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Physicians Formula is a cosmetic brand established in 1937, by an allergist named Dr. Frank Crandall. The company's aim is to offer high-quality cosmetics that are hypoallergenic and safe for those with sensitive skin. Their products are available at large retail chain stores worldwide.They are headquarted in Asuza, CA and is owned by Markwins International Corp. and Cross River LLC.

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Recent Physicians Formula Reviews

Foundations -Physicians Formula -The Healthy Foundation SPF 20

on 6/23/2018 9:06:00 PM


This is definitely one of the best drugstore foundations out there. I do need to use a primer beforehand or it enhances my pores. I blend it in with a brush, for some reason when applied with a sponge blender it looks like shiny paint on my face. This foundation doesn't last very long, 5-6 hours tops, but it does have a lovely, satiny, natural finish when properly blended into skin. It doesn't oxidise and doesn't get cakey with time. LW2 is a good match for me. Coverage is medium, probably buildable (never checked, don't need to.)

I am not crazy about the doe foot applicator because it's really hard to get the exact amount of foundation out of bottle. Other than that, the bottle is really pretty and looks like a high-end product. It's not my favorite foundation, but I like it a lot and will probably repurchase when I run out, especially since it's not expensive and is available in a least 6 stores in my area.

Mascara -Physicians Formula -Organic Wear CC Mascara

on 6/20/2018 1:50:00 AM


Does NOT curl lashes, it actually weighs them down. No volume, not very black, smudges so bad. Very very dry formula, like almost dried up. It was hard to get anything onto my lashes. I checked the batch code and it is a fresh tube manufactured only a few months before, so thats how it is. Expensive fail.

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Skincare - Face -Physicians Formula -Argan Wear Ultra Nourishing Argan Oil

on 6/18/2018 5:10:00 AM


As is true of me with most trends, I'm late to the party using oils. I'd tried a few products containing argan oil and hated the smell, so I thought it wasn't for me. Then I saw a review here on MUA for product, found out that it was supposed to be unscented, and thought it might work for me. I was right, and thank you again, MUA reviewers, for taking the time to write reviews! Anyway, this oil is medium-thick and almost unscented--I find that there's a bit of a musky odor to it, but I've very sensitive to smells. The bottle is great--being thicker at the bottom makes it less likely to tip over, and there's a component in the top of the bottle that wipes the dropper as you remove it, which makes it very easy to dispense precisely the amount you want. I love using this most on my hair. I have celiac disease and respiratory issues, and those together really narrow down the hair products I'm able to use (contain gluten/strongly fragranced), and what's left often isn't optimal for my hair. Now I add a drop or two of this oil to my shampoo and/or conditioner, which makes a huge difference in my hair's appearance. A few times a week, I put several drops in my palms and run them along the length of my hair, concentrating on the ends, run what's left on my hands through the rest of my hair, and leave it on for a bit (5-30 minutes). It shampoos out amazingly easily, yet my hair looks rejuvenated after using it--shiny and smooth, but not weighed down. Now I'm using it on my cuticles and putting a drop into my staple Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream--great to do at night so you wake up with smooth hands. I bought a couple of 15 ml brown glass dropper bottles on eBay and decanted some of the oil into each. Now I keep one in the shower, another on my nightstand, and a third near my hand cream. This is great stuff--it's cheap, it works, it doesn't stink, and it's straight-up argan oil--no additives. I've already repurchased.

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Skincare - Face -Physicians Formula -24-Karat Gold Collagen Serum

