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4 years ago

I have medium skin tone with medium coarse hair but a lot of it. I cannot go a day after shaving before I start to feel regrowth. I've been using this unit for about 3 or so months now and my results are fantastic. I can go a days without shaving now. I haven't test out how long I can go without shaving but for sure at least a week. The unit is very easy to use compared to other hair removal systems. This is great to purchase because there is no need to recharge it and it is very easy to operate – you simply glide it up and down your arms/legs. Ive used it at its strongest setting and the heat sensation is tolerable. It is very expensive but I think it is worth it. Even if it doesn't permanently remove the hair, the "permanent reduction in hair growth" is worth it to me.

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4 years ago

I bought this device after seeing it presented on QVC. Here is what the sales pitch said: Iluminage Touch is an easy-to-use, at-home hair removal device that uses a breakthrough patented hair removal technology called Elos, a proprietary combination of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and RF (Radio Frequency) to deliver the effective removal of unwanted hair for all skin tones. I bought this because I am hairy and sick of it. I want to have hair free underarms and bikini line without the embarrassment of going to have laser treatments. I epilate my legs but this was too painful for my bikini line and underarms. I have coarse dark hair and very pale skin, and my hair grows very fast. I have to shave twice a day in summer and you can still see the dark hair under my skin right after shaving. So I bought this before the QVC presentation was even finished. I paid about $500 for it, and I ended up buying an extra cartridge in case I needed it, that was an additional $50.00. The device itself is really easy and quick to use. You just plug in the base, press a button and the handheld unit flashes bright light at regular intervals. Each underarm took me about a minute, and my bikini line about 2 minutes each time. You are supposed to do 1 treatment per week for 7 weeks, then 1 treatment per month after that. I did 2 treatments per week (like I said, I am hairy.) It was not painful at all. There is a sensation of heat, but it is not hot enough to burn unless you keep the device in one place for too long. I have very sensitive skin (and I am a coward when it comes to pain) and I never noticed a difference from the Low setting to the High setting. All treatments except the first treatment were done using the High setting. After a full 3 months of doing twice a week treatments, there was no difference in my hair. Initially my hair was slower growing back, but this device did not make my hair stop growing. I stopped treatments about 6 months ago and my hair growth is back to how it has always been. This was a very costly mistake and I really regret not sending this back within the 90 day return period. I know that this might work for some people, it might even work for my less coarse hair (I think I will try this on my arms next, just to use it and feel like my money was not totally wasted) but for me this device has been useless so far.

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