Makeup Artist's Choice (MUAC) TCA Peel

Makeup Artist's Choice (MUAC)  TCA Peel


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Package Quality: 3.9

Price: $$

Package Quality: 3.9

Price: $$


Trichloroacetic Acid, Glycolic Acid 5%, Lactic Acid 5%, Purified Water, Isopropyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Glyerine USP, Menthol Crystals, Sodium Chloride, Neolone, Benzyl Alcohol

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on 12/12/2018 9:44:00 PM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Dry, Olive, Warm

Hair: Black, Curly, Other

Eyes: Brown

This review is for the 18% strength. This was my first TCA peel ever, so I was quite apprehensive. I know they say you need to start low and build up, but I've been using retin a and glycolic acid for a long time, so I knew my skin could handle it. I bought the sample during a black friday sale and it was quite inexpensive. I'd been using my tazarac and glycolic acid on alternating nights for a while, so I knew my skin was prepped. I stopped all skincare products 3 days before I wanted to do the peel.

On the day of the peel, I made a neutralizing solution with baking soda. I cleansed my face and defatted with rubbing alcohol. I applied vaseline to the corner of my lips and nostrils. I also took an eyeliner pencil and made circles around my eyes where I didn't want to apply the peel. I wanted to apply the peel under my eyes separately later, so I wanted to be precise and not run the risk of applying the peel twice in the same area. And off I went with a qtip, starting with my forehead. Honestly, it wasn't THAT bad. Maybe my skin is quite accustomed to acids at this point. I made it to 5 minutes with no frosting. I did a second layer and waited for 4 minutes. This time I could feel the pins and needles. Still no frosting. However, I decided to not push my luck and neutralized it. I didn't have that red sunburnt look people talk about.

Next on to the eyes. I wouldn't advice anyone to do this. Infact, MUAC advices people to only use 8% under their eyes. I applied vaseline to both corners of my eyes and underneath my lashline. I applied one layer carefully underneath my eyes, making sure I wasn't overlapping with areas previously subjected to the peel. This time, I could feel the pins and needles within a few minutes, but still no frosting. After 5 minutes had passed, against my better judgment, I applied one more layer. I could definitely feel this. The skin started turning red and at the 8th minute mark I suddenly wondered if I had permanently damaged my undereyes and rushed to wash it off. There was no frosting this time either, but my skin looked quite red under both eyes. However, this lasted only for an hour.

Now I was lucky enough to be able to stay at home for a week. I used neosporin the first 48 hours and then nothing at all. The peeling started around day 4. Well, it was mostly flaking. My forehead barely peeled. My chin flaked the most. I was not disappointed though, since I knew that would be that case when there was no frosting at all. Even if there isn't significant flaking, I know my skin would have been exfoliated microscopically. My skin looks nice and smooth, but that's all. My under eyes were a different story. I peeled a clean sheet there. I thought they looked pretty good until I put on a concealer and was blown away by how there were no crisscross lines that made my concealer look bad within an hour. There's no other way to describe it other than that they're just so smooth.

Now that I know I can tolerate this peel quite well, I'll definitely do this again in a few months. I'll wait for my skin to frost this time, since I too want to peel in sheets like other people!

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on 9/18/2018 10:39:00 PM

Age: 44-55

Skin: Sensitive, Fair-Medium, Cool

Hair: Blond, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Green

I have pics of the process - just click on my name.

I have the 15%. This is my first TCA peel, though I am very experienced with high % glycolic and lactic. I figured I can layer it (it apparently adds 25% to the strength each additional layer, which would make it 18.75%. That's as far as I want to push it on my first peel with this product. I know I can keep layering to get it up to 20% if I felt like it over time, while not having to buy a 20%+ peel and dilute it at first.)

Anyway, I did this setup:

*Shallow bowl that I poured the neutralizer in. I put 3 q tips and four cotton rounds in it so I wouldn't have to fumble around while my face was on fire.
*Thin gauze pad for applying so I wouldn't soak up too much product - I am afraid of drips, of course.
*A layer of vaseline over my eyebrows and then in a complete circle around my eyes, and on the edges of my nostrils, and around my lips.

