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9 months ago

I was excited to try this cream because I'm always looking to find a product to add brightness and exfoliate without being too harsh. It's meant to be applied overnight and it felt very comfortable upon application, not thick or sticky. I was a little disappointed to see in the morning that my skin looked a little drier than before, though admittedly also a little more even and less textured. But I definitely don't want a product that creates more problems than it solves! But then a few days later, my skin began to look much smoother and brighter, without any other changes to my skincare routine, so I attribute the changes to this cream. I suspect that this cream shouldn't be used every night, but perhaps a few times per week, at least for me. I note that I use retinoids and exfoliators, so my skin is pretty tough, though perhaps this cream is too much to introduce on a regular basis. So overall, I think this cream has a lot of potential, but proceed with caution if you already use exfoliators regularly (or if you've never really used them at all). As for the price ($65 for 1.7 oz), it's not exactly cheap, but I only needed to use a small amount so this should last quite a while, especially if not used every day.

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