Beautyblender was created in 2002 by Rea Ann Silva, a makeup artist who worked as a makeup department head for one of the first television shows shot in HD. The sponge was invented to allow for a flawless foundation finish (aka the "airbrush effect"). It became widely available for purchase in 2007 and has sold 6.5 million sponges to date.

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Foundations -beautyblender -Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation

on 8/7/2018 11:41:00 AM


There were some aspects of the BEAUTYBLENDER Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation that I liked, mostly formula ingredients, and some things I didn't like so much. The formula is fragrance free and does not contain denatured alcohol, which I love. I also really like the packaging for those of us that travel and it is annoying to have to bring a palette separately. The foundation is tricky to color match so I recommend going to a store that has it because choosing a color online can be difficult. The formula doesn[t really seem to set very well. The BeautyBlender Bounce Liquid Long Wear Foundation really requires using a mattifying primer before application and a setting powder after application. I disagree with the term Long Wear because this isn't a long wear foundation. Within a few hours of application there is some sliding as well as transferring to phones and clothes. If you are interested my video review can be seen here:

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Misc Beauty Tools -beautyblender -the sponge


last year, i bought a knock off version of the beautyblender at H&M; it was ok, but I didn't get what all of the fuss was about. sometimes I'd use it, sometimes I'd forget, meh- whatever. eventually, as blenders do, it shat the bed. dampened, squeezed and it stayed a squeezed little mush ball. so I thought "well, maybe now I'll break down and buy the real one, see if it's really all that different", all the while thinking "it's a SPONGE, how different could it be?" with that thought in mind, I picked up another knock off (can't recall the brand - it was black and oddly shaped, kind of like a snowman). yeah, that one was GARBAGE. it smeared my foundation all over my face, not blending but COATING. now, having seen how much worse this blender was, I truly wondered if the real beautyblender was that much better. yesterday I was at Sephora, and there they were -a whole area of multi colored tiny little egg sponges! I couldn't resist - after several moments contemplation (was I a 'nude'? a 'pro'?) I decided on the original. I had plans for the evening, and I didn't leave myself enough time to take off and rebuild my face, so the blender would have to wait- until today. about 10 minutes ago. HOLY WOW. I totally get it now!! If you want to try a blender, but you're thinking $20 seems too pricey and how different could they REALLY be, the answer is "INCREDIBLY, NIGHT AND DAY DIFFERENT!!" I used two tiny splorts of foundation, as this blender actually pressed it into my skin instead of just smearing it around. the point on the egg perfectly fit the crevases (sp?) of my face, and my foundation blended down seamlessly and perfectly. seriously - spend the extra few dollars. its SO worth it! my foundation looks perfect, and I can see it lasting far longer now, as I'm using so much less! just spend the money on the real thing - I'll never go without it again!

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Misc Beauty Tools -beautyblender -blendercleanser solid chill swirl

on 3/30/2018 11:13:00 PM


I received this in a beauty exchange and I have to say I'm unimpressed. It's literally just a tiny amount of soap in a little tin, for $16, and I'm pretty sure it broke me out. I was fine till I cleaned my blender with this, then the day after using it the first time I got a pimple right in the middle of my forehead. I never get them there.

Yes, of course it cleans my blender and brushes. It's fancy soap. But you know what doesn't break me out and cleans them better, usually on the FIRST rinse unless they're really gunky? Regular cheap glycerine soap.

Go to amazon and order melt and pour glycerine soap base and aluminum lip gloss tins. Melt the soap, add any essential oil you'd like (such as tea tree for antibacterial properties), and pour it in the tins. Boom, you just made your own solid blender/brush cleaner and you have enough to last you probably a year for roughly the same price as one blendercleanser, possibly less. You can even use it for a gentle facial cleanser, just use a separate tin. If that's too much work just pick up a neutrogena glycerine bar, same thing.

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Misc Beauty Tools -beautyblender -Red Carpet

on 2/26/2018 7:41:00 PM

I only tried Real Technique before this, so that was the one I compared to. I never owned the original pink Beautyblender and only bought this because it was on sale for $11 (which was still expensive in my opinion, but I was curious). The feeling when squeezing it dry is definitely different from the Real Technique one, and I could understand why people are crazy about the Beautyblender. It's a lot more bouncy even when it's dry. Then you run it under the water and squeeze off the water, it expands quite a lot. Like the other posters said, it bleeds, so the red doesn't stay and fades. It ends up being orange rather than red. I use Dawn dish soap to clean my sponges, and I rotate my sponges (Real Technique and one from Sephora) so I think all of them will last me a long time. In terms of application, I don't notice any difference with the finish, just a different degree of bounciness when applying foundation.

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Misc Beauty Tools -beautyblender -All About Face Kit

on 2/23/2018 6:27:00 PM


This review is for a kit that contains the original pink foundation sponge, a gray blusher sponge, a mini highlighting/eyeshadow sponge and a sample size cake of solid beautyblender cleanser. Recently it was time for me to replace my staple "pink" sponge, and it occured to me that I have been using the beautyblender for 10-11 years! It's crazy how time flies. I remember way back when the now-ubiquitous ellipticle tool first hit the markets, I, like just about everybody else, thought, "Who would pay $20.00 for a piece of foam?" How naive we were in those days; long before the Clarisonic, at-home-cordless airbrushing devices, Kinetic toning systems, and Tria became household words. I still don't have any of those devices, and I have makeup brushes that are older than a couple of my kids, so, obviously I'm not caught up easily in trends. The beautyblender sponge, however, isn't a trend as much as it is an excellent, practical, extremely useful implement. The foam it's made of is patented, so if you try cheap knockoffs of beautyblenders, you won't get a sponge that's anything like the genuine product. You will get what you pay for. I use the pink beautyblender for applying my foundation. It's fast, easy, and, because the foundation does not absorb into the sponge, my foundations last me much longer. I wash my sponges immediately after use, and, with cleaning and care, one sponge will easily last up to 4 months. I had not purchased any of the smaller sponges before this kit, but they feel less dense than the pink one. It makes sense that they are dense, because they are used for makeup that is not applied in heavy concentrations. I'm not sure if they will last more than a month or two. That being said, I love the way they work. The little one is especially wonderful because it makes it impossible to over-do concealer! I rarely wear concealer, mainly because I feel like it looks so obvious. However, this little sponge (wet, of course), makes even my Amazing Concealer (which is quite heavy), look like skin! It is wonderful for applying foundation/concealer/even powder beneath eyelashes and in inner eye corners. It's perfect for covering those blemishes I guess I'll never outgrow getting, without getting concealer all around the blemish, where I don't want it. The blush brush is especially great with my Cha Cha tint. FINALLY, I can apply this liquid on my cheeks without using too little, too much, staining my fingers, etc. I wash my sponges right after use, and all the the makeup comes out of them. (Cheaper versions of this sponge stay stained, and they look so gross I would never use them more than once). These sponges don't retain water so they dry really quickly, shrinking down to their surprisingly tiny sizes. They look like "new" until the time it comes to replace them, when they start to fade, look worn, and sometimes peel a bit. Even though I have yet to spend hundreds of dollar on a clarisonic, or spring for a single botox injection, I am happy to pay $20.00 for one sponge, (or $42.00 for this kit), because it gives me a way to have perfect makeup application every day. People rave at me about my "beautiful" skin...I don't have beautiful skin. But I know how to put on foundation so it's invisible!

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