I had no makeup or products on today to start, so I wiped my face with alcohol, then washed with the enclosed cleanser, and wiped again with alcohol. It is important to defat your face so it can penetrate better. I sometimes do not defat and even a high % glycolic peel won't burn much or be very deep - that natural oil (even on dryer skin) really works to buffer.

I applied it starting on my forehead and worked my way down. The center of my forehead frosted in less than a minute, and then a small section on my right cheek, and then a small section on my left. I used the soaked q tips to neutralize it and kept going.


After five minutes I put another layer on and holy crap more burning. So bad. I had to turn on my hair dryer (on cool) to help. I lasted about two minutes this time, again waiting for a frost and neutralizing with q tips. I used a cotton round of neutralizer, splashed water well, patted dry, and then did another cotton round of neutralizer.

The frosting was light on my cheeks, and I wasn't sure if it was a full frost, but I want to be conservative. It wasn't white-white or anything, but you could tell something was going on.

I put on a thin layer of antibiotic cream. Where my face is most damaged, it is very hot and red and looks like I've put acid on my skin. Ha. I don't feel discomfort, just maybe like a mild sunburn right now. I want to put vaseline on but I hate sleeping with it. I'll do it anyway.

Day 2: Where I frosted on my cheeks is a bit darker and a few spots are brown, but nothing serious. I'd forgotten to get a week of groceries before I did this, so I waited until after dark and went to the grocery store with no makeup on. Ran into a friend and she didn't notice anything amiss. Put a thin layer of antibiotic cream on the darker spots and vaseline all over. Feels like a sunburn when I touch it. Started taking vitamin C to help heal. (I don't get a lot in my diet.) Photos are in my profile.

Day 3: Dark/red/brown spots the same, no peeling. It is very itchy though. I couldn't find any anti-itch stuff at the store that didn't have undesirable ingredients in it. (Alcohol, AHAs, menthol, etc.) I won't take photos if there's no real change.

Day 4: Looks the same as yesterday, getting a little tight if I really scrunch my face. I wish it would start peeling. I didn't bother taking pics because there's no change in appearance from day 2.

Day 5: Looks and acts the same as yesterday, not even a hint of peeling. I don't think I'll do a TCA peel again without prepping my face for 2 weeks with full on Retin A. According to a few studies I read 50% of people are about mostly done peeling at this point, and I haven't even started. I can't leave my house and haven't been able to since day 2. I guess this one's going to be a full 10+ days of being indoors for me. According to studies people who prep this way peel quicker and are mostly done peeling a full 3 or 4 days ahead of me.

Days 7 through 12: Peeling, finally. Some larger flakes, but mostly smaller. If I leave a nice mask of rosehip oil on for an hour and then shower, I can gently wash my face with a very soft washcloth and quite a bit rolls off.

Day 13, 14: 90% done, few patches, and finally 100% done peeling. My temples were the last to peel.

Overall, I could go outside days 1 - 3, days 4 and 5 I would go through a drive through, and days 6 - 9 I wouldn't be seen in public just to not freak anyone out. I added pics to this review so you can see the full horror of the peeling stage. IT DIDN'T HURT other than the time it was on my face and barely itched at all. Keeping that coat of rosehip oil on really helped soften the gross crackling skin and made it peel off nicely without ripping.

