Avon was strictly an American phenomenon, and a unique and pioneering one at that. The first Avon Lady was actually a man, young door-to-door salesman David McConnell from upstate New York. He launched Avon Calling in 1886, offering women cosmetics in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. By 1887, McConnell had twelve women employees selling a line of eighteen fragrances. And the numbers kept growing and growing. In 1939, California Perfume Company name changed to Avon Products, Inc. (10/6/39.) Today, despite the scores of expensive, prestigious American and foreign brand-name cosmetics, Avon ranks first in sales nationwide, with Avon Ladies ringing doorbells from coast to coast. Source: IdeaFinder.com

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Recent Avon Reviews

Foundations -Avon - Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage Liquid Foundation


I still have the old version of this and im very happy with it. The only thing is i ve never tried any of the shades. When buying a foundation i generally buy them online and i never make a mistake,but with this one i did. Its to light for my skin tone. But its lovely applies like a dream,its velvety not matte and not dewy,somewhere in between. Gives a good medium coverage and it doesnt oxidize!!

Moisturizers -Avon - Maximum Moisture Super Hydrating Gel

on 10/12/2017 12:36:00 PM


Maximum Moisture super hydrating complex by Avon is a great product. I have no idea why Avon discontinued it. They had eye cream that was called Instant eye smoother that was awesome also that they also discontinued. I Love Avon and hope they stop worrying about gimmicks and packaging and bring these products back. I am constantly complemented on my skin.

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Lipstick -Avon - Perfect Wear Extralasting Lipstick


- rich colour
- lasts long (3-4 hours no drink/food) then fading
- transfers very lightly
- Avon always has sale (regular C$12)
- some mattes

- dark reds stains lips
- must be removed with oil (jojoba or olive oil)
- some in frost or metallics (difficult to remove fine shimmer without oils)
- can be a little drying

Tried a few shades but Totally Twig seems the only one I can comfortable wear without looking like a dollar store purchase. Some may have been discontinued. On my NC25-30 self:
Forever Fuchsia - bright deep pink. Beautiful but too loud for me.
Forever Pink - matches my pinkish lips so it did not show well (don't like)
Nude Blush - micro gold shimmers. Rosy pink with hint of cinnamon. Too rusty for lips & shimmers (ugh) - don't like.
Perpetual Pink - Micro gold shimmers. Peachy pink. Too light - don't like.
Everlasting Petal - Micro silver shimmers. Pinky mauve. Could wear this on weekends for fun - like.
Rich Brown - Brownish red. Made my skin look sallow and dark. Don't like.
Eternal Flame - Tomato red with hint of brown. I feel like it calls too much attention. Better have white teeth. Don't like.
Enduring Wine - Micro red-gold shimmers which comes across as frosty lipstick. Deep Burgundy with hint of rust.
Forever Burgundy - Deep dark red with hint of cool brown. Beautiful wearable red if I want an everyday red. Love!
Totally Twig - brownish cool rose or mauve with hint of nude. Goes with everything & will repurchase. Love!


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Mascara -Avon - Wash off Waterproof mascara

on 10/8/2017 7:00:00 PM


Love the brush, the bristles are nicely spaced so you never get too much product or clumping. This mascara adds some length, not much volume, it is rather natural looking but it is quite smudgeproof which is a rarity on me. I wore this the other day during a particularity hectic day at work (I work in healthcare) and there wasn't a single smudge under my eyes. Usually I have at least a small amount even with a waterproof mascara. I wish this held a curl and gave my lashes a little more drama but for an everyday mascara that removes pretty easily with a cleanser this is great. 4.5/5

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Primer/ Corrector -Avon - MagiX Face Perfector

on 9/30/2017 10:10:00 PM


I just got this and it really works great...My face looks instantly better right when I put it on....Definitely feels like a younger face lol...I'm 47.I don't look really old YET.....but this evens my skin out and it's more supple.

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