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Recent Marcelle Reviews

Cleansers -Marcelle -Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel *Foaming*

on 12/14/2017 11:49:00 AM


Very gentle face wash that isn't drying and doesn't cause breakouts. I am using this as my morning cleanser, not sure how it would do removing my makeup and sunscreen at night. I don't find this foaming at all but that doesn't matter much to me. This is scent free which is nice because I don't like a strong scent in my face products. Bottle is huge. I highly recommend this product especially if you have sensitive skin. Will repurchase.

Mascara -Marcelle -Ultimate Volume

on 12/11/2017 5:53:00 PM

I've been on a mission to find a quality cruelty free mascara that performs. This is Canadian made and has added benefit of being hypoallergenic so it's totally non-irritating.
I really like this mascara! It applies nicely, two coats gets me great volume. Colour is very black. And no smudging or flaking by end of day.
No complaints, however I just opened the tube and have used it 3 times. I'll see how long it lasts for in the tube, the formula isn't super wet (which I love, more volume and no weighing down the curl).

Liquid -Marcelle -Marcelle Flawless Foundation


One of my favourite products, main reason being it does not clog pores at all! It’s a light to medium coverage which is fine by me and super lightweight. Very good for people with sensitive or dry skin such as myself

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Lipstick -Marcelle -Rouge Xpression Lipstick - all

on 11/25/2017 4:43:00 PM


Marcelle is a Canadian cruelty free company. I purchased my lipsticks for $11.95 at Shoppers Drug Mart.

I now own three of these and have two different finishes. I think that these lipsticks are fantastic, especially for their price! Looking at it, the lipstick is pretty. It's a plastic black matte case, with a shiny black plastic strip right below where the lid pulls off (so the lid is complete matte, if that makes sense) and the tube casing is a silver colour. The tubes are also square so the lipstick won't roll away! They just look nice, I wouldn't feel embarrassed to apply this lipstick in public.

I own the following shades and finishes:

Pink Lace and Revolution in Cream finishes. Pink lace is a really soft, light pinky brown. It was the first shade I purchased and I really enjoy it! It's an easy to wear shade. Revolution is a harder colour to describe. I'm not really sure why I'm just having a tough time! It's a dark purply pink colour with brown undertones, I think. I would definitely swatch it before buying though, because my description could be off! Anyways, they both wear wonderfully. They aren't long lasting; maybe a few hours at best but if you eat or drink it'll come off even faster. They glide on beautifully and feel really moisturizing though, so I don't mind reapplying!

Rosy Nude in a Velvet Gel finish. I have two lipsticks that currently live in my purse and this one is about to join them! It is a beautiful rosy nude colour, as the name suggests. It's a rosypink with brown undertones and the velvet gel finish is lovely! This lipstick glides on just as easy as the cream ones do, but I will admit the cream finish feels just a touch nicer in my opinion. I think that this is supposed to a semi matte finish and I think it succeeds! It isn't a true matte in my opinion but that's okay, that's probably why Marcelle didn't say it was a Matte finish. I honestly feel like this lasts just as long as the cream ones, the only difference is on my lips the cream ones have a bit more of a sheen.

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Moisturizers -Marcelle -Mega Regenerating Anti-Wrinkle Cream

on 10/22/2017 12:29:00 AM

This is a medium weight face cream which is moist, but not greasy. I am terribly sensitive to scented products, so I gave Marcelle a try and I am pleased.
The label states "moisturizing with collagen and nourishing Omegas."

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