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Loose Powders -Laura Mercier -Translucent Loose Setting Powder

on 3/16/2019 5:26:00 PM


I read so many good reviews... and i was so excited to try it out but unfortunately i dont like it:/
I have acne prone skin and when i put this powder on my skin my face instantly become super itchy :(( i do not recommend waste of money

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Lip Gloss -Laura Mercier -Lip Glace - Baby Doll

on 3/16/2019 2:42:00 PM


I received a sample size of this gloss in a Sephora lip set. It’s just “okay” for me. The color might be best on lighter-coloring people. It’s a semi-sheer peachy pink with sparkle on me. Wear time is less than my favorite Buxom lip glosses, and the texture is not really sticky at all to me. It’s a pretty gloss, but it’s nothing special, although I can see how it might be on some people.

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Primer/ Corrector -Laura Mercier -Foundation Primer


After finishing a deluxe sample of this primer, I must say that I don't really care for it. It didn't seem to work that well, and it smelled bad. Maybe I got a bad batch, but I didn't like the product's performance enough to bother buying a full size. There are less expensive primers I like better.

Lipstick -Laura Mercier -Creme Smooth Lip Color - Spiced Rose

on 3/11/2019 2:41:00 PM


This product, of which I was gifted a large deluxe sample square tube with a LM purchase, reminds me of the classic Bobbi Brown lipsticks (black/gold square tube). I used to use them constantly many years ago before the whole liquid matte trend came about & had many colors of them, sandwash pink being the one repurchase. This is a glossier and not as pigmented version of Bobbi formula imo. The shade I’m reviewing, Spiced Rose, is what I throw on when my lips are not the star of the show, or just on a casual day as I will post pic of since that’s how I’m rolling with it today. It is similar to the natural color of my own lip, maybe a teeny bit lighter, and warmer (hence the “spiced” rose). I have around an nw15/20, light pink skin right now at winter’s end. I am currently mainly wearing LM tinted illuminating moisturizer in bare radiance all over, hourglass hyaluranic skin tint in shell down the center to cancel redness, something under eye if the hourglass ain’t cutting it, and Charlotte Tilbury pressed powder in shade 2 to set (another deluxe sample I’d have chosen shade 1 in, but it’s so sheer it doesn’t really matter & FYI I kept the adorable mini to carry around and immediately purchased the full size in shade 2 (yellower) as well as her loose *finishing* powder in shade 1 (pinker) as her powders are God’s Gift to mature dry skin even over more wrinkly bits - I had stopped powdering til I found Charlotte). Then I use something to add color where I want it on my cheeks (blush and/or bronzer and/or a highlight), eyebrows, and what I do with eye and lip varies day by day. If I really was serious about getting this to last all day, I’d do the whole liner, coat blot coat blot coat. But like today where I’m not too concerned about my makeup I just threw it on and that is the picture I’m posting. It’s a casual moisturizing almost lipgloss-like lipstick. Makes my lips look not bare (ew my worst nightmare ha). A little more polished but not in any way in yo face. In fact, it’s in my coat pocket and I just keep applying it, no mirror required. I doubt I’d buy other colors but not sure. For a good day old fashioned lipstick, I prefer MAC due to their extensive color and finish range as well as their viva glams where I don’t feel guilty spending more money on makeup that I don’t need.

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Eye Shadow -Laura Mercier -Caviar Stick Eye Colour (All Colors)

on 3/7/2019 10:28:00 AM


I tried these in a few colors and thought they were super pretty and lasted quite a while, at least for the half-day I wore them (my eyelids are oily and nothing lasts on them). But I had a reaction to them like I've never had before. My eyes got very itchy and irritated. I had to take it off part way through the day because of it. I tried it one more time to see if maybe the irritation was a fluke, but nope, it happened again. I have no idea what's in this product that would do this. I didn't leave any lasting damage, but it had me worried. I would just recommend buying from a retailer that allows returns in case it happens to anyone else.

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