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Bobbi Brown Cosmetics was founded by American makeup artist Bobbi Brown in 1991, under the name Bobbi Brown Essentials. The first offerings were a line of lipsticks which were sold at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC. The line was successful and Estee Lauder eventually purchased Bobbi Brown Essentials in 1995 while Brown retained creative control of the makeup line. With BB cosmetics available in over 60 countries worldwide, It is currently the #1 makeup line created by a woman in the United States.

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Recent Bobbi Brown Reviews

Lipstick -Bobbi Brown -lip color in beige

on 12/14/2017 5:52:00 PM


Liked the color, tried it next to uber beige and this one was better. I did not like the price, but really didn't like the smell it developed fairly quickly. Will not repurchase. But would find a cheaper dupe, it is a nice color.

Lipstick -Bobbi Brown -Pale Mauve Lip Color

on 12/14/2017 5:46:00 PM


Love the color, it's a nice pale pinky mauve that's natural looking and not to bright or dark nor too light and stark. It goes on pretty well, but isn't the most moisturizing color.

It's pretty expensive and I would not rebuy it, the color is good but not a must have. I would try to find a cheaper dupe of it.

My gripe besides the price is the smell of the lipsticks, I really did not enjoy that. And finally just decided I couldn't stand it.

Stick -Bobbi Brown -Skin Foundation Stick

on 12/12/2017 9:59:00 AM


I love this foundation! I'm normally a devoted fan of liquid (specifically MUFE Water Blend) but I wanted something portable for travel. I tried the Hourglass Vanish stick, which is waaaaaay too yellow for my neutral/cool skin, and I almost bought MUFE HD Stick, but I couldn't get samples...I found samples of this BB stick on eBay and I was off to the races -- I picked up Cool Sand 2.5, which is an excellent match for my NW20 skin. To repeat, I love this foundation. It's SO easy to apply -- I just swipe it on and blend (I use my HG foundation brush, MAC 170), then I buff PF mineral powder on top and then use setting spray to soften the look. This foundation gives low-medium coverage which is perfect for me -- my freckles shine through and I feel like my skin looks really natural and pretty. Lasting power is above-average: it looks pretty good after 10 hours of wear, and it's easy to do a touch-up. I haven't had any skin issues from this product (but I'm not acne-prone), and did I mention how easy it was to use and travel with? It's also perfect for those times you just need to slap makeup on and be out the when you hit snooze four times and it's 7:15 and oh sh*# I need to get ready for work! Hahaha. I will definitely repurchase this...although the stick seems huge and I don't use a lot so I hope it lasts a long time. Retails for $46 at Sephora, and is well worth it, IMHO.

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Moisturizers -Bobbi Brown -Hydrating Gel Cream

on 12/9/2017 7:29:00 PM


I've tried A LOT of expensive face creams from various high end brands and must say this is one of those impressive ones. It is very hydrating yet doesn't feel heavy on the skin, which is why I went for the gel version insted the cream one. However, something gel creams usually do, is that they to leave the skin "matte", which I don't like at all because my skin gets very uncomfortably tight, red and itchy during the day. This product leaves some sort of a comforting film over the face, at least for me. I sometimes also mix it with some facial oil droplets, but during day time over a hydrating serum in winter, it is a perfect go-go. I've got quite a sensitive skin type, but didn't experience any side effects.

Lipstick -Bobbi Brown -Lip Color - Brownie Pink

on 12/8/2017 8:45:00 PM


this is a nice-ish nude for brown-skinned women, but i wish it was a bit deeper/ more pink. i'm an NC45 concealer color (i think) ... caramel/cocoa brown tone. BUT, i need a lipliner with this one. i use a brown lipliner (rimmel's coffee bean) and it helps. i think i may have needed to get 'brownie' for a true nude, but i'll keep this one because it serves a purpose. not sure if i'd repurchase though.

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