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Scrubs -SKINFOOD -Wash-Off Black Sugar Mask

on 11/23/2018 7:35:00 AM


I must be the only one who isn't blown away by this product. I had wanted to try it for so long, but didn't want to order online, most of the Skinfood shops near me have closed down and their Facebook page didn't respond to my question about which outlets sell it. Some pharmacies here carry a very small range.
I was so surprised to go to a different shopping centre and accidentally spot a Skinfood store! Without hesitation I bought this scrub and mask in one. Prior to this I made my own with brown sugar, honey and a tiny bit of olive oil, or brown sugar and yoghurt- depending on what I had at home at the time.
I couldn't wait to get home and try it but found it quite underwhelming. Firstly the fake smell is horrible. It smells like a cheap toilet air freshener, a mix between lemon and lavender. It's horrible. Not at all what I expected.
Minus the smell It works well as a scrub, and ok as a mask but no better than my own home made scrubs and masks do, and they don't smell anywhere near as bad!
On the plus side you only need a tiny bit of product so it should last forever, but for the 35RM this little tub cost me I could have made a couple of kilos of my own recipe!
Definitely won't be repurchasing as I hate the air freshener smell it has.

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Treatments (Eye) -SKINFOOD -Royal Honey Eye Cream


I'm not sure if it was effective. It provides some moisturizing power. Smells nice with the honey scent

Treatments (Eye) -SKINFOOD -Black Raspberry Eye Cream (Anti-Wrinkle)


I don't know if it was useful. It provided some moisturizing power, wasn't too greasy. Quite cheap and smelled good.

Toners -SKINFOOD -Gold Caviar Toner


I really like this toner. I wasn't expecting much and thought it would just be another gimmicky thin water-like toner. Turns out it's a thick toner that provides additional moisturizing power. The bottle is pretty and there are bits of gold flecks in it (but doesn't really affect the application on face).

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Masks -SKINFOOD -Mud Masque

on 11/1/2018 3:52:00 AM


This product did do its job in some ways and did leave my skin feeling soft but after washing it all off it very quickly dried out my skin and felt quite tight. It also has a very thin consistency and didn't quite have the coverage I was expecting. The L'Oreal clay mask is far superior in my opinion.

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