OGX is a hair care brand that was formerly a part of Vogue International until it was acquired by Johnson & Johnson in 2016. Though many of the products do not contain sulfates, a handful of the shampoos do contain ALS (ammonium lauryl sulfate.) In addition, some of the products contain parabens. Their products are widely available in large drugstore and retail chains nationwide.

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Shampoo -OGX -Anti Breakage Keratin oil

on 11/21/2018 9:34:00 AM


I said I wouldn't buy this product again because right now I'm experimenting with different shampoos to see which one I need, so when this one runs out I will be trying a different one, if only to compare.

I've been growing my hair out for a couple of years now and it's gotten fairly long, I'm proud, however breakage has become an issue. I don't even know if it's breakage or just losing hair from my scalp but there is a lot in the shower when I'm done and even more coming out in my hands once it's dry. I have oily(ish) roots and dry ends, like most people with longer straight hair, I would assume. I usually wash my hair every 2 or 3 days, second day is a hair up day and if I go 3 days it's a dry shampoo day (up I go around looking greasy, I really don't care that much). My hair is decently thick, medium to thick maybe? But the hair itse;f is fine, I hope that makes sense. I usually only shampoo my roots and keep conditioner away from my roots (I just flip the rest of my hair over the top of my head as I'm rinsing so there's some moisture there but nothing that will weigh down my hair or make it oily.) A lot of shampoos in that past have made my scalp itchy after washing them to I figured I would try sulfate free.

Okay so, this stuff. I like it. The shampoo is really thick which I kind of like because I don't accidentally squeeze out too much. With a sulfate-free shampoo, the sulfates aren't doing all of the work for you so you really have to make sure that you rub it into your scalp. I like this shampoo because I can wash all of my hair, down to the ends, and they don't get crunchy. The conditioner is actually less thick than others that I've used, I still do my usual "no roots" routine with this one. I usually use probably way more conditioner than I need, but I've been doing well at limiting myself with this one and it seems fine. Once I'm done i've found that it's really easy to (gently) brush my hair when it's wet, before it's even dry it feels softer and silkier. I have noticed less fallout with both wet and dry hair too!

This stuff makes my hair soft and silky, maybe too much so because I think my hair is more prone to static with this line. My second day hair seems oiler than before I started with this line, but I also am just figuring out how to use a sulfate-free shampoo so this may be due to user error, or it could be because it doesn't dry my scalp to oblivion. less itchy scalp is probably worth it. I haven't tried going three days without washing, it's just too much. I'm working on it and I'll update when I finish what I have now.

Smells nice
Don't need a lot
Soft Hair
Sulfate free
Doesn't dry out my hair
Less fallout

More oily on day 2

Overall I like it, my next bottle will probably be a different line from Ogx

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Hair Treatments -OGX -Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum

on 11/19/2018 1:21:00 AM


Ive tried a lot of highend from bumble and bumble, chi silk infusion, alterna, rosarco milk, ouai finishing creme, morroccan oil, basically all the sephora hair serums and this by far is the best smelling and best for my hair. I have thick straight ish wavy hair that can get frizzy. I tried it all and i always always come back to this. I also use the coconut milk shampoo. I really enjoy the coconut milk line from ogx. Its my hg

Shampoo -OGX -Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo

on 11/13/2018 1:29:00 PM


ive been trying out new shampoos since my pregnancy. I was having nausea so i couldnt use this but i LOVEEEE this scent when i am not pregnant lol. smells like waffles!
since having the baby ive been experiencing hair loss and i had to come back to this. This is the shampoo i trust and will always come back to. I used to like herbal essences but it made my hair so greasy. The i love juicy shampoo from lush is great but its expensive and it was very drying. I also HATE HATE the love beauty planet ones, the tee trea and vetiver one made me bald and soooo itchy. I was losing double amount of hair i usually experience in the shower. So here we are, my tried and true. I love the smell and how it doesnt make my hair feel like its stripping all its moisture. It also lathers so nicely and i dont experience the terrible scary hair loss. The best part is that i dont get as greasy as the herbal essence. I think its because its not stripping of moisture so my scalp isnt compensating in making more oil. I dont really care for the conditioner because i love my shae moisture coconut fruit weightless mask (so good!) I do not get itchy from this and just one wash i can tell a difference of how much my hair loves this shampoo! I have straight long asian hair thats med thick. This is the best ive tried in the drugstore.

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Gels/Soaps -OGX -OGX Quenching Sea Mineral Moisture Body Wash


My favorite thing about this product is actually the smell. It strikes a rare balance of fresh and soft, without bordering into something artificial, like men's shaving cream territory. It's smooth and oceanic. I would scent my house with a fragrance like this.

So I bought it after smelling it in the drugstore, 1. for the fragrance 2. pretty good size for the price 3. because it's sls-free. After seeing what a difference it made going sls-free with my hair, cleaning it without stripping it of its natural moisture barrier, I thought it would probably be a good thing to try for the skin on my body, too. However, I was skeptical of how moisturizing this would be. Maybe it's just marketing, but I've come to associate clear body washes with not moisturizing, and opaque body washes with moisturizing properties. I know how stupid that sounds, but it's hard to overcome some of those associations.

Anyways, I've gone through 2 bottles in the spring and summer, and I really like it. I felt clean, but with none of that prickly dry feeling that sends you running for the body lotion after the shower. The smell is awesome while you're in the shower, but it doesn't linger on your skin.

That said, I don't think it's going to be quite moisturizing enough in the winter, so I'll be trying out the OGX Coconut body wash to see how that goes. I will definitely repurchase the Sea Mineral Moisture body wash in the summer for something fresh and lightly moisturizing.

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Hair Treatments -OGX -Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy Organix 30 Day Smoothing Treatment

on 10/27/2018 8:48:00 PM


Just remembered to write a review on this...

It's not a salon quality at home treatment, hence the price point. This lasts supposedly 30 days rather than months. It is a good alternative if you prefer DIY, or even don't want to shell out so much $$$ at once for a professional service. But there are better options for at home keratin treatments on the market, research around.

Did this last 30 days for me? No.
Was the results amazing? No.

But it did strengthen and defrizz my hair quite a bit for a few weeks. Hair felt sleeker, just not miraculously.

This is pretty fool proof for any newbies out there. Just keep your hair dry & straight a few days after applying.

I have a lot of hair, and it's long. It was waist length the last time I used this. The entire bottle is supposed to be one application BUT I used way less than that, a little goes a long way. So it lasted for several treatments, further improving the bang for my buck.

One thing I did hate is how disgusting this feels while it's sitting on my hair. A lot of them are like that though. I can't go anywhere during the 48-72 processing period as it looks scary greasy.

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