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Brows -No Brand (DIY or homemade) -Castor Oil

on 10/17/2018 4:14:00 AM


I use it for everything: for my lashes, it makes them thicker and grow faster, the eyebrows grow better too.
For my lips: it protects them from the cold and the wind. As I always say in my reviews, I work outdoors, so I need more protection for my skin than other people, maybe.
For my hair: it makes it grow faster, and it protects it from frizz and rupture.
For elbows, knees and dry feet, for hands, it sets the skin smooth again.
If you feel it too greasy and thick, you can mix it with conditioner, hand or body cream. I also mix it with my mascara.

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Cleansers -No Brand (DIY or homemade) -Extra Virgin Coconut Oil



Coconut oil has been really trending in recent years as a miracle cure/fix all. I just want to seriously warn people about putting this on your face. Read what I have to say before you apply, please!

Years ago I tried the oil cleansing method with extra virgin OLIVE oil. Results were okay but I moved on (note that olive oil did not irritate or break me out at that time). August I got serious about clearing up my acne and I used olive oil again, but then decided to incorporate coconut oil instead. I heard so many rave reviews i did not think to research it enough.

At first it was okay. I would massage coconut oil on my skin for a minute or so and then wash with a foaming cleanser to remove it- making sure there was no residue. I did this for about 2 weeks but stopped using it because I didnt see a huge difference and it was tedious.

2 weeks later I had the worst ever acne in my life. Ever. Huge painful cystic acne all over my jawline, cheeks, chin, nose, some on my forehead- where I never break out. It hurt to just smile, because the pimples were so deep. My face was red, bumpy and awful. A coworker asked me if I was having an allergic reaction- my face was so red and gross. Every morning for 3 weeks I would wake up to my face being worse and worse. At first I didnt know what caused it, but after reading a dozen similar stories and outcomes with coconut oil I feel confident it was the main cause.

Coconut oil is wonderful for many things- I love putting some in my hair before swimming to protect from chlorine. However, it is extremely comedogenic I believe it is a 4/5 on the comedogenic scale (i did not know that at the time). It is very heavy and what happened to me, and the other people with breakouts, is that the coconut oil clogged the pores extremely deep under the skin and essentially caused a skin infection. It takes a long time to clear up, some people even needed antibiotics- I thought I was going to have to too. I rarely get more than 3 cystic pimples at time, usually around my period, so imagine having 30.

I literally cried for a week- my face had been the clearest in years and then the worst ever. Please, if you have sensitive, oily, combination or acne prone skin do not even risk this. Let me be the example. There are other amazing face products out there. Even if you have dry skin be very careful with this. It has been nearly 2 months and my skin is just finally calming down and clearing up.

Even now, i feel like my skin is different. It no longer tolerates oils. I tried using olive oil to soothe it about 2 weeks into the breakout and it hated it. Later I tried hemp oil and it didnt like that either. I let my face relax and tried a little hemp oil again and no- it just doesn't want oil anymore. My face has become more sensitive than ever. Please do your research. If you just Google "coconut oil ruined face" you can see the stories and pictures.

Coconut oil is not evil lol its great for hair, body, cooking, etc. Just dont risk your face. There are absolutely people out there whose face has no issues with coconut oil, I just dont think it's worth the risk after my experience... If you want to use it to remove makeup, it might be okay but I would reach for a lighter oil. Argan oil and hemp seed oil are 0 on the comedogenic scale.. I hope this proves helpful.

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Hair Color -No Brand (DIY or homemade) -Vitamin C Hair Color Remover

on 10/7/2018 4:41:00 PM


After reading for hours about vitamin C vs Color Oops, I decided to do a strand test with the vitamin C/ Head and Shoulders method and it worked! I crushed about 35 500 mg vitamin C tablets into a powder in the Cusinart. I used the powder to make a slurry with some travel size Head and Shoulders. I wrapped my head in plastic and covered it with a towel (for heat) and waited an hour. I then rinsed the heck out of my hair to encourage the color molecules off my hair and down the drain. It lifted years of permanent dark brown dye at least 1.5-2 shades. I’m so shocked! You don’t have to bleach your hair to lighten it! Also, my hair feels better than it has in many years. I was so worried about this damaging my hair, but intstead it lifted all the color and crud that’s been accumulating for years. My hair feels like it did when I was a child! I want to add before and after pics, but I can’t see a way how to 😊

Update: I just lowered from 5 to 4 lippies. Here’s why. I was so pleased with the first treatment and how great my hair felt that I did another to try and remove any remaining/ residual color. This time I left it in for close to 90 minutes and while my hair color is fantastic (I was planning to recolor, but I love how it looks), my ends are noticeably fried. Oil treatments and deep conditioning have done nothing, so I’m going in to get them trimmed off. It’s not really a big deal to me, but I don’t think I will ever do 2 treatments again. The fact that this method can lift so much color should probably have been an indication that it had the potential to be harsh. I don’t regret it because I love the color and I get my chin length hair trimmed once a month anyway. I have fine hair, so maybe that had something to do with it.