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on 5/22/2018 2:57:00 PM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Combination, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Blond, Other, Other

Eyes: Blue

I'm a first time tca user and was really scared but i got sick of my sundamage and wrinkles 2 forehead wrinkles 2 between brow wrinkles one wrinkle each side of my mouth and acne scars. So i ordered 15% tca peel and 40% mandelic peel from make up artist choice and got it a 6 days later. Super fast shipping as i'm in Canada very detailed instructions and they are great so helpful with helping you pick the right treatments for your skin. And affordable $97 including shipping i got enough for 40 tca peels and a sample size mandelic acid peel which is a pretty good amount. I primed my skin followed instructions and it went well only my cheeks had a light frost no discomfort at all so i removed it early at about 3 minutes, and it started peeling on day 3 and peeled a lot till day 8 and my skin was looking good. I repeated 2 weeks later and it worked better i had frosting in spots on my forehead cheeks and nose area etc forehead it stayed on 5 minutes and everywhere else but when my nose and cheeks frosted it was at the 2-3 minute mark and they were the last area i applied it to so i removed it all and wow it worked much better the morning after i feel like i have a bad sunburn and am a pink colour so i'm not planning to add a second layer on my third peel unless there's no frosting at all it may feel like it's not doing much but it is so be very careful and don't go overboard untill you get used to it and know how your skin reacts to the peels if i put a second layer on with the first or second peel i think that would have been way to strong. Im inpatient and want fast results but don't want to have burns and scars and than be slowed down by that, iv had very good results so far one side of my mouth the wrinkles gone acne scars are gone and sundamge is almost all gone all from 2 peels

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on 3/25/2018 6:05:00 AM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Acne-prone, Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Other, Other

Eyes: Black

I have extremely deep pitted scarring, and really needed this to work. It went okay for first couple of sessions on lowest strength (12% I think), then I went a bit up to 25% by applying double layers.
A month later, one area COLLAPSED into a 2mm or so deep hole, over a 2mm wide surface. I thought it was because of the large cyst that had been appearing there before I started the product, and didn't blame the product.
BUT, a few months later I observed another area collapsed: Now I have a jagged line from the beginning of an eyebrow stretching across to the other eyebrow :(
Stopped using the product after this.
It's been two yrs, and I notice I now have HYPERtrophic scars whereas in the past my skin only responded with atrophic scars.
The above scars remain.
Will never buy anything from MUAC again.

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Age: 30-35

Skin: Combination, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Other, Other, Other

Eyes: Blue

32 - 35 years old during this, combination, sensitive, very finicky skin with some rosacea and history of eczema.

I'll try to keep this as easily readable as possible. I did these 6 months to a year apart from each other.

1st time: 12.5%
Wash, tone, cleanse with MUAC pH prep solution
Ready timer (re: phone), post-peel neutralizer, 2 Q-tips, gentle face cloth, hand towel, MUAC instruction card
Apply solution in thin layer - forehead, sides, cheeks, chin, nose. Start stopwatch.
It's prickly, use MUAC instruction card to fan face. Prickly, not like death, but it's definitely doing something to my face.
No frosting.
5 mins - rinse off, pat dry, re-read MUAC instructions.
Heal time - 1 1/2 weeks, flaking at day 3. No giant peeling, more flaking, pink skin, definitely looks nicer.

2nd time: 15%
Wash, tone, cleanse with MUAC pH prep solution
Ready timer (phone), post-peel neutralizer, 2 Q-tips, gentle face cloth, hand towel, MUAC instruction card
Apply solution in thin layer - forehead, sides, cheeks, chin, nose. Start stopwatch.
Prickly like last time, used card to fan face. Hot and prickly. Like pins and needles.
5 mins - applied a second layer.
Woa. Pins and needles gallore. Slight bit of frosting on cheeks and chin.
+2 mins (5+2) rinse, pat dry.
Heal time - 1 1/2 weeks. Similar to last time, slightly more peeling. Pulled piece of skin off unintentionally, hyperpigmentation spot. HYPERPIGMENTATION. (Just wanted to make sure you read that part) Also, my nose where my glasses sit didn't heal as well either. Slightly pigmented :( Aside from that, skin looks clearer, brighter, smoother, nicer.

