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Hard Candy Makeup was founded in 1995 by Iranian American sisters Dineh Mohajer and Pooneh Mohajer along with Benjamin A. Einstein. It began with a nail polish that Dineh made herself - "Sky"- and the line expanded after a quick rise in popularity. HC was acquired by LVMH in 1999, was later sold to Falic Fashion Group, and in 2002, the company announced a partnership with Wal-Mart. They are headquartered in the U.S.

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Foundations -Hard Candy -Glamoflauge 16 Wear HR Full Coverage Foundation

on 12/7/2018 2:09:00 PM


This foundation is now my go to foundation. I have tried high end as well as drugstore foundations. None looked consistently good. I was frustrated. I bought glamoflage foundation and now it is my favorite. I have very dry skin. I have been using it for 3 weeks now and every day it has looked beautiful. It covers my sun damage. No need to build it up either. And it stays ON all day! I have never had a foundation do that. I do not powder as I find it makes it break up at the end of day. It is a foundation that you must quickly stiple into your skin. Works best with a brush. Looks beautiful at the beginning and end of your day. It amazes me and confounds me too! All other foundations would disappear within an hour or two. This stays, period. I have bought backups of this foundation. Hope they never stop making it.

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Lips -Hard Candy - All Glossed Up Hydrating Lip Stain

on 11/18/2018 6:34:00 PM


I personally love this product even though it’s not a very good stain! I have purchased ‘Chic’ and ‘Red Minx’...they’re about the same size as the other major drugstore copycats of Clinique Chubby Stick. A fair amount for the price, not like some lipsticks where the actual bullet is awfully shrimpy compared to the case. These twist up from the bottom, and aren’t self sharpening, though I just twirl it as I apply and maintain a chubby point. I retract mine into the plastic casing because a couple of them had caps slip off if I BREATHED on them wrong, and product got all over my makeup bag. They’re moderately hydrating, but not more than, like, regular Chapstick. They’re only lightly staining, too, nowhere near an actual liquid stain like, say, Benetint. So yeah, as for the name of the product (hydrating lip stain) they’re sub-par. I buy because both the colors I have are UBER FLATTERING and I struggle with that. I can never find a nude that looks good on me. This is the only one, pretty much. Chic is a sort of petal nude, and makes my plump but oddly colored natural lips look pretty hawt. Red minx is a bright Taylor Swift-y red, and is also one of the few bold reds that complements my skin tone. Love it. It’s more staining than the nude, which makes sense, I guess. Both colors are EXACTLY PRECISELY the same color as the plastic tube, they did a great job on that. However, as far as I know you can only get Hard Candy at Wal-Mart, and in my area, no store physically stocks the All Glossed Ups anymore; you have to order online. Well. WELL. The online selector swatches are NOTHING like the real tube. Chic looks friggin’ rust brown online; I almost ordered ‘Tickled Pink’ instead because that one looked ‘right’. Good thing I checked my actual tube. Pft. So if your store doesn’t stock these and you order online, Google some swatches first; don’t trust Wally World programmers! But I HAVE specifically ordered these online, even though they neither hydrate nor stain, because these two colors are that damn good. HG nude and red for me!!

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Primer/ Corrector -Hard Candy -Sheer Envy Color Correct Cushion Wonder

on 11/4/2018 12:50:00 PM


I got the peach one, and while I can't compare it to Benefit Erase Paste or any other expensive peachy correctors and I can definitely say it's loads better than the NYX one I was using before. This one is thin and I do not detect any extra texture from it after I've finished my makeup, whereas the NYX one was horribly cakey and made my under eyes look worse. This one definitely improves my under eyes, and the Maybelline Age Rewind, Lancome Effacernes, and IT Bye Bye Under Eye concealers I've used over it all do well on top of it.

As mentioned this one is thin and liquidy, and because of that I don't think it's going to work for you girls and guys with really bad under eye discoloration. Mine is not so dark, so this does well enough. I don't feel any need to seek out another corrector right now until this runs out. It has a squishy sponge tip on the squeeze tube, but I suppose that's not so bad. It's not bothering me as it is, but I also may get the urge at some point to rip it off like I did the Maybelline Age Rewind concealer.

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Primer/ Corrector -Hard Candy -Sheer Envy Mattifying Setting Spray

on 11/3/2018 7:16:00 PM


As someone with oily skin, and who wears make up 12 hours a day, I’ve tried many many setting sprays. My local Sephora was out of my HG Urban Decay All Nighter, and my Shoppers was out of my back up NYX Matte Finish so I decided to try this setting spray. The spray smells good and dries pretty quickly, but that’s literally the only pros to this spray. It pills like you wouldn’t BELIEVE. I’ve never had that happen with a setting spray. I couldn’t touch any part of my face without a big chunk of make up coming off, and my skin wasn’t oily. It pilled and made my face look like my skin was peeling off. Do not buy just because it’s a cheap alternative! You’ll have better luck with Hard Candy Fast and Fabulous Setting spray.

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Fragrances -Hard Candy -Hard Candy


Notes from Fragrantica:
Top notes are white tea, rhubarb and pink pepper; middle notes are passionfruit, jasmine and rose; base notes are cashmere musk, vanilla, caramel and cedar.

Mmmmm....if you love gourmands you will love this one. Created back before Hard Candy was sold to NuWorld beauty and became a Walmart brand, this scent and the original Hard Candy Liquid are much more complex than the current brand would make it seem.
To me, this fragrance is much more gourmand than a 'floral fruity gourmand' (as Fragrantica has it classified), but that is just because of what comes through on my skin and to my nose. This 100% reminds me of Pink Sugar mixed with a hint of Prada Candy, with a nice dose of tart rhubarb in the mix. This is all caramel and vanilla with a little hit of white tea in the opening, but really the caramel is the main star here. Not fake plasticky caramel, or cheap caramel--this is rich creamy dulce de leche fresh made caramel, with a twist (that rhubarb, man, such a fun note in there).
Longevity----HOURS. Sillage---decent, I've been noticed while wearing 2-3 sprays of this one. That bottle is bright and odd and slightly alien in appearance with it's spaceship-shaped cap, but I like it. Long discontinued, but can still be found cheaply online or in stores like Ross and Marshalls. It originally retailed for 3-4x what it's going for now. Definitely a keeper.

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