Revlon, Inc. is an American multinational cosmetics, skin care, fragrance, and personal care company founded in 1932 and based in New York City. Revlon was founded in the midst of the Great Depression, 1932, by Charles Revson and his brother Joseph along with a chemist, Charles Lachman, who contributed the "L" in the Revlon name.

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Recent REVLON Reviews

Hair Color -REVLON -Colorsilk

on 2/19/2019 12:37:00 AM


This is my go-to hair dye. It works well and does not dry out my hair and looks natural.
I use shades Natural Blue Black or Brown Black because I hate the red tones some brown dyes pull on my hair. These two shades do not do that.
I used to use the dark brown shade but it surprisingly did not work as well as the other two shades mentioned. It was still a nice dark brown but it did give my hair that bit of reddish tone that I really do not want.
Natural Blue Black is my favorite shade although at first, the black is a very intense black (my hair does not look blue at all by the way just plain black) but after a few washes, it is the perfect dark shade for me with no red tones. Almost two months later my hair just needs a root touch up. It is still shiny and the color is more of a natural black-brown, still no red, and looks very natural.
I use the Colorsilk buttercream in 30 -20N brown black to touch up my roots and it blends in perfectly.
I do an all over color with the original colorsilk about every 4 months and use the colorsilk buttercream for roots as needed.

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Hair Color -REVLON -Luxurious ColorSilk Buttercream

on 2/19/2019 12:16:00 AM


Revlon Colorsilk buttercream hair color, 30 brown black
I normally prefer the original Colorsilk (in shades Natural Blue Black or Brown Black) to other drugstore hair dyes but decided to give this one a try. It ended up working well on my hair. I think this will be my go-to for root touchups and the original Colorsilk will be for my all over color.
I just needed to just touch up the roots so I was able to use only one box of the shade 30 -20N brown black. I love that it did not leave any red tones in my hair at all. It is just a natural dark brown almost black color. The 3-in-1 brush that is included was very helpful in dividing my hair and spreading the product right at my roots where I needed it most. After applying I gently blended the color down just a bit on my hair using the 3in1 brush and waiting the recommended time. Towards the end, I applied the remaining product to the length of my hair, to make sure the color blended well, and let it sit 5-7 mins then rinsed it out. The color came out perfect. It covered everything and the color blended right into my hair. My hair is shiny and natural looking, does not feel dry at all and no one can tell I have dyed it.
It has been 2 1/2 weeks and nothing so far is peaking though YAY!
I will definitely repurchase.

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Liquid -REVLON -New Complexion Makeup [DISCONTINUED]

on 2/14/2019 9:16:00 PM


For me, New Complexion Makeup, is the BEST Foundation EVER.
It's been discontinued years ago... and, sorry if sounds frivolous, I felt appaled when I realised Revlon had stopped doing it.
Till now (January 2019) I have NOT found any substitute for this. I've tryed dozens and dozens of any price, high end and drugstore brands. Nothing can compare to THIS one.

I've found a short number of acceptable foundatiions, with pretty different qualities to this one, even some with a couple of advantages over New Complexion Makeup... but overall... this has SOME MAGIC QUALITY in the finishing, so BEAUTIFUL, so natural, so so PRETTY --like a HEALTHY VELVETY BABY SKIN finish-- that I've found no brand (from hundred tested) is even near to achieve.

And it was absolutely undetectable.
Only con (in some countries) was the packaging. A bottle with no pump. But along the years I was a happy user of it, I knew in different countries, other packagings. The best in Europe, from mid 90's, it came in a pretty elegant black plastic tube, more hygienic and easy to dispense than the terrible bottle.

When I bought it in bottle (my last units bought in the US, once I knew it was discontinued) I sustituted the original black cap of the glass bottle for an esterilized pumper (from a finished serum)... for cleanliness and easy controlable use.

Well, that was the only complain I had.
Appart ot that, it was THE BEST foundation I've ever used.

SILKY NATURAL finish is the best description for this gem. Quite stragely, It was just one point before the "dewy" finish, and at the same time, one point before de "semi-matte" finish.
It was just... perfect, like PRETTY baby skin. And it looked so in ANY ANGLE (no flat, cakey, chalky, artificial pigment o reflection) and in any light:
- natural fresh
- pretty, velvety
- healthy, calm
- like with a 'velvety glow' from within (no shines, no reflectants, no sparkling, highliters or so). Simply like a special radiande of pure prettyness.