3rd time: 15%
Wash, tone, cleanse with MUAC pH prep solution
Ready timer (phone), post-peel neutralizer, 2 Q-tips, gentle face cloth, hand towel, MUAC instruction card
Apply solution in thin layer - forehead, sides, cheeks, chin, exluded my nose this time. Start stopwatch.
Prickly as usual, used card to fan face. Pins and needles.
5 mins - applied a second layer. Stronger pins and needles. Painful, but bearable Bit of frosting on cheeks and chin.
+5 mins (5+5) rinse, pat dry.
Heal time - 1 1/2 weeks. Similar to last time, but peeling where frosted. Hyperpigmentation slight faded (re: barely), skin looks clearer, brighter, smoother, nicer. Happy.

4th time: 18%
Wash, tone, cleanse with MUAC pH prep solution
Ready timer (phone), post-peel neutralizer, 2 Q-tips, gentle face cloth, hand towel, MUAC instruction card
Apply solution in thin layer - forehead, sides, cheeks, chin, again excluded my nose. Start stopwatch.
Skips basic prickling, goes straight to pins and needles. Really using the card to fan face. Feels like 2nd layer 15%. Frosting starting on forehead, cheeks and chin.
4 mins - applied 2nd layer to chin (many many acne scars still working on) (RE: Don't apply over frosting! Don't be me here.)
JFC THE PAIN. Someone is JABBING NEEDLES into my chin, I'm sure of it. Get it off, get it off now.
+0 mins (4+0) rinse, pat dry. Breathe. Acknowledge the layer over frosting was a bad idea.
Heal time - 1 week. DId on Thurs, peeling Sat. Much peeling on chin (no surprise there), light peeling on cheeks and forehead. Very pink skin on chin. Worried. Turned out well.

Lessons and advice:
..Next time I will use a gauze pad for more even application, instead of the Q-tips.
..Next time will be working with 15% again as I freaked myself out with the 18% and am trying to be smart.
..Span these things out. DON'T RUSH. Rushing can (re: will) lead to scarring.
..Do. Not. Peel. Your. Skin. This isn't a sunburn. We all peel those. Don't peel these! Your skin is healing, and early removal before your skin gets to heal is like ripping off a scab. Promotes scarring and hyperpigmentation.
..Watch and read. Watch videos by everyone. People who made mistakes, people who are professionals, learn from everyone. Read everything. Read warnings and things not to do and things TO do. This isn't a wee glycolic acid weekly exfoliator. Its TCA and it means to work.
..maybe get a little fan.
..start with 12.5% and layer if needed. I didn't even know about the 12.5% when I bought the 15%.. I would have bought the 12.5% to start.

And chill! If you're too nervous you'll be all anxious and freaked out and just... respect the process and chill. Do your research and you'll get it. Start slowly, don't be stupid, and work with protecting your skin in mind.

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Age: 25-29

Skin: Dry, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

This review is for a different brand of TCA peel. I'm currently on day 6 and becoming really impatient. I've been a hermit for the last few days and only just popped out to my best friends house. Luckily for me, she lives close by and I made sure to leave the house when it was dark out. Bit of history, my face is pretty clear. I have good skin except the texture was getting to me. I was away for 3 months so I have sun damaged skin. It just feels rough when I touch it and no matter how much exfoliation I did, the next day, I was left with the same dry scaly feeling. Really odd as if you look at my face, you'd never tell. Anyway, after some research, I came across the TCA peel. Day 1 - 20% TCA peel. Applied on dry face with a cotton pad all over. One side of my face frosted straight away then a few seconds later, the rest followed. Then came the burning. At this point, I panicked. The thought of making my skin worse made me run to the bathroom and wash it off after 1-2 minutes. I also washed it off with baking soda to neutralise. After 5 minutes, my face looked like I'd been sunburnt. Nothing too bad. Day 2 - Still red and tight. Slight burning here and there if I touched my face. Day 3 - redness turned to a browny tan colour. A lot tighter too. Day 4 - Prettt much the same. Browner and tighter and slowly started peeling a little. . Day 5 - peeling continued. I looked hideous. Cheeks mainly peeling and chin area. I touch the skin underneath and it is much smoother. I hope it stays that way otherwise this would've been a waste of time! Anyway, peeling continued so I trimmed some out of the way. Day 6 - More peeling... most of it is starting to clear up. I still have forehead and sides of my face which is working itself up. I used Aloe Vera gel everyday and a special cream for extra dry skin given to my mum by her Dr. I washed my face twice a day and moisturised up to 2-3 times a day. The results so far are good. I'm really happy. I just hope it stays that way as the skin is still renewing itself so it's hard to tell at this point. I'll be back with an update.

