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3 months ago

TLDR: This is nice for decreasing puffiness almost instantly, though I haven’t seen much improvement in dark circles after using for two weeks. I’d recommend a test patch if you have sensitive skin, it can make my undereyes sensitive (e.g. rubbing with makeup wipes kind of stings). My husband and I tend to keep tired, tired eyes - dark circles, kind of puffy, especially in the morning. While searching for a good product to treat these issues for both of us, I stumbled onto this, with some nice reviews. One reviewer even claimed he saw improvement after one use. The packaging is cute but I know a lot of people hate products in jars. It does come with a little spatula to scoop out the product with. The product itself is a green paste that looks and smells kind of like smashed avocado. I apply it before bed by scooping about a pea size and patting it into my undereyes, smoothing it out with a light swipe over. This is a pretty generous layer for me, though my husband likes a thinner layer. As the mask dries, it feels cool and firming but not uncomfortably tight. I can’t touch it or it pills off. I’ve been wearing it regularly for about two weeks. My husband wears it when I see fit to grab him and put it on him myself 🙄 As far as performance goes, this decreases my puffiness almost immediately upon application. I’ve even used it in the morning while I get ready (removing before applying makeup) and my top eyelid will still be heavy looking, though my undereye where the mask has been looks fresh and de-puffed. I haven’t noticed much difference in my dark circles, though perhaps I need to just keep using it. It hasn’t broken me out or caused milia, which is nice. I do notice that my undereyes are more sensitive after regularly using this product - using makeup wipes on the skin around my eyes is slightly uncomfortable. Like mildly stinging/irritated. I assume this is due to the Retinol. Probably best to do a test patch if you have easily irritated skin, just to be safe. I’d recommend this to anyone interested in something to decrease puffiness. I’m after something that will noticeably lighten dark circles as well, so whether I repurchase will depend on whether I see any improvement in that department.

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