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Liquid -GIVENCHY -Teint Couture Everwear 24 HR Lifeproof Foundation

on 4/11/2019 6:45:00 AM


Unfortunately, this one is a pass due to poor wear. I had high hopes because of the pump bottle, 24 hour claims and lack of ingredients that bother my skin (sodium chloride, bismuth oxychloride, anything coconut-derived).

-Satin finish
-Light feel
-Pump bottle

-Moved around, faded and gathered into patches during a cool office day
-Looked greasy fast
-Palest yellow shade not pale enough, deeper skin tones may also have this issue

I so wanted to like this, but there is no forgiveness for poor wear when 24 hours is advertised and it can't even hold up during an office day. Will stick to my EL Doublewear, which I can trust.

Maybe give this a try if you have very dry skin.

Too bad!

Fragrances -GIVENCHY -Eau de Givenchy

on 4/7/2019 2:03:00 AM


This is an absolutely dazzling gorgeous floral fragrance. It really does make you feel like you are in a meadow full of wildflowers and green grassess. It does have a nice honey suckle note. I remember when I was a kid picking the little 💐 and then slidding off the piston I think it's called so I could taste the sweetness of the flower. Such nice memories this scent evokes for me. Also, other reviewers have mentioned this is similar to Anais Anais. I don't get the similarities between the two. However, there used to he a men's scent by the name of Incense' that was made by Givenchy. It's a long discontinued, much loved and coveted and near impossible to find fragrance now. I can detect distinct similarities between Incense' and Eau de Givenchy. Incense' was the very first pure and true floral fragrance for men and it shares some of the same notes as Eau de Givenchy. Even the box and bottle look alike. It's a shame this wonderful little floral fragrance has been discontinued. Actually I think it has been re released but it's not the same fragrance. This perfume projects well and lasts a long time. If you are a perfumista it would probably be worth your while to invest in a bottle you can find on eBay. Eau De Givenchy is a very polite little perfume. It won't intrude or overwhelm. It is nothing short of pure royalty in the floral family of fragrances.

3 of 3 people found this helpful.

Liquid -GIVENCHY -Photo'Perfexion Fluid Foundation SPF 20

on 3/21/2019 6:25:00 PM


Tried to love this. Got it during the neiman Marcus 20% off sale. (Maybe it was Bloomingdales?). It looks nice at first and has decent coverage but an hour later and I am a cakey mess. It settles in my lines and gathers in my pores. I also look oily but my dry patches are highlighted at the same time. Maybe this is good for dry skin but not oily. The shade range is trash too, wish I didn’t buy this! I won’t be purchasing high end foundation on a whim ever again. What difference is 60$ foundation from 30$? I can’t tell. And this isn’t even a full ounce like most foundations. It’s .8 ounces or something so really the price is more Like 65$ an ounce. Rip off

Fragrances -GIVENCHY -Very Irresistible

on 3/13/2019 5:13:00 PM


This review is for the Eau de Toilette 2019 formulation.

I've wanted to try this perfume for awhile. I have TONS of perfumes, but I finally got around to purchasing a small, travel sized 0.41oz spray from Sephora (I think it was $25). Verdict: I really like this perfume! It's funny because many reviews said this was a plain, boring, uninteresting scent. But, compared to today's most popular scents that are all gourmands (LVEB, Coco Mad, Black Opium, Flowerbomb, etc), Very Irresistible would stand out in the crowd. I think this could be a signature scent.

I will admit, I have a thing for powdery perfumes. It is my second favorite perfume category after florals. My favorite perfume of all time is Jean Paul Gaultier's Classique EDP (lacy bottle). Classique is definitely a powdery scent, but in the best, lightest way possible. This Givenchy has a slightly similar vibe... Perhaps it is even more similar to Classique EDT than the EDP. Very Irresistible is sweet, but not exactly gourmand sweet. It's perfume-y sweet, but not too much. There's something fresh there, almost minty but not quite (I'm assuming it's the anise). The main note is rose, but I wouldn't call it a rose heavy fragrance (I really don't like rose heavy perfumes). Patchouli is listed as a note, but I really can't detect it in Very Irresistible. If I had to describe Very Irresistible it would be: lightly sweet, fresh, slightly powdery, well-rounded, and very feminine.

It performs okay for an EDT. This isn't a powerhouse, but it lingers nicely. This would be office friendly. I think this is appealing and sexy... Not like bombshell sexy or femme fatale sexy, more like demure sexy.

If you're looking for a traditionally feminine fragrance that isn't gourmand and is different than the rest, then give Very Irresistible a try.

Fragrances -GIVENCHY -Ange ou Demon

on 2/17/2019 3:10:00 PM

Great perfume!!! Long lasting as well!

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