on 6/9/2016 11:47:00 AM

Age: 30-35

Skin: Combination, Olive, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Brown


I did my first TCA (review below) 18% in June and it is now 6 months later and I decided to do another one to see what kind of results I get.

I did the peel last night (Thurs) and I left it on for 5 minutes and decided to do a second layer before neutralizing. The directions don't say how long to leave on the 2nd layer so I assumed 5 minutes, but it started to frost almost immediately after I started to put on the 2nd layer so I just opted to neutralize instead. Better to be conservative. 2nd layer only stayed on a few seconds.

Day 1 (Fri): Woke up this morning shiny and a bit tight/red. Skin is only slightly sensitive. Wore the antibiotic and a tiny but of makeup.

Day 2 (Sat): Forehead feels a bit dry but other than that, nothing going on.

Day 3 (Sun): Only slight dryness on upper lip and chin.

Day 4 (Mon): One small line on cheek turned brown, forehead feels dry still but no peeling. Slight peeling on upper lip and chin. No where else

Day 5 (Tues): Brown spot on cheek still there (could peel it off if I exfoliated). Same with forehead, but as day goes on, forehead is showing more and more readiness to peel. Less severe reaction/results this time. I don't think the acid gets old, does it? It is under a year old.

Day 6 (Weds):

I will update this review as I see results (or not). It's so funny how many people say the same thing but then never update it.

I did the peel on Tuesday evening...I only ordered the sample size (18%) so it didn't come with the face wash...instead I just used Ole Henrickson Red Tea wash (figured it was gentle and probably pretty similar to the MUAC one).

Anyway, I didn't "prep" my skin weeks prior, but I always use a serum with Glycolic Acids in it every other night so I figured my skin was at least a little more used to it than most. I washed my face and let it dry completely and then just followed the instructions.

I used a q-tip and was pretty modest about applying it. Started with my forehead and avoiding my eye area altogether (I used the Vaseline around my eyes, lips and nostrils like it says to). Took me about a minute to do my whole face and then I just timed it for 5 minutes. It only burned a tiny bit in the beginning and my face was a little red, but nothing crazy. After 5 minutes I dipped a clean, 100% cotton super soft tank top into the neutralizing (baking soda and water) solution and got it all off. Then I used the Ole Henrickson cleanser again to make sure the acid was removed and once my skin was dry, I used Neosporin....the Neosporin gave me a couple pimples the next day on my cheek, but they were tiny and went away already.

So the next day, I used the Neosporin as moisturizer and was still able to wear a little makeup with it, but my face was super shiny. Only experienced a little dryness/peeling on my upper lip. Toward the end of the day, my skin started feeling super tight and a little warm.

Now I'm on Thursday (two days post peel) and this morning I moisturized with half Neosporin and half my Murad moisturizer...again a little peeling on my upper lip (although more just very dry which it always is) and a little on the edges of my face (chin, temples). Face feels warm but not tight or anything.

Everyone says the peeling happens after day 4 so I will see how things look over the weekend and report back.

It's Friday now...started seeing a lot more dryness and peeling on my chin and lower cheeks on Thursday night right after a hot shower so I just slathered myself with the Neosporin eventhough I feel like Neosporin is super comedogenic.

