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Scrubs -By Terry -Cellularose Dual Exfoliation Scrub

on 3/23/2018 1:51:00 AM

I would repurchase again if the sparse concentration of jojoba beads were removed. This cleaned well, oil based and goes milky upon contact with water. Its very pungent rose fragrance might not be for everyone but this is great quality. Its totally not worth the price, stem cells are all washed off anyhow but this is a solid performer. There are however so many options at one sixth of the price available now so I cannot recommend spending $70+USD on this, but if you have the cash to splurge and you love a toxic rose fragrance you will not be disappointed! The jojoba beads need to go though, they are too sparse to do anything.

Loose Powders -By Terry -Hyaluronic Hydra Powder

on 3/21/2018 6:00:00 AM


I really love this powder for setting my face and especially the concealer under my eyes. It is very fine and not drying, and it won't look cakey or unnatural. However, I tried using it for baking the area under my eyes once and then I went out for a drink. The morning after when I looked at some flash photos from the night before, I was horrified to see that it looked like I had applied a thick layer of baking powder under my eyes. I would definitely recommend using a small amount of this with a puffy brush to set the face or illuminate certain areas, and then use another powder on top if you want to bake.

Bottom line:
Yes! This is an amazing powder to set makeup if you apply a small amount. You don't need much and it doesn't look cakey even in daylight.

No! Do not use a large amount to set the area under your eyes if you are going out at night and there is a risk of someone taking a photo of you.

PS: I checked the box that said I would repurchase this if I ran out simply because considering the small amount that is needed to set your face, I'm pretty sure I will never ever run out of product. I've had it for over a year, used it on and off, and it still looks full.

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Concealers -By Terry -Terrybly Densiliss Concealer

on 3/17/2018 9:20:00 PM


I love this concealer for its corrective properties. I use the shade 1 in Fresh Fair, and it is a light-medium peachy pink that is amazing in canceling out under eye dullness.
The shade range does not follow a logical sequence, as in, don't blind buy it based on how light your skin tone is. From what I've tested, shades 1 and 4 are neutralizers, 1 is lighter than 2. Shades 2 and 3 are beige concealers, with 3 being the lighter and 2 being darker and more muted. 5 and 6 are for deeper skin tones but both lean red.
I like using this in the winter because this is very high coverage without being heavy. I don't find it any less concealing than something like Tarte Shape Tape - but Shape Tape dries me out like no other and adds a crepey texture to my undereyes. I wouldn't go as far to say that Densiliss is nourishing or moisturizing, though, and I don't really see any 'wrinkle-targeting' technology at work other than that is is just a more silky formula than what you will find for most other high coverage concealers. Densiliss concealer's star qualities are that it is easy to blend, has flawless finish, a lovely brightening color, and is long lasting.
I will not repurchase because I found that the Sisley Phyto Cernes Eclat concealer gives me the same coverage and effect as this, but I am able to find it at a price that is much better value per oz. But I will happily use every last drop of the By Terry until I run out!

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Lip Treatments -By Terry -Baume de Rose

on 2/26/2018 11:26:00 PM


How sad that this did not work for me. I did enjoy it the two weeks I was using it, mostly at bedtime (I owned the no spf version). I ran out of my bedtime blistex blue pot, and got this instead (quite a price difference). I love the subtle rose scent, the gorgeous and substantial packaging, and the lightly blushing balm it encases. The balm emulsifies easily with just a few swirls in the jar and applies a nice satin finish. It seals in the moisture, it won't feel tacky or juicy like some other balms, but I quite liked the satiny texture it left my lips. My lips feel protected upon waking up, not chapped but also not incredibly moisturized. It's odd, while you don't feel super moisturized, yet there are no chapped skin and no peeling bits. Overall i think it does its job well. Unfortunately I think I'm allergic to it, which led to a lot of itching around my lips and this was the only new product I introduced. It's now passed on to my mom and I hope she enjoys it.

