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2 years ago

So I really like this dry shampoo, but I think Batiste is a better value for money.... And a little more effective. I find myself having to apply a considerably large amount of this dry shampoo to get the same results as Batiste, and although I definitely CAN get that clean looking hair, I'm not too fond of how much I'm using since this product is expensive ($15). My hair doesn't FEEL too clean after using this, either, which isn't a deal breaker, but definitely a bummer. Again, with Batiste (the original types), my hair feels clean to the touch. With this nexxus brand, it feels gritty. But it still looks clean. If you have a serious issue with getting white casts out of your hair, I recommend this. I have to apply a lot to notice a white cast, and I typically use dry shampoo the night before so the cast is gone by AM. Why am I using this product if I can use something considerably cheaper that I like better, you ask? Because I'm a sucker for the scent. Another reviewer mentioned cotton candy. They're right. This is a warm, fruity cotton candy that smells just like Warm and Cozy by VS. It can be a strong scent, but I apply at night and in the morning my hair has a hint of this DELICIOUS scent. All in all, this is a good dry shampoo. Not great. Better is out there at a cheaper price. But the smell cannot be beat.

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2 years ago

I haven't tried very many dry shampoos (most of the ones Batiste has, Aussie, and a cheap off-brand one, John Frieda, CoLab and Klorane Nettle, Not Your Mother's), but something common for most of them is that they made my scalp itch, which I absolutely hated, understandably: on top of actually having dirty hair, you don't want it to also itch! The Nexxus one doesn't make me itch My second complain about many shampoos has been the smell - especially the Batiste smells - most of them smell kinda yeasty on me (yuck!), except Neon Lights. The CoLab ones were no better, although I could tolerate London on me (smells kinda rubbery, and polluted - definitely gives a feeling of London, not a bad smell though, just kinda vintage). Nexxus smells quite strongly of cotton candy, but I can do that. Not my favorite, and totally overpowers my perfume though... Otherwise, Batiste original dry shampoos (not the volumizing or XXL ones) and Nexxus works the same on me - they absorb the oil and don't leave any white traces. Actually, maybe Nexxus is even a little bit better at not leaving white residue, because I can't remember having to brush it out much. For the price though, Batiste is better After dry shampoos, the hair can feel a little stuck together when brushing it. Nexxus gives the least amount of this, and gives the nicest feel to my hair than the other dry shampoos I have tried. The price of this is really high though: $14 price. To be honest, I would recommend Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo over Nexxus, unless you actually like a heavy gourmand smell

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3 years ago

This is a great spray dry shampoo that has no white residue. It goes on completely clear yet absorbs oil and odors and definitely makes my hair feel clean and fresh. It also has a very nice scent. I really don't have to brush through my hair much when I use this dry shampoo because there's no white powdery residue. This makes it ideal for dark hair. It also gives a lot of volume that lasts. It adds a little grip and grit so updos are easier. I spray the roots and then massage the product in for a minute or two. Then I wait about 15 minutes while I do my makeup. This gives the product time to absorb the oil. Then I brush through my hair upside down with a boar bristle brush (plastic bristle brushes do not work for this maneuver). My hair looks fluffy and feels and looks clean and the lovely scent lingers for a while, which for me is a good thing. I found this dry shampoo on Tati's youtube review of drugstore dry shampoos and I agree with her opinion completely. This is a really good one. However, Pantene dry shampoo in the gold can is also really good and it doesn't have any white powdery residue either. I like the scent of Nexxus slightly better but Pantene is only $6 compared with $12 for Nexxus. They're both excellent spray dry shampoos imo. I have hated every single spray dry shampoo I've tried that has white powdery residue. They were all awful, high end or drugstore. Plus they didn't last very long. Then I tried Living Proof and loved it but wasn't prepared to pay $24 for a dry shampoo. Thank goodness for Tati's review of great drugstore dry shampoos. I have been using dry shampoo powders for quite some time and definitely preferred them over any of the sprays I tried. Bumble and Bumble Pret a Powder is quite good and does add a small amount of volume. It does last quite a while too. It's great for updos in particular. Oscar Blandi Pronto powder is another good one and it smells like lemons, which I love. Alterna Talc Free dry shampoo powder is another goody and one I've been using for a while. But when I discovered Nexxus and Pantene, I put away the powders because both of these are so easy to use and there's no residue, which, although I'm blond, was a great big hassle for me and turned my hair gray. These two dry shampoos are truly invisible and that wins over white powdery stuff any day. I do love Living Proof but Nexxus and Pantene are just as good if not better. Nexxus has been a little hard to find but I've found Pantene on sale 2/$10 at Walgreens so I definitely stocked up. I don't use dry shampoo very often, I prefer to just wash my hair. But on lazy days, dry shampoo is a great thing to use to freshen up dirty hair. There are just those days when washing my hair is impossible so using one of these two great drugstore brands, does the trick for me. I definitely recommend Nexxus. I do think it smells slightly better than Pantene. But you can't beat a $5-$6 price tag so I usually opt for Pantene. But if $12 doesn't hurt your hair care budget, definitely give the Nexxus a try. It's amazing stuff. I also love the Comb Thru hairspray.

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