This morning (day 4) when I woke up after I washed my face, there's now peeling above my eyebrows, still along the perimeter of my face and most of the peeling is still on my chin and upper lip (interesting cus that's where a lot of my darkest pigmentation was). Definitely harder to wear makeup now (the instructions only say don't wear makeup while peeling, it doesn't say not to wear it at all during the recovery but who knows what they mean). I'm hoping the worst of the peeling will happen over the weekend when I don't have to be anywhere. I have a feeling it will start to get harder to mask as the day goes on. Starting to notice hour by hour it gets a little I see peeling on my temples and upper cheeks are getting a little brown and you can see some dry spots.

Took hot shower today (Saturday) and now notice a lot more peeling (in very small pieces) on cheeks. Chin and upper lip have stopped peeling and already my skin looks much lighter and more even there. More forehead it looking super crepe-y and has started to peel as well. This was the first day it was super difficult to disguise the peeling but I still went out to lunch and had a little makeup on (mostly just under my eyes where I didn't do the peel anyway). I already see results so I'm anxious to see what it looks like in a few days!

On Sunday (day 6, counting day of peel) the peeling was limited to my forehead but was difficult to mask, minimal but still obvious.

Monday no signs of peeling and things look great. I'll get to use normal products today and perhaps even a mandelic mask later this week.

Will for sure do another TCA in a couple months!

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on 1/23/2016 12:37:00 AM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Oily, Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

About my skin: a lot of acne scarring (ice pick scars, boxcar scars, large pores and red hyperigmentation). For the most part, my acne has reduced. I’ve done plenty of at home peels in the past (including: lactic, salicylic, glycolic, jessner’s peel) and all of them have either irritated my skin or gave me minimal results, which may also be due to my active acne at the time. I recently did a professional PCA peel (which combines low strength TCA, kojic, lactic and salicylic acid) and I barely peeled from it but it improved my skins overall tone and clarity.

Peel: 15% TCA. So I had everything ready for the peel. I had the baking soda/water mix ready, mini fan, and the q -tip. I swiped it cross both sides of my face. I didn’t do my forehead (bc I don’t have any issues there) nor my chin (bc its been pretty sensitive lately). Bracing for the pain…and…nothing! It was like a pain of 2 on scale of 10. It wasn’t bad at all and no frosting. So, after 5 minutes. I swiped a second layer and it stung a bit more. I had it on for an additional one minute. Then I neutralized, washed my face with my cetaphil cleanser and put on CeraVe moisturizing lotion. I didn’t put on Neosporin bc I’ve put on neosporin on my face in the past where I burned from waxing and it just aggravated my skin. So considering the amount of preparation, research, and pre-canceling social plans… I was pretty disappointed in not feeling any burn or have frost occur.

Day 1 (Friday and Saturday): Skin is tight and red, turning darker. Nothing else.

Day 3: The skin where I did the small patch test 2 days prior to the full peel is starting to peel. So I’m thinking it will be another 2 days before my face peels, assuming same timing logic.

Day 4-5- peeling most places. Its not in sheets but not in flakes either, kind of in between. It didn't itch or break me out. I only used CeraVe lotion and a tinest bit of aquaphor.

Day 6: little to no peeling. It was done. The "new" skin was a bit pink and also make my hyperpgimentation more pronounced than it was before! But the next day, it started looking better and better the day after that.

So, its been exactly one week since day 1. I would say my post acne marks have decreased 30%, which is good considering one weeks difference. This same difference would have taken several months if I did some type of topical/serum method. My skins texture looks about the same, which is okay since that will take several more peels or something more drastic to repair.

For me, the benefits of this outweigh the cons of having peeling skin and being a social hermit for a few days. I'm already thinking of planning my next peel and considering going up to the 18%. I'll post an update for that peel :)

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on 12/10/2015 5:06:00 PM

Age: 30-35

Skin: Sensitive, Fair-Medium, Neutral

Hair: Blond, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Green

This review is for my first time using the 18% TCA peel from MUAC. Previously I had 12.5% peels at my doctor's office, which were ridiculously priced but gave me good results. I'm using this peel to treat PIH on my cheeks and around my mouth, as well as attempt to smooth out some uneven texture.

