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Recent Ion Reviews

Shampoo -Ion -Thickening Solutions Thickening Shampoo

on 11/15/2017 4:56:00 PM

I bought this shampoo at Sally's Beauty Supply because they had a sale on Ion and it was BOGO free. I absolutely love the smell of this shampoo.. It has a thick consistency and cleans your hair without stripping it. I would definitely recommend

Hair Color -Ion -Color Brilliance - Demi Permanent Hair Color

on 11/13/2017 1:03:00 AM


I used this for the first time just now and I’m shocked. I was certain that I would be making an appt tomorrow with my stylist to fix a f*ck up. I used the demi-permanent 4N shade, which was close to the same color in another brand my hair stylist had used on me. I had about an inch of roots, and my natural hair color is about a level 7. My goal was to darken my roots and refresh my overall color. I mixed the color with the ion 10 volume developer (2 oz color to 4oz developer). I sectioned my hair and used a brush and bowl to put the dye on a section at a time, then I rubbed it all in like you would shampoo. I left it in for 30 mins after doing a strand test on a small section underneath my hair. I could tell before I even washed it out after 30 mins that everything was going to turn out ok. I rinsed it and washed it, and then I used L’Oréal damage erasing balm to condition. After blow drying and using my usual leave-ins, it looked pretty darn ok. My roots were blended with the rest of the hair and it is all pretty even. It’s not super shiny and soft, but it doesn’t feel more damaged either. I’m pretty happy with it. I think next time I will use permanent on the roots though. I would buy this again for sure.

Hair Color -Ion -Color Brilliance Bright White creme toner

on 10/31/2017 6:59:00 AM


My review is for the shade: Spring Blossom

I previously made a new review page for this thinking I was the first to review the line after a search pulled up nothing. It turns out KillerKungFuWolfBitch was the first, and deserves credit for creating this.

Okay let's see... Ion is one of the very VERY few companies smart enough to release a pink-based toner for toning blondes. It does have a smidgen of purple to counteract the yellow pigment in brassy hair. But dominantly, this is obviously a baby pink undertone. If you want pastel hair, this isn't the product. Hell, even the swatches at Sallys are more colorful than the result. But these are true toners, meaning it only affects the underlying undertone. THIS is where Blond Brilliance effed up with their line of color toners (I.E Misty Rose... which turned my hair bright pink). Whatever slight color you do end up with, washes out after the next shower. You will be left with a beautiful shade of blonde. So do not be afraid to try the ION Brilliant Whites. There are other shades to choose from, I go for the pink because oddly enough its more flattering on me than a straight up violet or too cool undertone. It looks a lot more natural on me. Which is why I wish more companies would release a pink based toner.

One thing I will note is your hair has to be bleached to at least a level 9 (very light gold) for these to have any effect. They are not formulated to lift the hair. So your hair has to be lighter than the shade depicted.

I am going to try concocting my own pink based toner independently at some point. But I'm not sure what could compete with Spring Blossom. ION did an impressive job this time.

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Shampoo -Ion -Cool Blonde Shampoo

I was looking for an alternative to my shimmer lights because of its old lady scent and the fact that it dries my hair out like crazy. This shampoo smells good, doesn't dry my hair out as bad as Clairol shimmer lights, but sadly it fails the lather test. Starts out an intense violet, but it turns to white after being lathered in the hair. No noticeable toning going on. Kinda bummed, was really hoping this would work. Guess I'll be trying blonde brilliance lathering toner next...

Hair Color -Ion -Color Brilliance Bright White Crème lightener


Really just amazing stuff. Lifted quickly and effectively. My hair feels pretty good afterward as well. I was able to lift out hot pink, plus my root to an overall white shade. Toned with Wella White Lady to remove some very very pale yellow at root, and I have full on Elsa white hair. Protip- mix your developer in slowly to the cream, it's very thick and wants to clump up. It smooths out after mixing for a long time, but mixing in your developer small bits at a time really speeds up the process. This is my new "go to" bleach now, and the thickness of the mix makes me feel much more confident about not over bleaching past roots once I need to. Great stuff!

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