It was really a trully gem in OPTICAL qualities... since all that was achieved with the most NATURAL (undetectable) finish.

Very runny, liquid, it was perfectly buildable.
It was the more 'spreadable' fundation I've ever known. You could extend one drop, with your fingers... forever... Great for applying very very very few amount... or more... or a lot in layers. You could work it as your prefference or need any particular moment.

It NEVER settled in pores, lines or dry patches. Absolutely never. Indeed, it gave you a plumped fresh look.
For a very oily skin or very hot/humid climates, it colud be a bit prone to fade or look a bit too dewy. I had combination skin with oily T-zone and in very hot summer days it tended to go a bit shinny in the oily areas after some hours of aplication. I refused to use Powder. I hate it. And in those years Primers didn't even exist.
In those occassions I used slight touches with a tissue... and that was all.

Coverage was Light to Medium, depending on the amount. It was extremely bulidable.

Before I finished my last bottle of New Complexion Makeup, already aware it was discontinued, I tryed uncountable other Foundations (Shiseido, Kanebo, Chanel, YSL, MAC, Bobby Brown, Armani, Maibelline, Deborah, Loreal, etc). A nightmare.

Finally, two or three years ago, I found some Bourjois Foundations I like... but no one is that perfect as this from Revlon.
I've also tryed other Revlon foundations. I didn't really like any of them.

The Bourjouis Foundations (all smell absolutely delicious, fruity and soft) I'm using now, as the best options after all that experiments and trials, are:

Option A
- Bourjois 1·2·3 Perfect Foundation (Medium/High coverage, excelent velvety texture)
- Bourjois 1·2·3 Perfect CC Cream (Medium/High coverage)

- With a previous BLUR product (silicone based) to make the Foundation more spreadable, buildable, and less prone to settle in dry areas and pores.

Option B

- Bourjois Healthy Mix (Light coverage)
+ With a tiny amount of Bourjois 1·2·3 Perfect (Foundation, or CC Cream)

I've tried also Bourjois City Radiance Foundation... Loved the smell and velvety texture, BUT for me, too dense, dry, settled horribly in pores, lines, or any small dry scale...
And looked not cakey, but too much matte and flat.

Probably I'll try next the new Healthy Mix BB Cream (maybe alone).

The best qualities of Bourjois foundations IMHO are:
- The velvety texture and tact (not greasy, sticky). You feel like 'nothing' in your skin.
- The smell. Soft delicious fruity fragance.

I also want to try:
-- REVLON BB Cream,
and the new
- REVLON Photoready CANDID Foundation (probably a bit 'dry' or difficult to spread, I'll see). I love the packaging: small plastic tube with pump.

But still miss too much my favorite HG Revlon foundation...

Please REVLON,
RELAUNCH your best ever Foundation:
(this time with a plastic tube with practical pump).


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Liquid -REVLON -Colorstay 24hrs Makeup SPF 15 Combination/Oily Skin

on 2/11/2019 7:21:00 PM


This is usually my go-to foundation. I love that it has a pump and a nice glass bottle.
I do not find the foundation to be it heavy at all the skin. I use one to 1 1/2 pumps to the back of my hand depending on the coverage I need and a small blending brush.
I stipple in the areas that I need the most coverage first then keep stippling it in, to keep the color concentrated where I need it, and finish by lightly swirling to blend into the rest of my skin.
I rarely need to touch up or blot and it does not cause my skin to breakout.
A bottle typically lasts me about a month in a half to two months depending on what type of coverage I am going for.
I use Natural tan which is a tad too dark and has a cool pink tone to it but so far it is the closest match I can find out of all the shades I have tried so far.
This is one of the only negatives I have to say about this foundation or Revlon in general and that is that there is no reference to which shades are light, medium, dark, or cool, neutral, and warm. Which would be extremely helpful.

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Eyeliner -REVLON -Colorstay Eyeliner

on 2/10/2019 5:23:00 PM


I've been loving this pencil since I bought it. It has a great consistency-not to creamy, not too dry-and the thin tip makes it super easy to draw thin lines even for an eyeliner-challenged person like myself. I purchased the color black brown, and its a great natural shade that is neither too light or too dark. Overall, 10/10.

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