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A line of beauty products by award-winning makeup artist, Sonia Kashuk. Acquired by Target in 2015.

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Misc Beauty Tools -Sonia Kashuk -Latex-Free Makeup Blender Sponge - Marble

on 3/22/2018 4:12:00 PM

I bought this at Target because it was only $5 (although I saw it for $7 online) because I'm always looking to try new sponges. I like it a lot better than the orange RT one because it's a lot softer and blends better. I always felt the RT one was too hard and a lot of the foundation would end up still on the sponge instead of my face.

I've used this to apply my foundation, concealer, and loose powder. It applies everything smoothly, non-streaky, and non-patchy. I recommend it if you're looking for a cheaper sponge.

Cleansers -Sonia Kashuk -Dissolve Gel-to-Oil Makeup Removing Cleanser

on 3/8/2018 6:41:00 PM

This is now a discontinued product in the US, as far as I understand, but you can still get in on Ebay, Amazon, and certain other sites, which is why I would like to review it. I bought it on sale, for $7.49. If I could return it... I would. I do like gel-to-oil cleansers - they are less mess than oils and balms, IMO. However, the consistency of this doesn't make up for all of the negative qualities.

I wear a lot of waterproof, heavy makeup; especially mascara. It is important for me to have a cleanser that dissolves my makeup easily, without much rubbing, that it rinses off completely, without leaving behind a film, that the ingredients are good, and that it feels comfortable to use. Well... this one fails at all of these things. For some people it would be important that the cleanser also does not break them out, but I don't think I've had any cleanser break me out since I was 15 and did not know how to remove makeup properly.

Back to this cleanser. It doesn't cleanser very well - I have to rub this product around for about a whole minute before it dissolves *most* of my makeup, and then use a quite strong foaming cleanser to get the rest off. To really get my makeup off, I have to rub a bit, which is just not good for the skin - any stretching causes more wrinkles down the line. This rinses off *mostly* clean, but not fully, unless I use a foaming cleanser (which I always do). However, there is still some slight residue left. This also stings BADLY if you get it in your eyes. First, I thought it was because there might be some soap in here, but no - there isn't. Whatever creates the stinging is NOT a necessary chemical in here. This also contains polyacrylamide, which is a chemical we avoid to touch in the lab, as it is genotoxic (carcinogenic) and neurotoxic... There are plenty of other gelling agents that can be used to make a gel, so I don't understand why polyacylamide was chosen.

All-in-all, not a cleanser I would recommend to waste your money on; does not clean well, does not feel nice to use

Accessories -Sonia Kashuk -Brushes washing pad

on 2/24/2018 4:07:00 AM


I found this makeup brushes washing pad from Sonia Kashuk at target two weeks ago. I got it along with the drying rack. The rack is really functional. The pad is just ok. I don't like that it has to sit in the sink but good enough for occasional use. I prefer the ones that I hold with two fingers it's much more convenient. Here is a video of washing makeup brushes using both the rack and the pad from Sonia Kashuk. Heard that she's leaving target. Any idea where to buy her products?

Thanks so much for reading my review. I hope you found it helpful. If so please hit the helpful button.


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Accessories -Sonia Kashuk -Makeup brushes drying rack

on 2/24/2018 4:02:00 AM


When washing makeup brushes we must let them dry horizontally or upside down but never facing upward so the water doesn't get into the brush and damage it or Torrens it. I was once thinking I need a holder that holds my brushes from the handle upside down and was surprised to find this drying rack at target two weeks ago. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks to Sonia Kashuk. It is black with golden accessories really elegant and pretty. And most of all very functional. I now wash my brushes more often since I got it. I also got the washing pad Wich is ok. The rack was for $15 and the pad for $10. But Sonia Kashuk is leaving target and her products are not available online which is so sad. Here is my video where I shared how I clean my brushes and makeup sponges using the pad and the rack.

Hope you find my review helpful. If so, please hit the helpful button. Thanks so much for reading .... Xoxoxo

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Makeup Brushes -Sonia Kashuk -Assorted Brushes

on 2/10/2018 2:34:00 PM


This review refers to the brushes sold individually with the curvy black handles.

I started collecting these maybe ten years ago. In that time, I have also amassed a collection of IT, real techniques, and Sephora brushes. I always come back to these. Why?

Excellent quality and very little if any breakage with proper care. I use Parian spirit cleanser and it does the job. I prefer the version with the black ferrules (as opposed to gold) just for aestetics. They fit beautifully in the hand and have a great weight and balance.

The small multipurpose powder brush is my favorite eyeshadow blending brush of all time. It is the perfect shape and size. I am not very good with blending, but this makes the job so much easier. That brush was discontinued some time ago but you can still find them on eBay.

I also love the medium eyeshadow (white goat) brush, the medium fluffy (squirrel) brush, and the synthetic multipurpose brush. In all, I have about 20 of these brushes, with only a few duplicates.

large tapered powder
Synthetic flat top multipurpose (foundation)
domed multipurpose (white)
Synthetic domed crease
Synthetic flat top eyeliner
Synthetic angled eyeliner
Precision pencil (eyeliner)
Synthetic concealer
Medium fluffy eyeshadow
Small multipurpose powder
Angled contour
Small eyeshadow
Medium eyeshadow
Large eyeshadow
Large domed eyeshadow
Angled eyeshadow
Synthetic foundation
Angled multipurpose
Dense blush/powder
Brow groomer/comb

I fear they are being discontinued as they are on clearance in the store and the Sonia Kashuk brushes page on has been taken down.

Get em while you can. They are beautiful, useful, and downright cheap for the quality,

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