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Recent Glossier Reviews

Concealers -Glossier -Stretch Concealer

on 4/24/2018 10:14:00 PM


I've been on the hunt for concealer for awhile now. I don't tend to wear heavy foundation, but I do conceal everyday. The problem is there is usually a visible difference between the concealer and my normal skin and can look weird. With this concealer, that problem is almost non-existent. It conceals my bags, but without a weird cast on my face. It makes your skin look so natural, almost makeup-less. I would 100000% buy this again. The texture is great and it blends really nicely on the skin without feeling too heavy.

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Blush -Glossier -Cloud Paint Seamless Cheek Color

on 4/24/2018 10:10:00 PM


I think this packaging is so cute! I used Dusk and Beam and fell in love with them. Dusk is the perfect dusty blush for when you're too lazy to contour, but want some chiseling action. I love to use Beam as a normal everyday blush. Personally, I don't love very pinky blushes so these two colors were right up my alley. My friend actually introduced me to these colors and I can't stop going back. They blend so beautifully. Now the price can be a little steep, but two for $30 isn't far off of most brands. I also think you need very minimal product as they're so pigmented, so these will last you a very long time.

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Tinted Moisturizer -Glossier -Perfecting Skin Tint

on 4/24/2018 10:05:00 PM


I think this product get's a lot of heat for not getting full coverage, but that's the point. Glossier's goal is to enhance what you already have and I think that's fantastic. Personally I don't want a heavy foundation and tend to just want something to somewhat even out my skin tone without getting completely rid of my skin's natural pigment. I would a hundred percent buy this again.

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Moisturizers -Glossier -Priming Moisturizer

on 4/24/2018 7:01:00 PM


Its not as moisterizing as i need so i will not be purchasing this. I gotten a sample and it does feel good upon application but it is not a good primer.

Brows -Glossier -Boy Brow

on 4/24/2018 7:00:00 PM


It adds a bit of color and holds my brow hairs in place i have this in brown and i have dark almost black asian hair. This is a really good brow gel its very natural

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