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Physicians Formula is a cosmetic brand established in 1937, by an allergist named Dr. Frank Crandall. The company's aim is to offer high-quality cosmetics that are hypoallergenic and safe for those with sensitive skin. Their products are available at large retail chain stores worldwide.They are headquarted in Asuza, CA and is owned by Markwins International Corp. and Cross River LLC.

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Recent Physicians Formula Reviews

Concealers -Physicians Formula - #Insta Ready Concealer

on 10/21/2017 2:08:00 PM


I am absolutely STUNNED by how good this concealer is! Where are the good reviews for this product?!?!?! Whoever wrote that this is a "gem" is RIGHT!! I bought it on a whim from Ulta (and got it for 50% off when I bought PF's mineral wear cushion foundation-- which I LOVE and reviewed separately!), and I NEVER expected it to be so good!! I'll preface this by saying that on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being worst, my dark circles are hovering around an 11!!!!! LOL I mean they are really, REALLY bad. That being said, I have tried EVERY high end concealer you can name, and my HG was La Mer's radiant concealer-- the one in the compact. But now they've RUINED that concealer as they put it in a stick form which is not NEARLY as good! So because of that, I was "on the hunt" for something else. Cle de Peau's is ok, but a bit drying. And while Tarte's "shape tape" gives good coverage, it's REALLY perfumey and accentuates fine lines I don't even HAVE yet!!! So imagine my surprise at this one. Here it's SUPER cheap (esp. for how much you get!), it comes with a mini beauty blender (which is a pain to clean, but applies this concealer REALLY well!), and the shade match of "light" is PERFECT for me!! But most importantly, it gives AMAZING coverage. To me this concealer is SO MUCH BETTER than Tarte's "shape tape" because it DOESN'T smell, the shade match is better, and the coverage is just as good WITHOUT looking so cakey!! Plus it's HALF (or less than half!) the price!!!

Of course there are 2 problems though. One, PF just does NOT make enough shades. This only comes in fair, light, and medium-- that's it! How could there be no dark?! Crazy!! Again, I was really lucky that "light" matched my light olive skin perfectly (I wear Natural & Beige in PF's cushion foundation-- and can even wear the Light/Medium too-- just wrong undertone). But others will not be so lucky. And two, the pump bottle IS annoying because it's hard to control how much comes out (I pump it on to the beauty blender it comes with and then apply). The only good thing is that the cap screws off, so you CAN get it out that way-- especially when you're towards the end of the bottle and it won't pump anymore. So there is little waste because of that at least.

I'm definitely going to purchase Bobbi Brown's new concealer for dark circles (I got a sample size of it in "sand" that matches me really well) when I run out of my old La Mer one, because that one reminds me MORE of La Mer's than PF. However, for "every day" wear, this concealer is PERFECT. Along with PF's cushion mineral foundation. I seriously wear Physician's Formula makeup WAY more than my more expensive makeup now (Chantecaille future skin, La Mer concealer, etc). Because it does a good job for SO MUCH LESS!!!! I can honestly say that PF is the ONLY drugstore brand I've ever liked at all! But this is an OUTSTANDING concealer that more people should be talking about. Instead everyone is raving about "shape tape" which I have, but is HONESTLY not as good! So if you can find a shade match in this, you'd be CRAZY not to get it!!!

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Bronzers -Physicians Formula - Bronze Booster BB Bronzer, Glow-Boosting SPF 20 in Light to Medium

on 10/15/2017 10:38:00 AM


5 lipsticks well deserve! 💄
I don't use it as a bronzer, neither as a setting powder. I dust it over my setting powder ( very, very light hand) and I get the most beautiful
sun-kissed healthy glow appearance!
I also use it in times when my foundation it too light Compared to my body & I need to even things out.
~No orangey / ashy undertone.
~Doesn't cling/ empesize dry patches
~SPF 20
~ going to last forever since u need just a tad.
Very unique formulation. 💗

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Bronzers -Physicians Formula - Murumuru Butter Bronzer


I bought this as everyone raved about this (including my favorite Youtubers!!!) But honestly... it applies quite patchy on my skin at looks sometimes muddy. I wanted to love this so much and waited for months to get my hands on this. It is not terrible - and it feels smooth in the pan. But it don't get the HG feeling.

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Mascara -Physicians Formula - To Any Lengths mascara

on 10/7/2017 9:20:00 AM


This mascara has distinct benefits,
- no glop on the brush bristles,
- clean sweep across the lash from end to end
- no smudging (yay!)
- no eye irritation (yay!)
- comes off fairly easily at the end of the day
The con, only one, may or may not be relevant to you,
- this is not going to _significantly_ add to the width and/or length - I'm okay with that, since I'm not looking for spider eye effects.

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Blush -Physicians Formula - Murumuru Butter Blush

on 10/6/2017 8:05:00 PM


I am about NC 15 and I purchased Plum Rose. I really like this blush. It is sheer but you can layer it and give off such a wonderul flush. I like that it's not super pigmented and that you can layer it....this way, I never go 'OOPS..too much blush" and try to wipe it off with a cotton ball. I love the smell. It goes away quickly. I might consider getting the darker one but so far, I'm quite pleased with this blush!

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