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Primer/ Corrector -Hard Candy -Sheer Envy Mattifying Setting Spray

on 8/18/2018 7:08:00 PM


For a product which claims to offer a matte finish I look shiny as hell. I'll be returning the product. Maybe it's just my skin, but I found the product did the opposite of what the bottle said. It made my face look so shiny!!! Not happy.

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Primer/ Corrector -Hard Candy -Sheer Envy Hydrating Primer Mist

on 8/15/2018 6:22:00 PM


This stuff is really good and I wasn't expecting it! I've been looking for an alternative for my beloved Pixi hydrating mist and this does the trick. I use it before and after makeup to give a bit of staying power, but mostly to give a dewy glow to the skin. It looks very natural and pretty after powder because it softly melts the powder more into the skin, but doesn't make you look too sweaty/oily (unless you already are oily). I love misting this right before applying highlight because it really helps the highlight to pop and really look skin-like and smooth. The packaging is great and the nozzle produces a very fine mist.

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Concealers -Hard Candy -Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer

on 8/11/2018 7:35:00 PM


Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer is my go to for covering any blemishes and skin imperfections. It is oil-based but doesn’t break out my oily skin. It’s super full coverage and you only need a really small amount so the tube lasts forever. Due to the oil base though, you definitely need to set this with powder or it will just slide right off your face. I also don’t recommend this for the undereye area because it’s a thick concealer and will crease and enhance wrinkles which is never good. Overall, a really good full coverage concealer at a really reasonable price and I definitely recommend this!!

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Primer/ Corrector -Hard Candy -Sheer Envy Coconut Water Primer Stick

on 8/7/2018 8:27:00 PM


I bought this on a whim after watching EmilyNoel83 rave about it. I initially used it as a base for my undereye concealer mostly because I found the cooling sensation to be wonderfully comforting when I’m heavy-eyed in the mornings. But it also does great things for my makeup; the dewiness works really well in preventing creases, which is always a problem. It also hydrates the delicate skin which is a bonus.

Despite my love for this product, I just cannot repurchase a product from a company whose owner attempted to trademark #metoo. That story made me go, "what in the actual F." I know there are lots of companies that do unethical things (duh) but that was just overt and gross, therefore I think I’ll try a similar product from a different brand (Elf supposedly has a great one).

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Eye Shadow -Hard Candy -Top Ten Eyeshadow Collection-Pinking of You

on 7/22/2018 11:01:00 AM


I just purchased this Friday from Wally World. I don’t pop into MUA because I don’t purchase makeup that often 😕 and mobile phone keyboard (too small, IMO).

Anyway, I should’ve checked the reviews here first.

The packaging is pretty and I can open it w/o any issues. I haven’t actually used the product yet and I’m seriously thinking of returning it. I’m not sure if Walmart accepts returns on makeup tho, so I maybe stuck with it.

I gave it 3 stars since it’s a “middle of the road” grade and for not trying it yet.

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