on 6/17/2018 10:21:00 PM


ETA-- No breakouts! I have been using this daily-- great light moisturizer if you have oily/shiny skin! I plan to buy backups. For weeks to probably months, I'd been consistently breaking out with little whiteheads here and there around my nose area, and nothing was working or had changed in my routine. I started to wonder if it was diet, but then I thought maybe my daily moisturizer was too heavy. Every morning, there'd be 1 or two pimples. I can say that after 1 week of switching to this serum as my daily moisturizer-- no more daily whiteheads!!! First time in months! So happy with this! I use about two squirts to smooth over my whole face and its barely made a dent so it lasts--I'm happy!!
ETA: Used a squirt of this plus 1.5 pumps from my matte foundations (CG Outlast + CG matte made) and mixed it all in the palm of my hand - applied to my face with a sponge - AMAZING. This stuff will work well with matte foundations to help them to "thin" out a bit and apply more smoothly! I think a facial oil mixes a bit better, but the serum works just as well and may look like it's not mixing but it does - and the serum is less oily on the skin (than an oil). LOVE LOVE LOVE! My foundation looked amazing over even my dry bits! STOCKING UP ON THIS STUFF FOR SURE!
Product specs:
What It Is:
A 24-Karat Gold complexion-enhancing and plumping collagen serum.

Why It's Good for You:
Skin-rejuvenating serum with collagen and 24-Karat Gold delivers firmer, plumper and more youthful-looking skin.

Key Ingredients:
Elasticity-Restoring Vegan Collagen, Complexion-Enhancing 24 Karat Gold, Moisturizing Glycerin, Natural Protecting and Lifting Polymers, and Brightening Vitamin B3

Hypoallergenic, Paraben-Free, Dermatologist Tested, Clinically Tested, Oil-Free, Vegan, Fragrance-Free, Oil-Free, Cruelty-Free.

$13 for 1 oz at my local Walmart.
I've only been using this for a day or two, but so far, I love it.

I saw this few months back at my Walmart when the PF Healthy skin foundation came out and I was searching for shades. I remember seeing this serum, and pulled up the PF site on my phone to look it up and find info on it, but PF didnt have it on their website. So, I assumed it was maybe something old and had gotten removed, so didnt think twice.

Months later, im at my Walmart that carries a bunch of new PF products looking to grab one of their facial oils (bright booster), and I see this 24-Karat bottle still on the shelf. Needless to say, I grabbed this and the Bright Booster organic oil elixer drops. I was looking for something light moisturizing that I could mix with my matte foundations to help them apply better, since I have oily skin, and thought either the oil or serum might work. Plus, PF is good for sensitive skin.

This serum does work as a mix in, but its a little thick (almost runny gel-like)and can reject mixing with certain foundations. It works, but the Bright Booster oil works a lot better. However, this serum works amazing as a light moisturizer if you have dry but mostly oily or shiny skin. I have always used Olay sensitive lotion on my face, but it tends to make my skin greasy/shiny after an hour and can feel thick.
This serum is great for after any treatments (I use topical BP) and goes on light, a little goes a long way, spreads easily, and sinks in. It does have some tack/stick right after you apply, but dries down in about a minute completely. Once dry, its soft skin, not greasy, and I'm finding my skin isnt near as oily/shiny like my other moisturizer. My skin isnt flaky or dry-- there is No scent, clear, with little flecks of gold that dissolve, doesnt itch...I do have to keep it off my neck but thats just my super sensitive skin. My face really likes it. The bottle is awesome and the pump works great. Works with foundation (sponge) and under. Plan to keep using and see how it goes so I cant attest to plumping or wrinkles, breakouts etc.. yet, but it does moisturize nicely with no heaviness or shine or greasiness. Soft skin!!!! If this is a hit, I'm stocking up!!!! Just the perfect light, non-greasy moisturizer/serum. I'm impressed! If it breaks me out, I'll be back to update for sure!!!!

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Blush -Physicians Formula -Murumuru Butter Blush

on 6/17/2018 6:17:00 PM


I was disappointed to find that Plum Rose didn’t work for me as a blusher at all. But then... I tried it as a contour, and it’s by far the best product I have ever used, as a contour for my pale skin!! It’s PERFECT!! It doesn’t look like makeup at all, it just looks like I have killer cheekbones! I honestly couldn’t do without this blusher now and have just ordered a back up, as I can’t believe I could ever find a better contour than this. All of the ‘faults’ it has as a blusher - greyish toned and light pigmentation - mean it’s the best pale girl contour you’ll ever find!!

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