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Treatments (Face) -Mario Badescu -Drying Lotion


I have sensitive, oily, acne prone skin. Sometimes I get cystic acne on the cheeks and chin. I’m talking about these bad a$$, under the skin, volcano type of pimples.

This spot treatment can gradually minimize them but they won’t disappear magically after one or two applications. It works better when you use it on pimples that are about to make their appearance.

It has camphor in it and it’s not a subtle scent.

I have used the “Buffering Lotion” I liked it but I think that the “Drying Lotion” works better. The “Drying Cream” doesn’t do anything for me.

The Drying Lotion can cause discoloration, so use it in moderation.

All in all, yes I am going to repurchase this and I think it worths a try. It works but when I get those deep under the skin pimples it can’t make them disappear overnight but it will gradually minimize them.

My top products for acne prone skin are: mini foreo luna + trilogy cream cleanser + Aloe Vera based moisturizer (aesop hydrating serum) + Mario badescu drying lotion + glamglow supermud

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Toners -Mario Badescu -Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater

on 4/20/2018 2:41:00 PM


I have been using this product way before the hype kicked in. I have to say I consider this one of my holy grail products. I do not use this to set my make up. I use this as part as my skin care routine and my face has cleared up so much that people have noticed. I usually wash my face, spray this on my face then mix it with my moisturizer and apply on my face. I will never stop buying this because it has cleared my face up wonderfully.

Cleansers -Mario Badescu -Botanical Exfoliating Scrub

on 4/18/2018 11:48:00 AM

I normally use Cetaphil extra gentle daily scrub and tried this (got huge free sample). You only need a tiny pea size amount to exfoliate the face, this free sample could last maybe two months. I like the texture of the exfoliating beads compared to Cetaphil. They are twice the size and quantity of beads compared to Cetaphil. My face feels more clean and bright. I really like this, but on day 5 of continuous use, I started to get huge acne on my forehead and sides of my face.

I am so sad, but if you don't have sensitive skin, gives this a try. You will love the fresh and clean and moisturized feel.

Cleansers -Mario Badescu -Keratoplast Cream Soap

I was afraid to try this product at first, based on some of the reviews here. I have dry senstive skin. However I am prone to some subceasous filaments and a few clogged pores around my chin and nose. I have senstive skin and dry skin in my mid 30's and although I have good skin for my age I find some of my cleaners are to drying even for my skin and I find that my skin barrier is easily eroded even by some "gentle acids" .

Other faces washes that I rotate include:
La Roche Posay Tluerine for dry skin wash : ( can be a bit drying for me)
Dover derma care face bar and face wash
Nuxe Miel cleanser (in more humid, hot summer conditions)
Clarin's shea gentle foaming cleaner (less so recently)
Shea Moisture coconut milk cleaning Milk
Soap and Glory cleansing milk (summer)
Skincetutcitals nonstop gentle foaming face wash

So a little background, my skin is very dry, not cracking dry but seems to be difficult to repair my barrier, living in Colorado its gotten worse and I am find that although I do not belive in spending a lot on a gentle cleanser, I need to try and make a switch. Soo I purchased this and the Orange Cleaning soap. My skin and eyes get incredibly irrated with cleaners that foam a lot and I do not like how my skin feels afterwards, so I steer completely steer of those cleansers.

This will not remove any makeup I see a lot of complaints about that. I understand that most gentle cleaners will not. If you want a cleaner that will go use something that is stronger, that is not the purpose of this cleaner. I use a makeup balm to remove my makeup or good old Abolne wipe out gently with a warm damp cloth and then go in with this it is more a milky consistity which I prefer. I do not use this in the eye area and don't expect it to remove eye makeup for me. I have the carination and rice milk cleanser which is even more creamy I recommend that for makeup remover as well, or as a second cleanse with a warm damp cloth.
I make sure to gently massage my face and rinse very well with luke warm water. I understand some people complaing about the feel of your skin feeling coated but for me it felt like it left a residue in a good way. My skin barrier felt instct, my eye area was not red and my skin felt clean but not squaeky or profoundly clean but just clean. I follow up with the keteroplast toner or the glyocylic acid toner for dry skin and then I go about my moisturizing schedule. Sometimes it takes a day or a few days for me to realize a cleaner is sucking the moisture out of my skin but I haven't found that to be the case and I have less flakey skin around my nose and chin area.
Over all I like this cleaner and will cont to use for now and rotate it in my collection the price and the amount you get is great and it has active intrigdents minus all the frills which I am more attracted too.

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Moisturizers -Mario Badescu -Seaweed Night Cream

on 4/16/2018 6:43:00 PM


I had been searching for a night cream for a while and I so lucky to have come across this for my first try.

Initially, I was a bit worried because it was much thicker than I expected/wanted. The texture is definitely very “heavy” feeling and creamy. I have combination skin with a t-zone that gets oily throughout the day so I put this on hoping it wouldn’t break me out. It’s been a couple of months using it this and everything has been great! I put this all over my face, even the oiliest areas. My skin feels bouncy and soft in the morning and I have achieved the dewy look I was hoping for. I think the trick is to not necessarily use it every single night, just most nights.

The only slight cons I can think of: the smell might bother some (my bf said I smelled like ink one time lol), and the green color might also turn some people off.

Otherwise I love this product and unless I find another miracle night cream I’ll be sticking to this one.

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