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Blush -Glossier -Cloud Paint Seamless Cheek Color

on 1/19/2019 5:13:00 PM


This product has finally made me appreciate blush. For reference, I am about NW20 with dry/dehydrated skin and redness/large pores around my cheeks.

I never used to care for blush. I have naturally pink/flushed cheeks, so I would typically just use bronzer and highlight unless I went for a super full coverage foundation. I had a few I liked, but it was more of a chore in my routine than something I really enjoyed. Recently I transitioned to a low-coverage, liquid-based routine for my face and figured I'd give these a shot. Oh my god, these deserve all the praise they've been getting. I have Storm and Dawn, and they pretty much cover my bases.

I apply these by dabbing about a pinhead-sized drop on the back of my hand and spreading it a bit with my finger. Then I take a dense foundation brush and stipple it onto my cheeks. These sheer out SO beautifully and effortlessly without losing their impact. Even Storm, which looks kind of intimidating at first, can blend out into a completely wearable rosy flush. They don't have shimmer, but they leave your skin looking fresh and hydrated. I haven't paid super close attention to the staying pwer, but I know I can see Storm at the end of a 9 hour shift.

Definitely give these a shot if you're interested. I was skeptical about Glossier before trying these blushes, but they 100% lived up to the hype!

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Brows -Glossier -Boy Brow

on 1/16/2019 8:11:00 AM


This is one of the most popular product of Glossier and i love it. I have a full brow ( lucky me ) so i just need a brow product that adds a tint also keeps my brow in place. This does more than what i expected. It makes my brow nice, fluffy and not overwhelming and it's so soft and natural like when you touch you brow, you can not feel it at all but it's there and doing its job.

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Moisturizers -Glossier -Priming Moisturizer

on 1/11/2019 11:51:00 AM


Amazing. I have very sensitive skin, that is both combination/leaning towards oily, and very red across my nose and cheeks. To be honest I used this last summer, and have used other moisturisers since; the presence of retinol in the ingredients really put me off, so I went elsewhere and honestly nothing compares. I also understand that everything in skincare is subjective, and based off the varying review for this product it doesn't work for everyone.

Despite it claiming to be glowy, it doesn't make my skin super oily, especially around my t-zone. It is buildable, and as someone with combo skin I love that it is. It allows me to put a little more on my cheeks. This product lasts such a long time, I bought it in May last year and it lasted me until November using it both morning and night.

It dulled my redness slightly (nothing will truly get rid of the redness for me as it's such a deep red), my skin is also very sensitive to fragrance and this doesn't have any.

Like I said I've used others since, including the priming moisturiser rich, which gave me the same level of hydration for a dearer price. It sits well under everything. Furthermore, this year I started getting serious about sunscreen, and have been using a separate sunscreen over the top of this. And it does not pill or look funny. Last summer was very hot, hotter than usual for England and this held up. I was working outside and had to reapply sunscreen every few hours and I did not break out as this as my base product at all.

Now it's winter I put a dropper of squalane oil with this and it's perfect.

Texture: sinks right in no matter how much you apply. I don't like gel cream despite having combo skin, they feel sticky and drying somehow, this is a perfect thin cream

Smell: none

Wear test: kept my dehydrated skin soft all day

Concealers -Glossier -Stretch Concealer

on 1/6/2019 3:15:00 AM


If you're looking for a high coverage, long wearing concealer: this isn't it. But you know what? I like it anyway. I've always had very stubborn acne with a lot of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation but ever since working on my skincare and clearing a lot of that up as a result, this has been a great concealer to wear on days when you're on the go and just want to brighten up under the eyes and cover some redness & fading pigmentation. I don't wear foundation often anymore either as I don't want to cover up parts of my skin that don't need covering and this is great to wear sans foundation without looking cakey on bare skin. Would I wear this on breakout days? Nah, I have other concealers for that. This concealer overall is great but only if you know what your expecting from it.

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Lips -Glossier -Generation G

on 1/2/2019 1:20:00 PM


I should've listened to MUA! I wanted a sheer bright color to wear to work that would last until lunch. It is a sheer, pretty bright lipstick (I had Crush and Zip), but the colors lasted for an hour, max. So not worth the price. I can usually trust Beautypedia, but I think they missed the mark with this one.

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