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Mascara -W7 -Absolute Lashes Mascara


Hello MUA,
Happy Summer!
Today I'm going to review W7 Absolute Lashes Mascara. I received this in a "Pamper Yourself Goodie Bag" from my Sister! She gave me a lot in this goodie bag! She's the best! Thank You Sis!


So, first thing I did was test this mascara on the back of my hand, so I can see what kind of mascara I'm dealing with. It was a little on the drying side, but all can be fixed! I use a generic Visine and pop in 3 drops of that. I then roll it around in between my hands. Then I take a glass and fill it with hot water, I then put in my primer and my mascara in it for 3 minutes. I apply my primer then I follow up with the mascara. I only apply 2 coat's of mascara, any more, all mascara will clump. A ritual every single day! And make-up artists swear by It, and so do I! I had no problem with the application. I didn't poke myself in the eye, it didn't smudge, clump or flake, ect. You must take your time when applying mascara! That should be the first thing you put on before anything else, because it's the most time consuming if done right! Your eyes are the windows to your Soul. Let your mascara reflect that! I wore this for 91/2 hour's in the heat and humidity, without a problem. No problems taking it off, I always use baby oil. It takes it all off and it conditions your eyelashes, making them soft.The wand is upper; the bristles are fine and thin which makes it catch all the lashes. Also, there are little bristles which can be worked for the inner lashes. The wand works really well.
The formula is nice and has a proper consistency. I Not for a bit I felt that it was heavy! I felt that the wand works better in zig zag motion than just applied straight because the bristles will get to reach everywhere.

Make your eyes pop and get beautiful lashes with W7 Absolute Lashes. It’s a must have in your make-up bag.Mascara:
• Nice silver colored packaging.
• Wand works really well.
• The little bristles at the end reach the inner lashes.
• Formula is superb.
• Does not feel heavy.
• Good staying power.
• Water-resistant.
• Priced well.

The brushes are similar also. Absolute Lashes is a direct copy of the Benefit They’re Real. The main difference is the formula. Benefit They’re Real is a wetter formula compared to the W7.
They’re the same in terms of lengthening too.
For an every day mascara, I’d rather have the W7 Absolute Lashes for $2.99
W7 Absolute Lashes is a black mascara with a soft, spiked brush that makes your eyes pop and gets you beautiful lashes.
W7 Absolute Lashes Mascara. Each Spike Separates And Therefore Emphasises Each Lash To Give A Dramatic Curl. With A Formula To Last All Evening, This Mascara Will Have People ABSOLUTELY Craving Your Look. Absolute Lashes Boosts Volume, Length and an extra curl.

**FeaturesCruelty-free/No Animal Testing, Hypoallergenic, Long Lasting, Waterproof**.

Yes, I would repurchase and I will recommend the W7 Absolute Lashes Mascara.
I hope this review helps and I recommend that those who didn't like this mascara, please give it another try, USING the awesome TIPS I wrote down! It Will change your perspective on THIS Mascara! Hope this review helps you! 😀❤️

Highlighters -W7 -Hollywood Bronze & Glow Duo Bronzer and Highlighter

on 6/18/2018 2:06:00 PM


This is a very good product at a very good price. I have had mine for a bit and on the highlighter bit I hit the pan. Very nice glow, not to subtle, not too much either, just right. The bronzer is very good too, it’s not orange, which I absolutely hate. It’s also not too dark, which works well when I am pale, but it also works when I tanned and I just want a subtle effect. I cannot fault it and definitely would recommend

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Loose Powders -W7 -Banana Dreams Loose Powder


Good banana powder that just works great on medium/tan skin. I use this mainly to bake the under eye area and it just does an awesome job for that.

Since its a loose powder, it's a little messy to apply. The price point is great however, so I don't worry so much about spilling it.

It's not great for oil control for me, so I prefer to use a different (non-banana) powder for my t-zone.

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Foundations -W7 -Genius Feather Light Foundation


Love, love, LOVE this foundation! This is my go to foundation on an everyday basis because it gives me beautiful natural looking, medium coverage plus it's super affordable. The consistency is really light and watery and glides on (I like to use a beauty blender for application). When I use this with a finishing powder, it lasts a long time on my combo skin; touch up required after 4-5 hours, but does not break on my t-zone (which is RARE for me)!

The only cons: limited colors available (I chose natural tan which is a decent match for NC35), so you need to be lucky to find your match. And I don't love the dropper applicator. But at a price of around 5 euro, I am not complaining :)

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Makeup Brushes -W7 -W7 BRUSH SET 12PCS

on 6/11/2018 5:58:00 PM


Super soft, great set of brushes. All you need in one package. I am picky on blending brushes but this does it for me. I have sensitive skin but did not react on these brushes. Recomended!!!

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