Beautyblender was created in 2002 by Rea Ann Silva, a makeup artist who worked as a makeup department head for one of the first television shows shot in HD. The sponge was invented to allow for a flawless foundation finish (aka the "airbrush effect"). It became widely available for purchase in 2007 and has sold 6.5 million sponges to date.

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Misc Beauty Tools -beautyblender -Solid Cleanser

on 11/21/2017 5:32:00 PM


I have used the solid cleanser, the liquid cleanser, Zote soap, and regular bar soap to clean my BB. I used to think this was the greatest thing ever, but's just overpriced lavender-scented soap. Zote soap and mini hotel soaps do just as good of a job of cleaning my BB, if not better. The price point is quite $16. Youtubers rave about this soap, but it doesn't get everything out. For that price, I want it to be amazing. I am just going to use regular bar soap from now on. Another thing I hate is how the packaging requires you to sort of air dry the soap before closing. If you don't and the soap is wet, then it will be gross and slick. I think they should make the packaging slightly bigger and put holes in the casing for air-drying and easier on-the-go usage.

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Misc Beauty Tools -beautyblender -Pure Beauty Blender

on 11/7/2017 4:39:00 AM


Love love love this beauty blender, people say there isnt a difference between the colors but i believe there is! This sponge seems lighter and the holes seem smaller which give my foundation a seemless finish which i love! For cleaning i clean my sponge every 3or 4 uses as i find this way it doesnt build up product that then doesnt effect my makeup. I use the beauty blender soil cleanser and although a little pricey for something so small i am never using anything else to clean my beauty blender!

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Misc Beauty Tools -beautyblender -Pro Beauty Blender (Black)

on 11/5/2017 1:18:00 PM


maybe because of my personal preference
i always reach back for the black one (i don't know what the difference tbh)
probably because of i won't see any stain on black sponge (any stain on my tools just irks me out)

with this sponge, i guarantee your blend game gonna be great

i still don't understand why the f beautyblender is sooooooooo expensive
i think you will not disappoint with this product

buy this if you willing to pay extra money
but if you want to an alternative, the most similar (but bb is still better) is the orange sponge from real technique.

Misc Beauty Tools -beautyblender -Blendercleanser

on 10/2/2017 11:57:00 AM


This actually is the best thing ever for cleaning beauty blenders. I have tried all kinds of solid and liquid soaps too. This is the best and if you follow beauty blender on instagram they often have promotions. The dispenser injects the beauty blender with the cleaner so when you start smushing it that infuses the blender with foam and removes makeup. So glad I have given this a try.

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Misc Beauty Tools -beautyblender -the sponge


If you`re reading these reviews you`re probably still wondering "what`s so special about a sponge?"
I don`t know how or why but it blends like a dream! It picks up the right amount of product and transfers it into the skin, unlike other sponges or brushes which tend to just move the product from left to right on the skin. It saves sooo much time, as you won`t need to touch up unless you want to build a stronger look. It makes any foundation and concealer blend flawlessly- no patches!
I cannot remember the last time I picked a brush to apply my foundation, powder or concealer with since I got this sponge.

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