Nexxus is a hair care brand founded in 1979 by Jheri Redding, who was a scientist and cosmologist. He is credited with inventing the modern day conditioner along with ph-balanced shampoos. Their products are available worldwide in retail and drugstore chains. It is manufactured and distributed by Unilever.

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Conditioner -Nexxus -keraphix [DISCONTINUED]

on 1/18/2018 9:01:00 AM


This new formulation is different than the old one. It is filled with silicone and makes the hair very slippery and heavy, especially if you’ve had a keratin treatment or very fine hair. I suppose this would be great for poofy, very curly-dry hair. It doesn’t really meet my needs.

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Shampoo -Nexxus -Phyto Organics Hydruss


may I know where can buy this shampoo?

Styling Products -Nexxus -Comb Thru


I am not a fan of hairspray-I grew up during the 80s Big Hair Era, and I shudder at the memory of the smog of Aqua Net and cigarette smoke that hung in the girls' rest room at school-and helmet hair is one thing I do NOT get nostalgic about at all. But, sometimes I do need a little help keeping things in place, and I have found this product to be just what I need when I absolutely must be presentable. It is very lightweight, but still works well in the heat of summer, and, best of all, you really can comb through your hair while wearing it, without tearing half of it out! You can feel it if you run your fingers through your hair, but it's not stiff or sticky at all. Another thing I like about this hairspray is that it rinses out well in the shower-you don't get that white residue that make you look like you've aged overnight-it comes right out, even if you've applied a couple of layers. Packaging is the typical can with a spray pump on the top-I have had one of these malfunction on me, so that nothing would come out of the can, so four stars for that. Price is around $11-$13 and change, depending on where you buy it-this is available at drugstores, Walmart, etc. Lasts quite a while for me, but I don't use more than a spray or two at a time, unless the occasion is important, so I don't mind the price. Excessively misty or humid days may require a little more, but it still feels better than the old stuff, and that's what important to me! I will continue to buy this hairspray.

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Shampoo -Nexxus -Therappe

on 11/29/2017 12:41:00 PM


This is a good shampoo. Doesn't leave my hair dry at all. My only issues are that my hair seems to get greasier faster. And the product is also on the thick side. I really have to work it in to my hair (and my hair is very fine). I can only imagine if you had thick hair this would be harder to use? Because it was thick I went thru it fairly quickly

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Dry Shampoo -Nexxus -Refreshing Mist Dry Shampoo

on 10/31/2017 6:47:00 AM

So I really like this dry shampoo, but I think Batiste is a better value for money.... And a little more effective.
I find myself having to apply a considerably large amount of this dry shampoo to get the same results as Batiste, and although I definitely CAN get that clean looking hair, I'm not too fond of how much I'm using since this product is expensive ($15).
My hair doesn't FEEL too clean after using this, either, which isn't a deal breaker, but definitely a bummer. Again, with Batiste (the original types), my hair feels clean to the touch. With this nexxus brand, it feels gritty. But it still looks clean.
If you have a serious issue with getting white casts out of your hair, I recommend this. I have to apply a lot to notice a white cast, and I typically use dry shampoo the night before so the cast is gone by AM.
Why am I using this product if I can use something considerably cheaper that I like better, you ask? Because I'm a sucker for the scent. Another reviewer mentioned cotton candy. They're right. This is a warm, fruity cotton candy that smells just like Warm and Cozy by VS. It can be a strong scent, but I apply at night and in the morning my hair has a hint of this DELICIOUS scent.
All in all, this is a good dry shampoo. Not great. Better is out there at a cheaper price. But the smell cannot be beat.

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