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Concealers -Kevyn Aucoin -The Sensual Skin Enhancer

on 11/15/2017 11:05:00 PM


Well, I've been looking to try this for quite a while. Am happy to share that it didn't disappoint! Purchased the shade in 06X and so far seems a good match for my light/medium, combination skin I think this is pretty forgiving depending on how you blend, mix and sheer it out. Have only had this a week so far, but have tried it (a rice sized grain) with both primer and moisturizer. I mix it on my hand and apply with flat-topped stippling/foundation brush. Any remaining goes on as eyelid primer, and on a few sun spots I've acquired (good times). You can also warm up a pin-sized amount with your fingers and dab under eyes, around nose to conceal redness, etc. It works like a dream to cover, but allows your skin to show through. It's the perfect combination of matte/dewey finish and doesn't settle into fine lines. It looks undetectable when you use a light hand. I love how versatile this is as well--concealer, foundation tinted BB cream-LOVE. The pot is small but should last a long time since you only use a bit of product at a time. Highly recommend for anyone who likes to employ a little artistic license with their foundation.

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Contour -Kevyn Aucoin -The contour book art of sculpting and defining volume II

on 11/14/2017 7:40:00 PM


Absolutely love this palette. I didn't think I would ever use the creams, but I discovered a new style of makeup and rarely touch the powder highlight/contour nowadays. I'm not really sure I LOVE the cream products, they're very pretty, but I'm sure there are equally as nice cream products available on the market for less. The powders are phenomenal though, I've never found any that can rival them. Beautiful glow, great contour (people actually compliment me on my cheekbones, I don't have any!). The shadows really surprised me too, just absolutely gorgeous for an everyday look. I love that I can do like half my makeup with one palette, I am not one to wear eyeshadow ever, but the shades in here are so beautiful and so easy to use, I can create a nice look with just my fingers. I don't really find the little instructions helpful, but for a novice they might be. I didn't mind the packaging until I got some water on it by accident... The powders and everything stayed dry and still work nicely, but the palette itself is a bit warped. I would love something a little sturdier, maybe? This product has definitely become a staple in my daily life, definitely an HG product for sure.

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Contour -Kevyn Aucoin -The Sculpting Powder

on 11/13/2017 3:37:00 PM


I contour with bronzer then do this over the top and girl my cheekbones are for days! But I opened my travel bag and it’s smashed everywhere and it’s too expensive for a small powder

Brows -Kevyn Aucoin -The Precision Brow Pencil

on 11/7/2017 7:53:00 PM


I love this brow pencil and it is my favorite brow pencil so far. I use the color called Dark Brunette. Because the 'lead' of the pencil is very thin you can create very short and natural looking strokes on your brows. It looks quite wonderful on and the Dark Brunette color suits the color of my natural brows and suits my skin tone. It lasts on my face throughout the whole day through oiliness and perspiration.

It is very expensive however and yes you may run out of the product in it very easily. It's an automatic brow pencil that doesn't need sharpening.

I wear Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint in Seychelles.

Misc Beauty Tools -Kevyn Aucoin -Eyelash Curler

on 10/11/2017 3:00:00 PM


feels exactly like the cheap ones, it's not sturdy at all and the very first time i tried it made the one eye look with different bad and uneven curl. i had way cheaper curlers that felt and perfomed better. definitely not worth the 17£. i already regret i cave in and bought it.

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