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2 years ago

This retro-cheap powder has been around for decades. I have not used it since the 90's. It is very cheap but cut with talc and other fillers. Not great - but not the worst. thankfully, it did NOT make me break out back then. Not sure about now (My skin was combo/oily back then and now is dry.

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3 years ago

I have oily skin so I'm always looking for a setting powder that will control my oil for a few precious hours. I usually have to blot halfway through the day anyway, but I would prefer not to have to repowder at all after blotting. When I do, my makeup seems to end up looking cakey by the end of the day. If I really need to powder for some reason, for example, the heat and humidity is really high and my foundation is sweating off, I'll use a really sheer powder, like my Givenchy pressed powder (which has been discontinued) or the MUFE HD pressed powder. I do this with a tiny kabuki brush and if I use a really light hand, my face will look refreshed but not as perfected as it is first thing in the morning. I have seen many youtubers rave about Coty Airspun translucent powder (Tati and Nikki Tutorials comes to mind) and how it gives a perfect finish, especially for those who are oily in the T zone (that's definitely me). I can get over the extremely dated floral fragrance and even though I have been sensitive to scents in the past, this product doesn't irritate my skin at all. I used very little powder on a large brush all over my face to set my foundation. I skipped my under eye area because I had previously set that area with Besame pink setting powder. But everywhere else, I used the Coty Airspun. Almost immediately, my once perfect foundation became very cakey and dry looking. It's as if this powder took all the moisture out of my skin at once. It's truly translucent so it doesn't increase the coverage of my foundation, which is a good thing. But using it this first time, it was a disaster. It accentuated every line and crease and didn't do anything magical for my enlarged pores, like these two youtubers promised. I know Tati uses a velour puff to apply this powder and perhaps that's the secret. I will try that before I give up on this product. I was trying to save some money by ordering this Coty powder rather than the very pricey Laura Mercier Translucent setting powder everyone and their mother raves about. I was hoping this would be an acceptable substitute but based on this first use, I was dead wrong. I have other good powders, but product junkie that I am, I'm always on the hunt for something better. I much prefer the Ben Nye Neutral Set or Cameo powder, which is also reasonably priced but not quite as cheap as this Coty powder. I do use the Ben Nye powders in the summer because they seem to keep my makeup in place in the heat much better than other brands I've used. And granted, it is winter right now but my skin is still quite oily in the T zone (whereas in the summer it's oily all over) and normal everywhere else. But the Coty powder sucked every last bit of moisture out of my skin so I really should have washed my face and started over. But I sprayed some MAC Fix+ which seemed to make the situation a bit better by melding the powder into my skin and preventing the obviously powdery look. I then used a setting spray on top of this like I always do (either Coola SPF 30 or Supergoop SPF 50 setting sprays) and carried on with my day. But I didn't have a good makeup day that day. All the effort I made to smooth and perfect my foundation and concealer was a waste of time because the Coty powder ruined the airbrushed effect. After only a few hours my face looked extremely cakey again but I was out and about and didn't have any Fix+ with me to attempt to remedy the situation. So far, I'm beginning to think that these two youtubers lied about how good this Coty powder is. Certainly Nikki doesn't have perfect skin and wears a full coverage foundation and sets it with the Coty powder to a good effect, at least on camera. What it looks like close up may be another story. Likewise, I have seen many of Tati's early tutorials and she always used the Airspun powder and her makeup always looked flawless, at least on camera. I'm beginning to think that if both of these gals makeup were to be viewed irl and close up, it would look extremely cakey when they use this Coty powder. I don't see how you can avoid it. I used a light to medium coverage serum foundation, which is really good (Boots No 7 Airbrush Away) and always look quite nice on me. But for whatever reason, applying this Coty powder ruined the finish. I'm all for a matte finish but not a finish that looks like my face is a desert. That's what happened exactly, a desert. It looked like I had gone days without a single drop of water. It was just awful. I will try this powder with another foundation, and will also try using less (even though I hardly used any in the first place) before I pitch this in the trash. I paid $15 for this powder on Amazon but I'm not into wasting my hard earned money so I want to make this work. Maybe I can pass this off to someone else but I don't know anyone who wants a face zapped of all moisture. I'm diligent about my skin care so my face was not dehydrated in any way when I used this powder. I just wanted to set my foundation so that it would last 4 or 5 hours without a touch up. This powder was a complete fail for me. But I will try to use it again a few times. If my feelings change, I will update this review. As it stands, I can't recommend this powder at all.

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