LORAC Cosmetics was founded in 1995 by Carol Shaw. Shaw aimed to create a cosmetics line that was suitable for customers with sensitive skin. They launched with 10 shades of oil and fragrance-free foundations. They are based in Valencia, CA. and their products are available in retail chains such as Ulta, Nordstrom's, and Kohl's .

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Bronzers -LORAC -TANtalizer Baked Bronzer


This is a sparkly bronzer, not fit for regular bronzing. I use it on top of my blush to provide highlight as well as eye shadow with a wet brush. It gives a beautiful shimmery orange brown color. I got the travel size for 7$ and I've had it for ages. Excellent value!

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Bronzers -LORAC -TANtalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer

on 12/27/2018 8:35:00 PM


No I really loved the spray in a can and cannot find it made my legs look great plz help find it. That was my favorite tan spray on. I would buy a case but looked everywhere best blend in for legs arms and face the one in tube to shinny and not the sam😪😪😪😪

Palettes -LORAC -PRO Palette

on 12/11/2018 3:25:00 AM


I'm not sure about this product at all. Yes, the powders are smooth ad buttery and pigment (no question about it AND THE COLORS ARE GORGEOUS. I just don't love it. It's the same price (ish) as my Naked 3 and I have found myself reaching for my naked 3 over and over again (I'm on my second palette). this, on the other hand, is great to have due to its matte colors (Naked tends to put glitter inEVERYTHING, so meh), and I will say I think the glittery colors of this are more finely- milled and look nice on the skin (but then so does Naked without the fallout).

So, nice to have, and if it's on sale somewhere, good to have. Will I buy again, no.

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Eye Shadow -LORAC -Mega Pro 4 Palette

on 10/29/2018 9:58:00 PM


I am loving all the shades on my NW15-20 East Asian skin. I run cool and I absolutely love all the cool/neutral shades on this palette. From the way the colors are laid out (like quads, rows and columns) which makes so much sense to the buttery, smooth, blendable and BUIDLABLE formula, this palette offers much versatility. I love that the formula here is buildable because I enjoy a more sheer shadow that I can drama is up or down depending on my mood and occasion.

Personally, I prefer a matte neutral look but on weekends love a pop of color in blues, greens and purples that see to flatter my dark brown eyes andI haven't experienced any fallouts from the matte or shimmery shades. Colors blend beautifully and don't turn muddy on my eyelids. I also find that I don't need to wear eyeshadow primer when using this palette-- no crease or fadeaways which is a huge plus in my book!

This one has been on sale for $35 on Lorac website for months now. I think the palette is more than worth its price. I recommend this palette.

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Palettes -LORAC -PRO Palette 4

on 9/19/2018 4:38:00 PM


I love the Lorac Pro palettes, I've had Lorac 1 thru 4.

This color scheme is really nice. Perfect for spring or fall. The mattes are all very blendable and a little goes a long way. The shimmers are very pretty and easy to use as well. Lorac products are always consistent in my opinion. Can't go wrong!

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