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Moisturizers -Glossier -Priming Moisturizer

on 11/14/2018 9:55:00 PM


I first received a sample of this and really enjoyed the texture and feel so I ordered a full size. Over the next 2 months of use I noticed my skin started having a burning sensation whenever I used any products on it and my forehead felt as if it was peeling even though I have oily skin. I attributed this to change of weather and kept piling on more moisturizers at night. However, one day I randomly switched to my previous go to morning moisturizer "CeraVe PM" and my makeup went back to looking normal again and not as if it was peeling and the burning sensation went away within 24hrs. I wondered if this was the culprit of my skin problems so I went to check reviews and sure enough, many other customers have had this similar issue. I also had an abnormal amount of breakouts during the period of using this which I was attributing to hormones, but I'm starting to think this might have caused the acne as well (products RARELY break me out). So disappointed in this product. I have also been using Milky Jelly cleaner and now wondering if that product also has questionable/not good for your skin ingredients. Will not purchase skincare from this brand again. I do love one product from Glossier and that's Boy Brow.

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Lips -Glossier -Generation G

on 11/14/2018 5:59:00 AM


I Love this lipstick!. I have been looking for a lipstick like this for a while. It went on smooth, matte, and beautiful! It lasted a while for me and was very even on my lips. I have used a lot of drugstore lipsticks that make my lips look dry and patchy, so after reading reviews I thought that would happen to me but it didn’t. It fades away beautifully and doesn’t leave weird stains like other heavier lipsticks do. Mine lasted hours on me. I have the shade Zip that is a perfect red that isn’t too cool or too warm. And I have Crush that’s a bright pink.

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Blush -Glossier -Cloud Paint Seamless Cheek Color


Okay I tried to resist the pull of the Insta-ready Glossier...but I’m glad I gave into my inner cool girl. I have Cloud Paint in puff, beam, dusk and haze. First two are great for everyday subtle look-inexplicably-pretty colour. Dusk is great for a little cheekbone sculpting, and haze is great for a night out look. So easy to apply and blend with your fingertips. The colours look great mixed in any combination. A good tip I picked up somewhere is to hold the tube upright when you’re squeezing product out, to not get too much. You need only the littlest drop, so even though the tube is small, it lasts ages.

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Mascara -Glossier -Lash Slick Mascara

on 10/26/2018 8:00:00 PM


I love this as a casual, "no-makeup makeup" lash enhancing mascara. It's not dramatic, it just darkens and lengthens your natural lashes. Where it falls short, however, is flaking and the resulting eye irritation. I noticed after a few hours of wearing this mascara, I have a few black dots flaked off under my eyes and as a result my eyes became irritated, red, and dry. Also, the packaging is strange because you have to really make sure you twisted the cap shut because at first you may notice it looks like it is closed but needs an extra twist to completely close it. I love the effect it gives my lashes but the eye irritation isn't worth it.

Lip Treatments -Glossier -Balm Dotcom


Amazing! I wasnt sure it would live up to the hype but it certainly has. I love that this are inexpensive and you get a lot in the tube. I have the Rose and the Birthday Cake and they are incredible. I want to order more asap.

This are light and leave the lips super soft and hydrated. They taste and smell great too. These are now a staple in my beauty routine.

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