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1 month ago

This is supposed to be bronzer and contour in one. In the lightest shade 100 it's very subtle and I guess it's supposed to be a slightly sunkissed look. It doesn't really do that much as a contour or a bronzer and it has a strong fragrance so I am not too impressed. I have used far better contours and bronzers.

Update: Well, I used it today with full makeup again and it …
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2 months ago

Review of 100 (lightest shade)
A bronzer has been one of the only makeup products missing from my collections until now. I'm fair skinned (Loreal C1 and N1 True Match foundation for reference) and cool toned so finding a bronzer that 1) works my complexion 2) is a drug store brand/affordable has not been easy.

I saw the makeup gurus giving these City …
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4 months ago

I used "Light Cool 100" which is the lightest of all.

The bronzer applies beautifully. It is a very soft bronzer which you can build up to intensify the color. It blends beautifully on top of my makeup li and it’s a powder formula. The bronzer has fragrance as well which smells summery, but you only will smell it in the pan and not really on your face as the scent disappears.

The only thing that confuses me is that it says that you can use it for bronzing and contouring to sculpt your face as it also says it’s a cool toned bronzer…

Well, you can’t really have a cool toned-bronzer as if it is, it won’t be a bronzer but contour + it doesn’t really have a rosy or greyish undertone which means that it isn’t really cool-toned. However, it isn’t …
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5 months ago

I have been forever on a journey to find a HG Bronzer. This is a really great bronzer! No frills and does the job. Not orange, not muddy, no glitter.. It is just the perfect glow. I use #200 I am NC25 ish skintone. This is a perfect wash of bronze for a subtle glow.

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5 months ago

This is advertised as a bronzer AND contour powder. I have the shade "Medium Cool 200". Its not "cool" as in ashy grey for contouring. Its a yellowish gold leaning light brown rather than the usual orange or red leaning bronze. It doesn't work for my very fair yellow toned skin as a bronzer. Its too matte and flat, sucking the life out of my face, and the color looks too …Read more

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