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Eye Makeup Remover -No Brand (DIY or homemade) -Extra Virgin Olive Oil Makeup Remover

on 2/23/2018 12:40:00 AM


This is my HG eye makeup remover, and it can't be simpler, cheaper, or easier to use! It's very gentle on the eyes, dissolves all makeup, and as a bonus, conditions your lashes and brows with essential fatty acids and vitamin E. In fact, you can use it on your entire face! Try this as part of your nighttime routine: a cotton pad wet with warm water, mixed with a few drops of olive oil and a drop of lavender essential oil. You'll be so relaxed smelling the lavender and watching the makeup melt off! Best of all, you'll also be taking care of your skin -- the olive oil will remove impurities (as in the oil cleansing method) and moisturize, while the lavender will gently cleanse your skin and help old acne scars fade. Simply follow up with your regular face wash to get rid of all the oil and dirt. Result: a soft, clean face, ready for bed. What more could you ask for?

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Treatments (Face) -No Brand (DIY or homemade) -Lemon Juice

on 2/22/2018 10:41:00 AM


Do people realize... That bottled lemon juice (which is almost always reconstituted) is adjusted to have 5% acidity? So the pH is standard for all packaged lemon juice. It's not a wildcard. Also, yes lemon juice makes your skin susceptible to UV rays. So does retinol, the miracle skin drug. I don't condone dousing your skin in this or applying this neat. I mix my clay mask (it's a base compound) with lemon juice (acid) to neutralize the base with the acid. Why is lemon juice vilified? Apple cider vinegar is apparently the shiz and almost all bottles are formulated to be 5% acidity as well. I wish people wouldn't take things out of context.

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Moisturizers -No Brand (DIY or homemade) -Squalane Oil (Olive Derived)

on 2/21/2018 3:10:00 PM

This review is for Timeless Squalane which is olive derived. When I run out of this I buy it I may go with an ingredient supplier like Making Cosmetics or try the Ordinary's Squalene because its cheaper.
I love this stuff. Pretty much all oils except mineral break me out but I had used some other products in the past like moisturizers and foundations that had squalane that my skin was fine with, so I figured pure squalane would be ok. Is been a couple weeks and its been fine. I love this stuff, its really helped boost the moisture in my skin and hair especially now in the winter.

I use it morning and night after all my watery lotions and serums to seal and help them sink in. In the morning, I have found I can put my sunscreen on top and thats all the moisture I need. I have been using it with the Wayne Goss tip of putting one tiny drop on the tip of my sponge and then blending out my concealer and sometimes I add a drop to my Glossier Skin Tint if I'm feeling really dry. At night, its the step after watery layers, then I wait 20 min and then apply Retin-A followed with a night moisturizer. I have found that my Retin-A is still very effective this way but without as much irritation and dryness.

Squalane has also become my standard hair oil, as my old hair oils were causing either breakouts or weren't moisturizing enough. Its honestly better than any hair oil I've ever used, it conditions so well, and supposedly has some natural thermal protection properties. I have long dry wavy/curly hair and use it as the oil part of the LOC (liquid, oil, cream) method to seal in moisture,and sometimes I use a tiny bit on dry hair after styling to add a little shine.

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Skincare - Body -No Brand (DIY or homemade) -Sunflower Oil

on 2/19/2018 10:04:00 AM

How does this wonderful oil, not have more reviews??? Sure it isn't the most exotic, luxurious nor particularly exciting, something you might fry your chips in. But oh my, it's great when you think outside the box and use it in your skin and haircare routine.

I'm currently enjoying olive oil for my Oil cleansing method. I think Sunflower oil may be a little too light for that purpose. I love a Brigitte Bardot smoky eye, bronzed cheeks and nude liquid lipstick on a daily basis. And don't think sunflower oil could maybe handle removing all that. It seems a little bit more timid and doesn't have the richness of olive oil.

I use mine as a hair serum. I pour the oil in an amber coloured glass bottle. And apply 2-3 tiny drops for my bobbed hair (think 1920's flapper girl hair) and it looks so so good. The texture is so light doesn't weigh hair down, which is a reason I stopped using serums. Provides gorgeous shine and gets rid of winter dryness. It could rival a lot of hair oils and serums on the market, in my humble opinion.

I also have recently started to use it after showering. And I'm loving it. I used to use baby oil, which I was quite happy with. But sunflower oil is something else. It absorbs into the skin rather than just sitting there like baby oil does, probably due to the mineral oil. And it's good to know that the naturally high vitamin E content in sunflower oil. Will do my skin some actual good.

It does have a slight cooking oil smell, mind you. Only slight though. I mix a few drops of ylang-ylang in my Oil. And it provides a gorgeous floral romantic scent. Ylang Ylang had lots of good benefits which include aiding those with anxiety, depression and worry. Therefore, it's great to apply to your body, before bed to promote good sleep.

Like I said I'm suprised to see so few reviews.. But for me it's easy accessible, affordable and very very light. A great base oil for mixing in essential oils too. It's super.

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Lotions/ Creams -No Brand (DIY or homemade) -Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (All brands)

on 2/18/2018 4:24:00 AM


I recently switched to Argan oil and Jojoba oil. Because Coconut oil doesn't work for me, personally. Hair: Looks greasy, even if I use a tiny bit. Plus the effect doesn't last long, my hair feels dry and greasy in the end. It's hard to wash it off, even when I use my shampoo or conditioner twice. It doesn't make a good difference with my hair. Face: Might be ok for fine lines under my eyes but otherwise, it clogs my pores and I get acne/pimples. It feels like a greasy film which can't penetrate my skin. I tried it with and without water but it doesn't make a difference. Result is always the same. It's only good for removing makeup but then I have to use a cleaner or micellar water to remove the oily residue. Body: Same with face (except I don't get pimples). I like to apply it before I shave so my skin won't get irritated. Food: Eating pure coconut oil is... not my thing, thanks. A colleague at work told me it helps her and she noticed it makes her feel better. I tried to eat it before breakfast for five days (table spoon full) but I had to stop because I did not like it. So, as a shave oil and for its good benefits for eating it gets the 2 lips. But otherwise, it's not useful for me. I found that Argan oil and Jojoba oil are the best oils for me. And thank God I switched to these. Or else I would still say that oils are just a useless beauty trend.

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