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a month ago

ETA: dropped this to 3.5 lippies, after buying two bottles (need to mix two shades) and finding the consistency of the fdtn from the bottles is more dry on my skin than the samples I tested. I still like this because its hard to find yellow/golden undertones that work for me, and the coverage is good (and no irritation) but I do think a good primer and/or moisturizer is needed under this foundation. Because of the price, and having to mix two shades, and now the different consistency performing on my skin, I would not repurchase. ———————— I have combo skin that seems to get dried out, no matter what type of foundation I put on. By the end of the day, I have flakey, patchy, cracked foundation. I have reactive skin, not many breakouts unless something agitates it, but lots of melasma and hyperpigmentation. I got 2 sample cards of this foundation, shades Y110 and Y200. I’m a mix between NC15/20 with strong golden undertones. I found shade Y110 a tad too light (which doesnt work well over melasma, it turns ashy), and Y200 is perfect but dries a hair too dark overall compared to my neck, because of my melasma. I purchased Y200 since it has the right golden tones, and just add a dab of white mixer, or my NC15 foundations to it (like NARS Gobi, or NYX Total Control drop nude). Y200 is such a close match, I only need a dab. A little goes such a long way with this foundation, for the price, I consider it a steal. I’m still using my samples, only a swipe of a q-tip amount on the back of my hand applied with my damp sponge, and it covers perfectly. My melasma disappears, I have even nice skin. I use a sponge, as I do not like heavy coverage, but I’m sure a brush would give you that coverage. Its very pigmented. It sinks into my skin and looks like skin. It has glycerin in it, so it can get glowy, but its a nice fresh look not oily or dry. Very happy. It does blur my pores, doesnt settle into my large forehead lines, its very natural. Even with alcohol in the formulation, it doesnt seem to bother my skin, and the ingredients are good compared to others. It reminds me of Estee Lauder Double Wear, but without the bad ingredients. It also comes off with a couple of makeup wipes and lasts. I did find that Y110 seemed to apply differently than Y200, so different shades may act differently. Odd but it happened for me when testing both. This does have a scent, not perfumy, but an odd masculine sort of scent. I noticed it the first time applying, now I dont even notice it. It dries down nicely, not sticky or heavy on the skin. I apply it in sections. It stays put once applied, and i dont see much come off when i blot, or even when i pull turtlenecks over my head. I do set with pressed powder, but just a little, as this looks best with some glow. It doesnt get overly shiny but I do blot once in the morning and afternoon in my t-zone, which is normal for me. Either way, i love how it meshes into my skin. You dont see foundation. I’m amazed this foundation doesnt have more reviews online, I think its great and looks so natural! Highly recommend trying a sample! If it wasnt for the jump in shades trying to fit my melasma, I’d rate this 5 lippies.

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2 months ago

I loved this! I think I have close to 30 foundations and this and the given by balm are the only ones I reach for. I bought the shade y310, but it oxidized and I had to get one shade lighter. It looks great throughout the day. My skin looks airbrushed but not cakey. True holy grail for me!

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6 months ago

Edited: great finish, truly beautiful on dry skin, but it feels too heavy and a bit greasy on me.

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7 months ago

**NATURAL LOOKING, BEAUTIFUL FINISH, LESS IS MORE** LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this foundation. I've tried many brands...most I hated and some I've thought I was in love with until I tried this. I've never been able to match my skin tone perfectly until now which is a big bonus, but I'm not considering this in my review. It literally looks like I have no makeup on and my skin looks better than it has in many, many years. I highly suggest getting a sample to at least see if it works for you too. I finally have a true HOLY GRAIL. For me, with this foundation, less is definitely the way to go. It covers so well, and does not like/need to be layered. If you're looking for a heavy (different than FULL) coverage then this is not for you. This literally looks like you have nothing on when applied sparingly, and really that's all you need. I'm 40 now, and I don't want to look "made up". I want something as natural-looking as possible while still covering up uneven tone, etc. I don't expect my skin to look like a 20yr old's, and no foundation will give me that. I can see myself wearing this well into my 50's, and beyond. UPDATE after a couple more days of wear: What I want/expect in a foundation and what this foundation gives me: - is sheer/ invisible but covers well -- I want it to look like skin! - is slightly glowy (normal? skin finish ie. not shiny or glittery) - doesn't cake or look cakey - is easy to apply - doesn't oxidize (on me anyway, I think all skin is different when it comes to oxidization. It's chemistry after-all) - doesn't melt off my face by the end of the day -- this is interesting, because it looks so natural, I can't tell if it's still there, but sure enough, my skin still looks great. - doesn't look like a mask - doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes - photographs nicely - doesn't accentuate pores or wrinkles - doesn't break me out - matches my weird skin tone - NO STRONG PERFUME SCENT (yay!) why do companies add perfume chemicals to foundation??

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9 months ago

Unfortunately, this one is a pass due to poor wear. I had high hopes because of the pump bottle, 24 hour claims and lack of ingredients that bother my skin (sodium chloride, bismuth oxychloride, anything coconut-derived). Pros -Satin finish -Light feel -Pump bottle Cons -Moved around, faded and gathered into patches during a cool office day -Looked greasy fast -Palest yellow shade not pale enough, deeper skin tones may also have this issue I so wanted to like this, but there is no forgiveness for poor wear when 24 hours is advertised and it can't even hold up during an office day. Maybe give this a try if you have very dry skin? Too bad!

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