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Brows -Ardell -brow pomade

on 12/31/2018 11:44:00 AM


The formula is fantastic. A soft slightly mousse-like texture that applies easily and has the longevity you’d want in a brow product. I originally purchased the shade Medium Brown however it was a little too light and a little too warm for my liking. It’s a good shade if you have light to medium brown hair but not for those of us with deeper shades. So I repurchased, this time in Dark Brown and its a perfect match for me. I was a little nervous about the shade as I read some reviews where people were saying there is glitter in this. Maybe they changed the formula since then because I do not have any glitter in mine (thank goodness!). Upon first glance I thought it was medium brown but once I swiped the brush in the pot the cool/neutral toned deep brown was there. Same creamy texture but not so creamy that it slides off. It has enough structure that once you fill in your brows they are locked in place.

The pomade also comes with a really good dual-ended slanted brush/spoolie applicator that I always reach for. It is the perfect size, density and firmness for applying the pomade. For the price this is a steal, especially with the inclusion of the applicator tool. The pot is plastic which makes it feel light, glass jar would be nicer of course, but it does close tight and doesn’t dry out. All in all, a worthwhile purchase if you like this sort of product.

My favorite brow products (all drugstore!):
Ardell Brow Pomade - Deep Brown
NYX Tame & Frame Brow Pomade - Brunette
WnW Ultimate Retractable Brow Pencil - Medium Brunette
Essence Make Me Brow - Browny Brows

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Misc Beauty Tools -Ardell -Naturals #172

on 12/18/2018 3:54:00 PM

Totally agree with Banjos. These are among my favorite falsies. They are very natural (or as natural as you can expect falsies to b).. In fact, a friend of mine thought they were real (DON'T I WISH!). I reuse them about 5 times or more. I have other Ardell falsies, but I love these because they add volume and length without looking like you're wearing brushes on your eyes.

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Misc Beauty Tools -Ardell -Baby Wispies

on 12/12/2018 7:52:00 AM

After buying tons of various falsies I finally found my holy grail lash !
My eyes are small and hooded and all the lashes always seemed too long/ too big/too thick/ not thick enough.
I am so glad I didn't give up on my quest for the perfect lash because the Baby Wispies and Baby Demi Wispies are the bomb ! They fit my eyeshape perfectly without the need for me to trim them, they are the right length and thick enough to enhance my eyes. They look so natural yet sophisticated ! I use them in lieu of mascara because all mascaras irritate my eyes. Everybody thinks they are my real lashes !

I like the Baby Demi Wispies better because they give me a natural cat-eye shape without even needing to use mascara and eyeliner.

Last thing I will mention is that they are crazy comfortable! They don't bother my eyes and they stay on as long as I want them to ! (I use the Duo lash adhesive)
PLUS with proper care and without coating them in mascara they are reusable multiple times !
Love them <3

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Eyes -Ardell -Accent Lashes, Black #301

on 11/20/2018 6:39:00 PM


I have smaller, hooded eyes, which made a custom fit necessary. In order to get a somewhat natural look, I carefully cut off three of the longer end sections, one at a time, going back and forth to measure and check the appearance. Then I clamped the tiny remaining strip with tweezers and brushed on Kiss Strip Eyelash Lash Clear Adhesive, letting it set for about 30 seconds before looking down in a hand mirror to place and clamp the lashes. The result was beautiful and added a nice finishing touch to my shadow and liner. I also like that they only took a few minutes to apply and once on, stayed put until I removed them.

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Misc Beauty Tools -Ardell -invisibands 110

on 10/18/2018 2:45:00 AM


VERY VERY easy to use. Look very natural. Better (And cheaper) than Sephora brand.

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