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Recent Laneige Reviews

Lip Treatments -Laneige -Lip Sleeping Mask


Ah this is a funny one. I purchased this product thinking "mask" = ridiculously hydrating, and this was very disappointed after a few uses. But there's a turnaround to this story.
After getting over the initial disappointment, I figured I'd used a chunk out of this, so may as well continue.
I've used this nightly pretty much ever since I got it maybe 2 or 3 months ago. I slather it on my lips, and just on and over the pipeline before I go to bed. Now do I wake up with plump, full, luxuriously soft and silky lips like i assumed? No. But it does a great job of healing the lips.
Winter has pretty much hit full force where I live in Australia, and even though it isn't as cold as some other places in the world, if you arent used to the cold it can still take its toll on the body. Recently I stopped using this lip balm at night. Within a the last week or 2, I've gone through a very stressful time in my life. When I'm stressed or have anxiety I tend to lick my lips, which causes the outer edges of my lips to split and the rest of my skin to become dry and irritated around the border.
I've just started using this again, and while the effects aren't instantaneous, after a few days my lips are as good as new, and I can wear lipsticks and glosses without it looking yuck. So summarised below:
*sweet berry scent
*not beeswax based (this is a pro for me personally)
* plenty of product in the tub
* not too expensive considering the amount
*cute pink packaging
* heals poor lips

* isn't as hydrating as I'd hoped. Something marketed as a sleeping mask, one would generally assume that there would be more benefits as opposed to a regular balm
* tub is cumbersome, but it isn't marketed to be a daily balm
* not super easily available
* packaging is in a tub, which some find unhygienic

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Masks -Laneige -Water Sleeping Pack_EX

on 6/9/2018 5:40:00 AM


the skin on my age are somehow showing it fast when we get tired. But this product can help my face looking fresh.

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Moisturizers -Laneige -Water Bank Gel Cream


I really enjoy using this cream in the summer months. I have very oily skin and the hotter temperature in the summer really exacerbates my oil production; I cannot stand looking like an oil slick at the end of my day. This moisturizer is perfect in it's oil control abilities as well as hydrating my skin without making it sticky, shiny or oily. This product leaves my skin looking plump, refined and happy! The scent is similar for all of Laneige's Water line of products, and it's quite refreshing. The texture is definitely a gel cream, very interesting how the two can exist in one formula. The only downside of this is the pot! I wish comanies would take a hint and make pump-action containers instead of unsanitary pot containers. I more often than not wash my hands before I put my fingers into the jar but I still dislike it. It does come with a little spatula but I don't use it. This is a decent overall moisturizer that I really do enjoy using.

Primer/ Corrector -Laneige -Water Base CC Cream SPF36

on 5/30/2018 8:21:00 AM

I have this in #1, peach pink.
This functions more like a brightening base as opposed to cover make-up. It's a pale pink colour and goes on sheer, has the consistency of a thicker moisturising cream. It doesn't really cover anything but evens skin tone a little and gives a brightening, milky effect. It feels light on the skin and I've never noted that it caused breakouts or clogged pores. Used by itself it is entirely underwhelming, but used as a base for a sheer to light coverage foundation or BB cream it helps your skin look radiant and smooth with a "lit from within" effect. What I like the most is that it's not pearlescent or super shiny on - other illuminating bases I've tried usually have some shine and shimmer in which turns my oily skin into the Alexandria Lighthouse. This doesn't do that. It's not matte but has a soft slightly moist finish, rather than looking like you've covered your face in bling.

Sadly it's quite expensive for what it is. I like having this for its under-foundation brightening effect but it's hardly a revolutionary product and I'm sure there's probably cheaper stuff out there that does the job just as well. I will repurchase this for the time being as it agrees with my skin type but if I found a cheaper equivalent I'd have no issues switching.

BB Cream -Laneige -BB Cushion_Whitening SPF 50+ PA+++

on 5/27/2018 8:25:00 PM


Laneige is one of the more expensive Korean beauty brands that have been popular in recent years. I got this cushion last year as I wanted something lightweight and portable, so I could take it with me for touch-ups in the summer heat. I was also drawn in by the better shade range available than most other BB creams & cushions on the market, and truth be told this was probably the main thing that got me to buy it. I'm sure for Koreans it's easier to find BB creams to suit you when you can use testers in store and samples, so the limited range is less of a concern. But for those of us without easy physical access to BB creams and cushions, it's always a bit of a gamble over whether the colour will be OK or not.

I paid around £20 for this, as part of a group order for several other things, and chose shade 11C as I'm pale with cooler undertones. I also bought the same shade in their Pore Control BB cushion range too. I have oily skin and thought initially that the pore control would be better but reviews were always better for the brightening one. Both came with a spare refill and puff in the box.

This version went on quite sheer, it's definitely a lighter coverage foundation that is just about buildable to medium coverage with some effort. This is one of those products for when you're having a good skin day, but the finish is very natural and dewy, giving a fresh-faced look - although with powder on it goes to a semi-matte finish which I prefer. It's nice in summer as it's not heavy at all. You will still need to use blotting papers if you have oily skin as it does nothing to control oil. I also think the "whitening" is a misnomer as there are no bleaching ingredients in it - I think it refers to the bright and dewy "glowy" finish on the skin instead. What's quite nice about this is that when I retouch areas during the day, it goes on nicely and doesn't give that awful cakey texture on overlapping areas of still fully covered skin and the part you're reapplying it to.

In terms of staying power - this is a sheer, moist and lightweight product so it doesn't last that long - I typically need to retouch a few areas around the 5-6hour mark. Each cushion is also only 15g, it does come with a refill but I still think it tends to run out fairly quickly even when flipping the cushion over in the pan. The pore control one is higher coverage and so lasts a little longer, both in the pan and wear time on the skin.

If you are prone to dryness or flaking, this is the one to choose over the pore control one - as that one will reveal every last little flake and speck of dry skin to people in neighbouring countries. This one is more moisturising and easier for irritable skin to tolerate.

Is it worth the price? I'm torn, as it is a nice product but is expensive for what it is - there are other light foundations that offer better value. What does go in its favour is the colour which is an almost perfect match on me, and the convenience of it being in a portable cushion compact, making it easy to carry around for retouching purposes. I suppose what it comes down to is whether that factors into your criteria for buying a new foundation - but if it does, this is a nice cushion foundation as far as cushions go.

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