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2 months ago

I discovered this eye cream by accident after being given a generous sample I didn't even want by a sales rep at Sephora with whom I bonded one rainy night last month. She raved about how it was one of their best "clean" and simple eye products & insisted I absolutely must try it. I’ll admit I was not expecting much; however, in dire need of moisture around my eyes generally (I suffer from dry eye syndrome) and lacking a better option from which to choose, I began smearing it around my eyes every time they felt the slightest bit dehydrated. I was surprised to like it from the start. Unlike other eye creams I’ve tried, which were either light & did nothing or *felt* extremely hydrating & also did nothing, this one is both non-greasy/weightless and also shockingly moisturising. Additionally, I noticed that my eyes seemed to not only appear more hydrated, but also more refreshed and the fine lines that have begun to last a bit longer than I'm comfortable with even after I've finished smiling disappeared along with my happy expression. Then came the true test and impetus for this review. After accidentally putting in my eye some concentrated & highly acidic mineral drops I was unwisely storing in the fridge next to my beloved eye drops from the health food store (the two bottles are identical in size and it was just before bed so I was tired & I am stupid when tired), I learned that this cream is not just good but AMAZING after it soothed and healed my eye completely within a record amount of time. I do not exaggerate when I report that this was a true miracle. Not only did my eye feel as though I'd drizzled battery acid into it, but it looked even worse. Okay, perhaps that is a bit of an overstatement, but it was truly a fiasco. I screamed and ran blindly to the sink (missing it because I could not open my eyes), yet even after getting there & rinsing them out, my eye was so badly burned that I could barely open it that night or for most of the next day. The white of my eye was not only so bright red & inflamed that I looked as though I required an ER visit, but my lid and under-eye had swollen up to the point that it appeared as though I'd been punched by a 250-pound weight-lifter wearing steel knuckles. All of the following morning I remained terribly swollen and in pain, but the cream was so soothing that I began compulsively applying it. Though it felt good, I never dreamed it would do anything to actually help heal my eye, let alone so thoroughly reverse the inflammation that it was completely back to normal by that very same night (without leaving even the tiniest hint of that lined & dehydrated look one’s eyes are always left with just after recovering from an injury). It was simply healed...COMPLETELY. A true miracle. So, as I sent silent & grateful prayers to the girl who recommended it, I (being the OCD cosmeceutical fanatic I am), had to immediately look up the ingredients in order to determine how it could possibly have worked so well. Just as the sales associate had promised, I discovered a surprisingly short and simple list of clean ingredients. This explained why it didn't further irritate my eye in any way but also, ironically, why I originally believed it wouldn't have any impact at all. However, it seems that the real magic came from a flower extract, called paracress, that I had until this point never heard of & that's now being researched for its Botox-like effects along with the anti-inflammatory & regenerative powers I'd already discovered for myself. Perhaps even more interestingly and (considering the extent of my injury) applicable, paracress was originally known for its ”detoxifying, antiseptic, restorative and cleansing properties," and was traditionally used in the tropics to heal and disinfect wounds (among other things). In any event, whether or not it is due to this particular ingredient, I can now personally attest to the fact that this cream truly does work magic. I would recommend it to absolutely anyone of any age and with any problem, no matter how severe, but it is (imho) an absolute must-have if you are sensitive or suffer from any sort of chronic irritation and inflammation and are in need of an eye cream that not only won't aggravate these issues, but may actually help alleviate them. I'd imagine that it would be especially great for those suffering from allergies and/or, like me, chronically dry eyes.

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