Joico is a haircare company founded by Steve Stefano in California in 1975. Products "fuse the latest breakthroughs in haircare science with inspiration from art and fashion to offer exceptional quality, unparalleled performance and lasting beauty."* *Source: Modern Salon

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Hair Treatments -Joico -K-Pak Color Restorative Styling Oil

on 3/3/2019 7:02:00 PM


I'm quickly becoming a huge fan of Joico products, especially the K-Pak line. I'm a huge fan of the K-Pak Reconstructor and decided to give other products in the line a try. This oil serum is GREAT! I have very long hair, past my waist, and I use one pump of this product on my length only. It works best when hair is WET. If you want a bit of extra shine, add a tiny amount of product to your hair when it's dry. This is even better than my Chi Argan oil. My hair is 99% tangle free with the Joico, whereas it was 95% with the Chi. I wouldn't use this product on my roots, unless your hair is extremely dry there.

My hair does respond very well to proteins and peptides. Other hair types may not. You have to understand that this product is HEAVY with silicones, oils, proteins and peptides. If your hair is not fond of those, don't use this. Since it's heavy on the silicones, you MUST clarify your hair often. I clarify my hair every week with Neutrogena Anti Residue. Many people claim a product will work wonders for them in the beginning, then their hair "gets used" to a product and it stops working. It stops working because of buildup, so clarifying is a must when using a silicone serum such as this.

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Conditioner -Joico -K-Pak Reconstruct Daily Conditioner


Do not like the scent at all so will not buy again. Something cloying about it--sort of sweet and heavy, and it sticks around. That said, it is a good conditoner for
Dryish, highlighted hair that needs frequent washing, especially if used after a clarifying shampoo and used a few times. Rinses really well. I'd keep it my rotation but for the scent.

Update: i still do not care for the scent, but must say that using this as a daily-ish (every other day) conditioner has shown a major change in my natural blah blonde/highlighted hair after a week. My hair seems to "hang" better even after blow-drying. I know it has to do with humidity/water/etc. Just look at the Beverly Hills housewives when they film in NYC. My hair is fine and weird wavy as the greys have crept in--as in depending upon the weather, it looks great with a blow dry--or it is a frizzy, dry mess, or needs a holding period to settle down. Been running the heat in cold weather up here, so dry skin and hair. As in sparks flying from atatic electricity. After a few uses, my hair seems less "fuzzy" and dry, and a blow dry looked way better. Best is a partial blow dry atm. I would definitely rec for cold, dry weather if needed. I do not like using oils or "frizz-fighters" as they tend to weigh my hair down and make it oily. And I guess all the love for Joico. Still hate the scent tho

Hair Treatments -Joico -K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor

on 2/17/2019 7:50:00 PM


This is one of my favorite hair products! I have completely virgin, long hair past my waist. Remember, long hair = old hair. Old hair is much more damage prone and needs babying.

I use this product once a week. I clarify my hair twice with Neutrogena Anti Residue and then put the Reconstructor on my length only. Any product residue left on my hands gets put on the roots. I leave it in for 5-10 minutes, wash out, and apply a deep conditioner.

This product has made a huge difference for me! It makes my hair feel thicker, stronger, and I am noticing I get less split ends and less breakage. A 5.1oz bottle of this lasts me 3 months. I buy it from Ulta.

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Hair Treatments -Joico -K-Pak Intense Hydrator

on 2/14/2019 4:27:00 PM


Joico Intense Hydrator is amazing stuff!
Over the past 2 years my hair has been recovering from being blonde which for my brittle hair type comes at an enormous cost.
This has restored my natural corkscrew curl which only shows up when it is very strong & hydrated.
The ends no longer snap so the length is retained.
Overall I'm very happy with this product!

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Shampoo -Joico -K-PAK Shampoo for Dry or Damaged Hair

on 1/6/2019 11:48:00 AM


I bought this K Pak shampoo by mistake, instead of buying the Color Therapy version I usually use. The Color Therapy works well for my fine, highlighted hair that's prone to dryness and also getting weighed down. Having bought the wrong one I thought I'd try it out to see if I was missing out. The first few times of using this shampoo my hair felt a little silkier and not terribly weighed down, so I began to reconsider if I wanted to use this one after all. But after a few more uses my hair started to feel coated and limp, which doesn't happen with the Color Therapy one. So thumbs down for me on this one.

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