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Recent Klorane Reviews

Dry Shampoo -Klorane -Dry Shampoo with Nettle - Oily Hair

on 2/10/2018 1:46:00 PM


The best dry shampoo I tried so far. Gives a volumized, neat and fresh look for an extra day. No white/grey residu’s.

It is just fabulous. What more can I say.

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Shampoo -Klorane -Golden Highlights Shampoo with Chamomile

This is one of my two regular shampoos (along with Giovanni 2Chic Blackberry), and I love it. It is gentle, cleanses well, leaves hair fresh, light, and soft, never dried out (I have hair on the drier side) and doesn’t irritate my sensitive scalp. It smells lovely- like a typical French chamomile beauty product. It is pricey to purchase in the USA (& harder to find in shops) but worth it as it agrees with my sensitive scalp. I repurchase this one time and again. Highly recommend.

Conditioner -Klorane -Mango Butter Conditioning Balm


DONT get fooled by negative reviews.
This conditioner and its mango shampoo are SILICONE FREE. So why are people saying they ''feel worse'' with their hair after using?

What happens when you use silicone products for a long time (like almost all drugstore hair products) is that silicone acts as makeup on your hair. It seals cuticles and coats around the hairs to make them ''appear'' shiny and healthy, while its just hiding actual condition. That happens with ''x minute miracle!'' kinda conditioners.
Now, when you stop using silicone products on your hair, finally over time you see your real state of hair. Yes, in most cases it will be looking not so masked and makeup'd anymore.
But thats ok because you are letting it be free and natural, and now you can take care according to your condition.
After you use these silicone free products for a while, your hair will feel natural and healthier.
Is silicone completely bad? No, of course not. With some people it helps them even to protect hair in a way.
But id rather have natural hair than masked one - even if my natural state isnt perfect.

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Shampoo -Klorane -Citron Pulp Shampoo with Vitamins

on 1/7/2018 3:42:00 PM


Always looking for a good clarifying and chelating shampoo for my fine hair since our well water makes my hair limp and yucky, I decided to try this one. It's on the pricey side (around $20 for the 13.5 ounce size), but I wanted something citrusy smelling to go with a citrus scented conditioner that I have (normally I use Paul Mitchell shampoo 3). This does smells citrusy in Klorane type of a way (the way there is a similarity in products within brands like Herbal Essences or Pantene, for example, it smells like "Klorane").

This shampoo cleans well, has a good, balanced SLES formula without a bunch of added unnecessary gunk, smells nice, rinses clean, clarifies and chelates without drying out my fine hair. Very nice. Pricey, but I like it.

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Dry Shampoo -Klorane -Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk - Non-aerosol


This was my go to dry shampoo for ages, not because it was HG or anything like that, but because it was the best I could find out there at the time. I used to live in the UK, now Singapore, and we don't have many options in terms of non-aerosol dry shampoos. I found this in a drugstore in Paris, and then paid an obscene amount in postage from eBay for another 2 bottles because they're so impossible to find outside of France. First off, I don't like using aerosol sprays because although I do like them in general and they're so convenient, I do find them drying, and most importantly, not environmentally friendly or wallet friendly because I go through them like water. Therefore, I prefer the powder versions.

This was my favourite for a long time, because it was easy to use and lasted for ages. This one bottle lasted me for about 9 months. I have dark hair, and it disappears pretty easily into my hair with some rubbing. Great for my oily scalp, and I can use it for 2 days straight before it becomes too thick on my scalp.

The packaging is great for the most part, the powder comes out fine and easy to distribute. However, it is hard to use on the back of the scalp.

I've also tried other non-aerosol dry shampoos (Bumble and Bumble and Lush), and this definitely wins. However, I have recently discovered a local vegan beauty brand, Handmade Heroes, and their dry shampoo takes the cake. It's amazing. So thank you Klorane, I've loved you but it's time to move on. I highly recommend them, and they're available in Singapore and on Amazon!

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