Prior to TCA, I did weekly 55% lactic acid peels for a month. I also use AHA and BHA every day, along with retinol at night, but I stopped all actives 48 hours ahead of time per MUAC's instructions.

For my first peel (of 3, which I plan on doing 3 weeks apart), I used the Q-tip method, which was delightfully efficient. I covered my whole face with two dips and swipes, using a new Q-tip each time because sanitary purposes (aka no double dipping).

The first minute my skin was pretty hot and tingly, so I used the cool setting on my blowdryer until it subsided. Some PIH on my cheeks and along my jaw was bright pink at the end of the 5 minutes. I decided on a second layer given my experience with TCA peels, which lightly frosted on the upper half of my forehead, lower portion of both cheeks and around my mouth within 2 extra minutes. It definitely stung more with the second layer, and it didn't relent as quickly as the first layer. When I say lightly frosted, it was barely white but to be safe rather than sorry, I neutralized those areas with the solution from MUAC. I waited the full additional 5 minutes for the non-frosted areas before washing my entire face with their green tea cleanser. Then, I waited about 30 minutes before gently applying Nivea Creme (blue tub) to my whole face (my skin likes it and I've been using it for years).

Post-peel what surprised me most was how many blackouts immediately surfaced. Like, spilling out of my pores grossness. Around my lips especially - who knew those suckers were even lurking? My most prominent and recent PIH expanded in size and was definitely darker. My face wasn't really red or even pink afterwards, something else that I observed compared to others' reviews and experiences. In fact, 30 minutes after Nivea-ing it up, I took my dog for a walk (it was nighttime).

If you're doing your internet research and are confused about what to do, what to use, when and best advice is know your skin, what makes it happy as well as what aggravates it. Before and after a TCA peel of any strength is not the time to experiment with new ingredients and/or products. For example, I was debating to neosporin or not post-peel. I opted against it because I've never applied it to my face and given others' complaints about cystic breakouts.

While the 18% wasn't alarmingly interactive with my skin, the stinging/burning was more than I anticipated. Next time I'll let things really frost before neutralizing. I can't compare this to the 15%, but it was noticeably stronger than the 12.5%. I'm happy I skipped the 15% and went straight to 18% (but again, I only did so due to my 12.5% peel experience in-office).


TL;DR: Because I've only started my peel series, I'll update this review and its ratings as I go. But for now, I give 5 lippies across the board due to convenience, ease of use and price point. Plus MUAC is notorious for its fast shipping and helpful customer service, which was great as usual.

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on 10/26/2015 8:59:00 PM

Age: 44-55

Skin: Other, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Other, Other, Other

Eyes: Other

This is really a next step up from my review about the Mandelic Peel from MUAC. Because my skin is aging/ethnic/acne/sensitive if is a real challenge to treat without making things worse. I say worse meaning having a reverse effect i.e. hyperpigmentation and additional pimples. Best to start slowly for these reasons.

Peel 1 was last week with TCA 12%. I washed my face, neutralized, saturated a cotton wool with product and carefully went over face. Made mistake by going over nose, which my skin reacted to with burning. I left the peel on for 2 minutes and rinsed. Light frosting. Mild burning. Flakes around nose 2 days later. Large flakes. Used regular regimen w/ss and had no issues.

Peel 2 was tonight. Did same regimen as above but left peel on for 12 minutes. Very mild stinging or I would not have been able to tolerate 12 minutes. This time I saw something interesting. Pores sort of opened up and I could see tiny white oil plugs being released. Whoa. And here I thought my pores were clean! These oil plugs were on my lower cheeks, nose and right under my lower lip.

Removed peel, used mild cleanser to make sure I got all of the chemical off. Applied Mandelic toner because I wanted to make sure to get those plugs wiped away without irritating my skin with the Clarisonic. Pores appeared more clear. Patch of hyperpigmentation (chin area) significantly lighter. Applied Serum (MUAC) waited and applied eye cream which is part of my regular nightly regimen.

Peel 3 starts next week. I'm excited!

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