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7 months ago

I've been a Pacifica fan for a long time, but this just does not work for me. It is terribly drying to my fine, straight, color treated hair. After using it regularly I think I can truthfully say that it damaged my hair. In addition to its drying effects, this did not really provide any texturizing for me. It dried my hair a lot and therefore tangled it but that was about it. If you are truly looking for a shampoo that genuinely texturizes your hair I would recommend R & Co cactus shampoo. On the positive side this smells great and the packaging is beautiful, like all Pacifica products. Oddly enough, I love the companion salty waves conditioner and would purchase that one again. The conditioner leaves my hair soft but not greasy. The shampoo is a big no though.

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a year ago

This is really an amazing shampoo and I have to say I’m hooked. This is my first time to try Pacifica Brand and I’m glad and satisfied. I tried many high end brands and this one is on the top of my list. I have dry thick wavy hair. My scalp is sensitive and oily and my ends are very dry so this is really challenging. Every shampoo I tried either caused my scalp to be oilier or became more itching. Some really dried out my ends and caused more damage than I already suffered. Now this shampoo is gentle yet effective and I can use everyday with no worries whatsoever. the shampoo smells sweet like bananas but it isn’t over whelming. It is a little bit runny but it does clean my hair thoroughly. Another thing it doesn’t strip my hair moisture. To conclude it leaves my hair clean, soft, manageable and smelling amazing. And remember this is a silicon, sulfate, and nasty ingredients free so there you go.

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a year ago

Most effective sls-free shampoo I have tried, including a lot of high end and salon brands! My hair is curly and fine, prone to oily roots and dry ends, and my scalp is sensitive. I can use this daily and my scalp stays clear and clean. The smell is a banana-y to me and doesn't linger.

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a year ago

Nice, basic SLS-free shampoo. It's very gentle, suds up beautifully for a SLS free shampoo, and leaves my hair clean and manageable. It smells nice too. I think the scent is supposed to be banana and coconut, but I smell bubblegum. What it does not do though is add any texture to my hair. Maybe it works better on people with more natural texture than I possess, but it doesn't do anything to enhance the slight wave I have in my hair naturally. I wasn't expecting it to completely change my hair texture or anything, but I had hoped it'd encourage the waves I have when my hair is damp to stick around instead of falling straight as my hair dries. Sadly no luck. For that reason I will likely not repurchase. It's a nice shampoo, but there are equally nice shampoos at lower price points.

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