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Moisturizers -No Brand (DIY or homemade) -Extra Virgin Olive Oil

on 10/7/2018 5:49:00 AM


Coconut oil is still hyped, I guess and I don't understand why. It feels like I apply a film over my skin and hair which doesn't moisturize at all (I tried it with water and without). Result: pimples, blocked pores and a dry feeling. Even though it smells good, I passed coconut oil not only for these reasons but also for the expensive price. I know there are more expensive natural oils out there but at least these moisturize well. I remember I once used olive oil for my hair, the result after washing it out was an oily mess. I discovered it after a couple of years again because I went out of coconut oil (I used the rest for removing makeup) and I looked for a cheaper alternative. Some olive oil was left, I filled it in a pump bottle and this was the key: I can control the amount of product so much better and my makeup gets removed without any problems (might I say, even faster). Plus I don't need warm the oil up on cold days (coconut oil gets liquid when room temperature is way above 20°). I like to use a tiny amount of olive oil under my eyes and on my lips before I go to sleep. The morning after, these areas feel not oily at all, but well moisturized. For shaving this oil protects my skin very well and I get no cuts from the razors.

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Other -No Brand (DIY or homemade) -Zinc


Take these on a full stomach- after breakfast preferably. They can cause extreme nausea on an empty stomach.

I just started taking zinc this week, so I won't touch on its effectiveness yet. However, I feel like I have to comment on some of the concerns from the reviews here...

For everyone freaking out about people "overdosing" on zinc, please do your research- I highly recommend the National Institutes of Health site. Yes, women need about 8mg of zinc per day and yes 40 mg is the tolerable upper limit according to the US, but don't you wonder why all of the zinc at the drug store is 15+mg and the most popular is 25-50mg?? That's because the item pictured is NOT 50mg of elemental zinc (which is what daily value takes into consideration and a blood test would find). It is 50mg of zinc gluconate- which is about 13% elemental zinc by weight, which means 50mg of zinc gluconate (as pictured) is about 6.5mg of elemental zinc. All of the different forms of zinc contain a different amount of elemental zinc. Please stop with the all caps reviews XD

Another great thing to look into if you are considering supplementing zinc is the list of foods that contain zinc to decide how much zinc you are getting on an average day. The highest amounts of zinc are found in oysters, lobsters and crabs. Also worth noting is beef, dark meat chicken, baked beans and pork chops. Per serving, these give 19% of your daily value or higher (Oysters give nearly 500% per serving). On the lower amounts are dairy products milk, certain cheeses, yogurt (however my yogurt has no zinc) and chicken breast which gives a measly 6% of your DV per serving.... All of this info is available on the site I mentioned.

So for me, I can say I'm not getting consistent zinc. I do eat beef, but if I look into extra lean ground beef (as I eat), it does not list any zinc. I eat chicken sometimes, but not usually dark meat. I stopped drinking milk to try to eliminate hormone imbalances. I don't eat seafood, baked beans, or many of the specific cheeses they listed. I would wager there are many days where I don't get any zinc at all and at best maybe I get half my daily intake, but only sometimes.

These are definitely things to consider. Don't be afraid to go to your doctor about your concerns. Another thing to consider is if you have other symptoms of low zinc. Zinc plays a huge role in immune function and inflammatory response. Think inflammation- acne, eczema, psoriasis, respiratory infections, arthritis, etc. It's also linked to difficulty losing weight, weight gain, fatigue, depression and anxiety. I have low thyroid (also inflammation) and it shares many symptoms with zinc deficiency. I also have psoriasis on my scalp and this correlation between low thyroid, psoriasis and zinc is a little interesting!

I will update with how this works for me. Currently I am taking 100mg of zinc gluconate (so about 13mg of elemental zinc). If it helps, I may ease back to just 50mg/6.5mg elemental once hopefully my skin is clear. I am also taking a probiotic supplement and I have a probiotic yogurt every day. I won't update for about a month unless something ground breaking happens. Leaving this at a hopeful 4 lippies for now.

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