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Concealers -Hard Candy -Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer

on 4/21/2018 7:15:00 PM


Oh Glamoflauge. Cover of my zits. Concealer of my bumpy skin. My best friend when I had severe face and chest acne. I needed to cover that stuff up when I went out in public and my go-to was always Glamoflauge. Accutane saved my skin so I no longer use Glamoflauge regularly, but I still like to keep some on hand for when I have that occasional ugly red zit or breakout. I have NW13 skin and I have to mix the shades Ultra Light and Fair in order to get a perfect match. Ultra Light leans more on the yellow side of neutral, and Fair is more pink. These tubes are $6 and seriously last forever because the formula is so thick and pigmented, so you really don't need to use that much product to get unbelievable coverage.

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Primer/ Corrector -Hard Candy -Sheer Envy Coconut Water Primer Stick

on 4/11/2018 8:06:00 PM


The moment this primer stick touches your skin it feels like a cool cool veil of water, (without the actual liquid) has been pressed against your skin. It is refreshing and soothing and glides over the skin like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Yes, glides. No tugging or pulling. And not gliding in a slimy or oily way. It’s pretty unique from anything else I’ve tried and the packaging is adorable. An ombré blue with a pale icy blue primer stick inside, gorgeous! After the initial application this primer feels a little tacky but quickly dries down and feels like there is nothing left on the skin. I like it fine but will reserve for use in the warm weather months when I will appreciate the cooling sensation much more. I wouldn’t count on this to extend the wear time of your foundation nor could I say if this adds a layer of hydration (I haven’t notice a difference) but it does feel nice on the skin.

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Eye Primer -Hard Candy -Eyes The Limit Eye Shadow Primer

on 4/10/2018 8:18:00 AM


I bought this on a whim...It's a fairly good eye primer...

When I first started using eye primers, my first one was the L'Oreal Decrease and then after researching many reviews, I tried Tarte's Clean 360 Creaseless Eye Primer. That was my holy grail. When I went to repurchase it, I found out that it had been discontinued. Grrrrr

So my attentions turned to the NYX Proof It Eyeshadow Primer. I absolutely LOVE this eye primer! The formula is superior and the doe foot applicator is great! I live in a small town so I had to order this online. Well, it accidentally fell out of my upper cabinet and the wand broke away from the tube container...I can still take it out and scrape it off of the wand, but it's a pain. It closes shut like there is no crack so it's fine that way. You would never know it's broken. I hate not using things up so I am determined to finish the product as best as I can...

So I was in a store out of town about two weeks ago and saw the Hard Candy Eyes The Limit Eye Primer and it was only $5.98 so on a whim, I bought it...

It's pretty darn good, still not quite as good as the NYX though. But having said that, I like the tube it comes in, nothing to break there...ahem...the product is not white or clear, but rather a pale beige...the pale colour has no affect on your lids if you use shadow so don't panic that it will interfere with colour...I put a very small dab onto my index finger and do a quick tap with another finger to spread the product onto both fingers evenly and then I tap each eye lid at the same time...it helps keep the creases out for at least 8 -10 hours...it has a slight oily feel to it but it dries very fast...all in all it's a very good primer...I need to use something so I would rather use this than nothing...if it had to pick between the NYX and the Hard Candy though, the NYX would win every time....

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Primer/ Corrector -Hard Candy -Sheer Envy 1085 Pore-Defense Primer Serum

on 4/1/2018 12:42:00 PM


This was an impulse buy while browsing the cosmetics at walmart. It claims to have oil controlling ingredients plus I have large pores that are getting worse as I age so I'm always looking for a good primer. If it's cheap, even better...but you usually get what you pay for. This one is $8

The bottle is nice. It doesn't feel cheap and it comes with a pump, so I'd give it 5 stars on packaging. It's oil, alcohol and silicone free, which I like. That's where I stopped liking it though.

It's thin like a lotion and the same color as the bottle, bluish green, which is supposed to help with redness. It doesn't actually do anything to color correct though, so that's a gimmick. It's supposed to "instantly combat pores". I had some hope for it, when I was in college I loved the original sheer envy primer from hard candy but their products usually don't work well for me now. I'm not sure if it's a quality issue or just me.

I decided to play around with it that evening, I applied a thin layer on my clean face and knew something was up because it was sort of tingling. I don't have sensitive skin at all and it typically takes something very harsh to irritate it. It did go away pretty fast but I already had somewhat of a bad impression of it.

My pores didn't look smaller and my face felt sticky, but I went ahead with my foundation anyway. I just used the one I use most often, tarte amazonian clay. It always goes on smooth but trying to apply it on top of this primer made it SO patchy. It was just sliding around. Amazonian clay is a pretty thick formula that dries matte, but it's like it never dried down completely.

Some primers don't mix well with some foundations. I've had it happen before, and I wanted to give this a fair chance so I decided to use it with another. The next day I tried estee lauder double wear. I only used a thin coat of primer like before, but it was balling up on my skin and made my foundation look awful, even worse than before.

Definite fail for me, I returned it.

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Primer/ Corrector -Hard Candy -Sheer Envy Mattifying Setting Spray

on 3/31/2018 11:19:00 AM


I think I need to just give up on Hard Candy products, except their lip things. Everything I've put on my face since they launched (came back, whatever) almost 10 years ago has caused breakouts, I was allergic to the eye liners and mascaras I tried, and the shadows are mediocre especially for the price. But this is a review for one product...

My skin is very fair, sensitive and breakout prone, and is now mostly normal with a tiny bit of oil in the center of my forehead (and sometimes on my nose) and a few dry patches occasionally. I wear (physical/mineral) sunblock every day, though, so I still like having oil controlling or mattefying products to set my makeup.

I bought this about a year ago, used it a few times, hated it (and broke out), but kept coming back to it when I ran out of or lost my other setting sprays. (Desperate times and all that.) I've tried it with I think 5 different foundations and BB creams from different brands, with at least 4 different primers under it all (I think at least one of those was also matte), over 2 or 3 powders or without, and I do not like it in any combination.

I remember the first time I wore it: It was early summer/late spring, and not yet super humid or hot. But it was just warm enough, and my base was just potentially oily enough, for me to want something matte on top, but powder seemed too heavy. So, I tried this. About an hour and a half after using it, I stepped outside and examined it in the sun and it was terrible. It looked like I'd sprayed cooking oil all over my face. Even my husband commented on how it looked. Yikes. I caved and threw some powder on top (which looked lovely...not...but at least it toned down the grease factor) and put on a hat to try to hide my face as much as possible.

Since then, I've tried this so many ways and, at best, it just looks "not good." I also end up breaking out within about 12 hours after using this, which seems to be the norm for my skin with any HC face product. *sigh* I really want to love their stuff, and I think for some people, they make wonderful affordable products. They just don't get along with my skin.

Despite my personal issues with their products, I still recommend them because I know other people who use them (including this spray) and the results look fantastic. It's a pretty cheap setting spray, so I say go for it if you're considering it, unless you've had reactions to other HC face products.

-Works great for other people
-Pretty affordable
-Packaging looks pretty good
-Easy to find
-Hasn't caused an allergic reaction on my sensitive skin

-Makes me look greasy
-Sprayer isn't great (I get big droplets most of the time, so I have to spray it about 3 times into the room before using it over my face, and it still isn't an even spray, but not the worst I've tried)
-Makes me break out every time I use it
-Does not make my skin look anywhere near matte, even over a matte foundation

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