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Misc Beauty Tools -Ardell -invisibands 110

on 10/18/2018 2:45:00 AM


VERY VERY easy to use. Look very natural. Better (And cheaper) than Sephora brand.

Misc Beauty Tools -Ardell -Self-Adhesive Strips Lash Adhesive

on 10/12/2018 6:14:00 PM


O M G!... don’t believe the bad reviews! They are just user error! It takes a little playing around with these for it to finally “click”, but once you get it, YOU WILL NEVER GO BACK TO GLUE!!!! I wear lashes everyday, and with regular lash glue, halfway through the day, they need some sort of maintenance because they come unstuck. NOT WITH THESE! I can get ready for work at 6am with these, they are super quick and easy, no mess at all.. Can be fixed or redone easily if you didn’t apply perfectly the first time without messing up your makeup. AND... they stay perfect from 6am in the morning until I take them off to go to bed. They even stay perfect until the next day if I fall asleep without washing my face🤭🤫 And what’s even better is, they make your lashes SOOO much more comfortable and don’t burn or irritate your eyes like glue does.. even the latex free. These are just a total game changer for me, makes wearing lashes everyday so much better, Ardell better never ever stop making these! Oh.. and ANOTHER BIG thing, they will make you get so much more use out of your lashes! The strip just peels off the lash so easily, you can use a pair of lashes Indefinitely really... not like when you’re trying to get gunked up glue off the band with tweezers, and you really can never get it all and it just starts looking so crappy after a few wears. Using these, you can go ahead and spend the $25 or $30 on really good lashes and not feel bad, because other than if you lost them, you can wear them forever with these adhesive strips because they won’t get ruined!
TRY THESE!!!!! 💗

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Eyes -Ardell -Magnetic Lashes - Double Wispies

on 8/26/2018 1:09:00 AM


I tried So many times to make this work. Nada zilch goose egg. I was All thumbs. These just don’t work for me.

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Lash Treatments -Ardell -Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator Treatment Gel

on 8/23/2018 10:06:00 AM


Each and every time I put it on I wake up with puffy panda eyes.
First time I applied it before the bed on both lashes and brows. When I woke up all my eye area was severely puffy. I waited a couple of days and put it on my brows only, the next morning my eyes were looking very puffy again. I waited several days again and repeated procedure - same story.
Too bad I can't use it. It's very user-friendly, the spooley is huge and soft. I love the packaging. The product has a very strong chemical smell that doesn't linger.

Eyes -Ardell -Magnetic Lash Accent #001

on 8/14/2018 3:26:00 PM


Uuugggg. I thought this would be perfect for me since I hate gluing lashes, lash loss, lashes popping up in the inner corner, etc and I end up hardly wearing them even though I have a lot of them. So I got these along with the full whispies and what frustration!!! I couldn't get those to go on right and I returned them.

These I kept hoping I would use them on the go and *sometimes* I do, but rarely. I like how they look in terms of the accent look being flattering, but that's about it. One of them doesn't go on with a curve, no matter how I change and arrange the "top" and "bottom", so one side is never as hugged on to the lash as the other. It looks more straight and it's noticeable. When I attempt to put it on closer it just pinches my skin. Maybe I got a bunk one but that REALLY sucks because it would look a lot better if it did line up better. That's the first problem.

Second is it still pulls out lashes, I would say more than glue does. That's exactly what I wanted to avoid. (Fake lashes aren't worth ruining my real ones over, not by a long shot). I use mascara first so they stay on better, but attempting to slide them apart even gently still results in more loss than I think I would have on a regular mascara alone day and that just keeps me from using these more often. I should chop my regular glue lashes into accents, because I'm feeling like that might be the best solution for me.

Oh and lastly it takes more time to get right, even bunk straight lash aside, than glue does. So that's not really helpful at all.

UPPPDAAATTTEE: So after I wrote this review I got annoyed that I never wear them and went and ripped the magnets off. I sorta ruined two in the process but it doesn't matter much since I only need one 'set'. I glued them on and they're pretty and comfortable. So that's that. Not exactly cost effective, since the magnet ones cost so much more, but at least I'll get some use out of them and in the future I'll stick to accents or cut whispies in half.

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