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Primer/ Corrector -By Terry -Cellularose Brightening CC Lumi Serum

on 2/22/2018 7:34:00 PM


EDIT- it appears tat By Terry is no longer cruelty free? Just saw they were taken off the lis; if so, will not support them

I had heard about this line since I follow a couple of youtubers who use it, but never saw it anywhere (I live in Japan) until I was in NYC. And then I just looked at it- I was more interested in the compacts etc but didn't buy anything because it wasn't a priority at that moment, and this wasn't the sort of product I was used to buying, either.

Then my mother and I were walking on Madison Ave and a luxury pharmacy/beauty shop was closing, with a 60% off of everything in the store and they had By Terry.

I am someone who never uses serums or creams because I break out really (really) easily with them- but I've been doing a tretinoin treatment, and it's really improved my breakouts, reduced signs of ageing, and given me a more even complexion. For some reason this serum/corrector tempted me, and with the discount, I let myself be tempted.

Turns out it works like magic on my face. It really evens out your skin tone in a way that makes you look as if you have fresh, natural skin. Since I am generally oily-skinned (but dehydrating with age haha) I only recently have wanted a "glow"- or, rather, I want at least the illusion of my young, fresh skin back ;)

I bought the Immaculate Light- which I thought would be too pale, actually, but the other one they had- Sunny Flash- just looked way out of my winter color range so I went with this.

It has honestly changed the way my makeup looks entirely. Little by little I even stopped wearing a full-face of foundation; now I use this, and then I dot concealer where needed, and buff it in. I can't overstate what a miracle this is; I have felt unable to leave the house without foundation for many, many years- I just looked like hell if I didn't- who needs that? And as you get older, it's difficult to find a foundation that does the jobs you need it to- plus, I like to look natural, which is more and more challenging as your skin ages. This does that- it has no coverage, so I can't figure out how it evens the complexion, but it does- and then you just need dots of buffed in coverage if you want- it all blends together perfectly. I can hardly believe that such a simple procedure with such minimal amount of product gives me a perfect complexion- and it lasts all day!

Anyway- I can be notoriously cheap when it comes to things- mainly because I know that sometimes it's just marketing and jacking up prices unrelated to the quality of the product; I live in Japan, where some drugstore products are what Western high-end cosmetic brands base their best products on; Japan and Korea are ahead of the curve on many things- so you can get quality without the high price tag.

And I was lucky to get the first bottle of this at a deep discount- otherwise I might never have tried it. I went back and bought a second (and their last) bottle of it the next day (also at the discount ;)) and used it every day, loved it every day, and used it up completely. (about a month and a half- but I was a bit overly generous in my zeal as well).

The bottle is a bit small. The product is very expensive. But man, it works. And not just superficially/makeup related- the skin-care effect of it is noticeable as well. Zero breakouts, and I'm not sure how it's healing my skin, but it just feels good to put it on, and it feels that way all day.

It's a rather thin, glowy liquid, applies fast and easily, doesn't stick to hair (duvet or eyebrows etc) and doesn't settle in creases or dry patches. 1 or 2 pumps is enough for an entire face, easily. And you really don't need any more than that.

Smells lovely like roses- fragrance doesn't seem to irriate my skin, where usually fragrance does, so that's a bonus. Dry down of the fragrance is then ever so slightly odd- probably something of the skin-care element (an oil?) but it disappears right away, so no matter.

When I was in NY again last week first thing on my to-do list was to get another bottle (at full price this time- and no hesitation on my part whatsoever) (even though I hadn't yet started on my 2nd one) and I did- and I got Apricot Glow in anticipation of Spring/Summer. If possible, it's even nicer than Immaculate Light because it suits my skin tone perfectly. So asap I'll be buying some backups of that. Even at that insane price- it does so much to reduce my makeup time- with better results- and improves my skin, that for me it's worth it. A little goes a long way, as well.

PROS- easy, beautiful, natural looking, smells good, non-irritating, good for skin (perhaps better for those who are a bit oily and dehydrated but want a fresh glow) nice-looking packaging

CONS- very expensive, bottle can be a bit awkward because glass etc. Not to be found everywhere.

Would definitely repurchase, and already have, and planning next one ;)

EDIT just found out they are selling in China so are no longer cruelty free- will not support.


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