it has the consistency and feel of Witchhazel. However, I do pat it on focusing around my nose and undereyes and any other areas I have redness and then use my facial roller. There is no noticeable scent, or residue. I apply Cetaphil daily hydrating lotion after, and Argan oil on any especially dry spots.

I would buy again.

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Polishes -Unlisted Brand -Glam Polish - Damn, Damn, Double Damn!

on 12/16/2018 11:38:00 PM

Damn, Damn, Double Damn! Is from Glam Polishes’ Hocus Pocus Collection. It is described as a holo base with a mix of neon green, metallic purple glitter and fine holo microglitter. This is quite the glitter bomb loaded with silver, purple, green, pink, blue glitters.

Great formula. There was no running or pooling. It applied smoothly with the glitter spreading evenly with no manipulation on my part. It was opaque in three coats on my short nails. I only added one coat of top coat and my nails were smooth enough for me, but if you want them completely smooth you may need to add and 2nd coat.

This polishes comes packaged in a strand square polish bottle with a standard brush. It is unique but it works well.

Damn, Damn, Double Damn! Is beautiful polish that I would buy again, however it is LE so once it is gone it is gone. It was on sale for $10 and I think (can’t remember for sure) I got 25% off during the BF sale. I will update in a few days on wear, removal and staining. (I suspect that when it comes to removal I am going to wish that I had used a peel off base coat.)

Very pretty. 3 coats. Consider a peel off base coat next time.

Polishes -Unlisted Brand -Nine Zero Lacquer - Nebula

on 12/16/2018 11:24:00 PM

Nebula is from Nine Zero’s 2018 Space Duo. It is described as teal jelly with holographic sparkles, multichrome flakies and purple shimmer. That description does not do this polish justice. Despite the fact that I am not a huge teal fan I love this polish. I had my eye on it for awhile and purchased during the BF sale. It did not disappoint. It looks stunning in sunlight or any light for that matter.

Nebula has a perfect jelly formula. There was no running or pooling. Despite the load of flakies the consistency was nice and my nails were smooth with just one coat of top coat. The base color is lovely and the sparkles, flakies and shimmer add to the overall effect. Since this is a jelly the 1st two coats were somewhat sheer, but on the 3rd coat a reached full opacity.

I got good wear and removal was easy despite the sparkles and flakies. There was no staining upon removal.

Nebula comes packaged in a standard square polish bottle. The brush is slightly wider which for me makes application easier.

The cost for Nebula is $11.00 but since I bought the duo it was $10.00 minus the 25% off for the BF sale. I would definitely repurchase this one.

Polishes -Unlisted Brand -Ethereal Lacquer - Moonlit Macchete

on 12/16/2018 11:08:00 PM

Moonlit Machete (Inspired by Friday the 13th.) is from the Sept 2018 PPU. The theme that month was Horror Movies. This is a gorgeous tanzanite jelly base with a mix of iridescent flakies, aurora shimmer and a large particle multichrome flake. Moonlit Machete glows both in low light and brighter lights. The base color and flakies along with the aurora shimmer really sets this polish apart.

The formula is perfection. There is no running or pooling. It applies smoothly and evenly with the flakies spreading evenly with no manipulation on my part. As this is a jelly it was sheer on the first coat but opaque on my short nails with a second coat.

I got great wear from this polish. Removal was easy and there was no staining.

Moonlit Machete comes packaged in a square polish bottle with standard polish brush.

I love this polish and would definitely repurchase, however as this is LE it probably won’t be available again unless someone destashes it. I paid $12 for this polish and it was well worth it for this gorgeous and unique polish. This was my 1st experience with Ethereal Lacquer but it won’t be my last.

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