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Cleansers -W7 -It's Magic Makeup Remover Cloth

on 1/16/2018 6:05:00 PM


I’m nit the biggest fan if W7 products, Ive tried many of their products but I’ve nit found anything by them that I really like and find their dupes over rated, I came across this for £2.99 in Boyes last summer and was very skeptic as when i purchased but figured I had a new flannel, surprisingly this is now a Holy Grail product. I have no idea how but this thing is amazing and works better than any make up remover I’ve ever used.

I’ve had mine a good six months, it’s been used twice a day and it’s still perfect. It removes a full face of make up with just warm water and one swipe across the whole face, sometimes two for full heavy makeup, it’s suoer soft and you don’t even need to put any more pressure on that you would normally. Even waterproof eye products are removed easily. I’ve really put this cloth through it’s paces over the middle This I’ve had it and I continue to be amazed. It really does seem magic. Before coming across this item I’d use make up remiver and a cotton pad and it would take many wipes to remove just the non waterproof mascara and my eyes would feel sore.

I’ve bought two more as I can’t go back to cotton pads, but my first one is still going strong so haven’t needed to open them up yet. I’m genuinely surprised to see there’s only one previous review. I’d def recommend giving this a go if they are still made.

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Highlighters -W7 -Glowcomotion

on 1/13/2018 10:04:00 PM


I paid $5 for this product from my local Chemist, it's extremely build able but i must say very easy to apply too much and make yourself look chalky and very texturised. I have fair skin and it made it look very bold and pop, for darker skin tones it probably wouldn't show up as much. They only had 1 shade so for a lot of people this shade wouldn't match their skin tone. the packaging is great but one minor thing i would change is the opening, I've found not having nails my lid clings to the compact and can sometimes be very hard to open, other than that its a great drugstore product, will definitely buying again.

Liquid -W7 -HD 12-Hour Foundation

on 1/9/2018 11:41:00 PM


The reason I bought this foundation was because I was looking for a cheap, good foundation for everyday wear (work). I have never been disappointed with W7 products so I decided to give this a try. It was below $10 though, so my expectations weren’t high. BUT GIRL THIS FOUNDATION IS LIKE THE BEST CHEAP FOUNDATION. I always wear green and orange corrector underneath my foundation and this HOLY foundation covered it all at one go!!!!!!! My Revlon or Maybelline foundation WISH they can do that! My country is so humid so obviously I need to touch up but only ONCE, with a compact powder. It doesn’t leave my pores enlarged, unlike my Maybelline’s Fit Me foundation. However, I only used this foundation for less than 12 hours (office hours and 2 hrs travelling time) so I cannot be sure what will happen after 12 hours. I also will usually spray my setting spray at around my nose area before going to work so it might be an added factor? But I did the same thing with other foundations but the results are not the same. All in all, I will buy this foundation again. W7 should be one of Singapore’s drugstore brands because their products are soooo good!!!

Mascara -W7 -Zoom Mascara

on 1/5/2018 8:33:00 AM


The pluses first. The formula is great - not too wet, not dry - and the brush is the kind I like; of the plastic spiky variety but not too big, so it covers all my lashes evenly (even the little ones in the inner corners of my eyes). The shade is also perfect - not deepest black, but black enough to make my lashes stand out, even behind my glasses. There's no clumps either, even after multiple applications and once it's applied it dries really quickly. It also doesn't transfer or smudge as the day progresses. However...

Although this has the potential to be a HG mascara of mine (comparable to the E.L.F. Mineral Infused Mascara which is an all time HG for me) there is one major problem with this mascara which I really hope was just a fault with the one I got. That being - it dried out completely after a week of use!

Like I say, I'm hoping it was just a fault with the one I got but as the formula leans more towards the dry side anyway, I'm slightly concerned that it might not be. If that is the case, I would still recommend this mascara but be very prepared to only get a week's worth of use out of it before it ends up in the trash. It's a cheap mascara - around £2 - but if I'm having to use a new one each week, that's an expensive habit I can't afford!

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Misc Beauty Tools -W7 -Power Puff Latex Free Face Blender Sponge

on 1/4/2018 6:22:00 PM


As good as the real techniques sponge but I prefer my brushes. The results are better and they are easier to use and to clean. Also With acne prone skin, it would be very expensive to replace the sponges as often as you should.

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