LORAC Cosmetics was founded in 1995 by Carol Shaw. Shaw aimed to create a cosmetics line that was suitable for customers with sensitive skin. They launched with 10 shades of oil and fragrance-free foundations. They are based in Valencia, CA. and their products are available in retail chains such as Ulta, Nordstrom's, and Kohl's .

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Eye Primer -LORAC -Behind the Scenes Eye Primer

on 5/10/2018 7:24:00 PM


I got the deluxe sample size with a Lorac palette. I have to use primer otherwise my eyeshadow creases and disappears, and this product worked well for me. It just take a tiny bit so the tube has lasted awhile. My only cons are that it gets a little gunky around the opening and sometimes the primer is a little too tacky, but that's solved by setting it with powder or neutral shadow.

Concealers -LORAC -POREfection Concealer

on 5/8/2018 2:23:00 PM


This is a really thick concealer, so a little goes a long way. I find it does a pretty good job but I can’t get past one of the shades - I got “golden light” and it is straight up YELLOW. It’s very hard to use without turning your whole face an odd shade of yellow when you blend it out. Won’t repurchase this shade

Highlighters -LORAC -Pirates of the Caribbean Highlight Palette

on 4/19/2018 9:53:00 PM


Scored this at TJMaxx for $8.99, I have gone to 3 other TJMaxx stores near me looking for another one, it's THAT good.. a rare 5 lippie product... I know I will never use it up anytime soon, but the FOMO is for real once I hit pan on any of the shades. I'm 48 yo, I live for a glowy/ethereal look, and this provides that. The powders are so smooooooth... Be on the lookout at your local TJMaxx or Marshall's, you won't be disappointed. 💋💄❣

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Primer/ Corrector -LORAC -I'm So Sensitive Face Primer

on 4/14/2018 5:20:00 PM


I wouldn't say I drank Lorac's coolaide, but my loyalty to their brand started when they were the only company who's foundation could match my skin tone dead on. No rubbing, no tweaking; and no change in color 10 minutes after application. No other brand in 10 years would come close. Everything else either turned yellow, blue, or orange on me(even the super expensive stuff). This was the "old" bottle of foundation that used to look like an ink bottle.

The other day I decided to go, and update my make up collection. I tried this primer, and I really liked the feel of it on my skin. I also tried their new liquid foundation, which again disappeared into my skin like a painter had stalked me around and duplicated my skin color exactly.

Then the really awesome stuff happened: I had to "doll" myself up for a photo shoot. I used this product in combination with Amazing Cosmetic's primer, and the next thing I notice my pores are practically gone. Fine lines are non-existent. In fact the product behaved as if it was foundation. So I dabbed it with some loose powder to "set" it. I face looked completely natural, like I had no product on at all. I am very pleased with this product. One thing I will say is that the reason I with with the "I'm So Sensitive" version of the primer is because I can't afford to let get red or blotchy.

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Eye Shadow -LORAC -Unzipped Ocean Sunset Eye Shadow Palette

on 4/12/2018 10:53:00 AM


I had $40 in Kohl's cash and walked all over the store trying to find something to use it on before it expired. Finally got to the makeup department and found this beautiful palette! I much preferred the color selection in this one compared to the other 2 in the series, since this seemed a bit unique compared to what I already own. The palette came with a deluxe sample of the LORAC Behind the Scenes Eye Primer, which I've been using and find it fairly good.

So, the palette has seemingly 5 mattes and 5 more satin/sparkly colors. I find the mattes to have a nice sheen on them when buffed into the skin. The color Salt Water is what first attracted me to the palette... it is a super shimmery light green color that has white gold undertones to it. Applied with a finger, it goes on really nicely, but not so well with a dry brush. I haven't tried a wet brush yet but that is on my list for this weekend. There is not a color in the palette that I don't like and they all seem super-blend-able to me. A primer is likely a must. A couple color combos I've tried:

-Sundown as transition shade, High Tide in crease, Sea Urchin in outer V, and Mother of Pearl on the lid and brow bone.
-Similar to above but with Horizon (yellow-orange) as the transition shade and on the lid (leaving out Sea Urchin), Mother of Pearl on brow bone. I didn't think I would like Horizon, but it surprised me and looks beautiful with the purples!
-Bedrock as transition shade, Ocean Floor in the crease, Sandbar on the lid, Mother of Pearl on brow bone.

I like Stingray (dark blue-black) as a liner on any of those looks. Hoping to try it out in other ways this weekend. Mother of Pearl is great on the inner corner and brow bone. I wish it were a tad bit warmer but still love it.

Overall, I just love this palette and look forward to trying it with other colors in my collection. Some of the colors are softer than others and give more fall-out. I just make sure to tap the excess off my brush so the fall-out doesn't land on my face. Also, I would have preferred a mirror rather than the "zipper" like cover, but this is not a deal-breaker for me since I have plenty of mirrors to use.

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