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Mascara -FairyDrops -Scandal Queen Mascara

on 9/7/2018 4:17:00 AM


This mascara is my ride or die waterproof mascara. Finally a decent volume mascara that stays put whatever you throw at it. Its really black, it’s glossy, it volumises and lengthens to infinity and beyond. And it has caring ingredients to boot, there is nothing on my mascara wish list that this mascara doesn’t have. Well, maybe availability... I have to buy it online at Beauty Bay or Cult Beauty, which unfortunately enables me to purchase other expensive stuff there ;)...

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Mascara -FairyDrops -Scandal Queen Quattro Mascara

on 3/7/2018 4:28:00 AM


I love this mascara! Admittedly, i bought it because the packaging looks so beautiful and the claims of length, volume and ease of removal were appealing. Upon using it i was impressed straight away! Its a nice, inky black with good coverage and separation and does everything it claims to do on the box. My lashes are long but sparse and quite straight and this mascara curled them so they almost stick straight up. It does really give a wide, dolly eye look and i will definately be stocking up!

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Mascara -FairyDrops -FAIRYDROPS Mascara

on 7/16/2017 12:50:00 PM


This is not the worst mascara I've used but for the price I expected a lot more. It's neither volumising nor lengthening and to add insult to injury it's not very black. I will continue to use it as a first coat, only because of the price I paid. Very disappointed & will not repurchase.

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Mascara -FairyDrops -Platinum Mascara Waterproof

on 5/27/2016 8:47:00 PM


My HG mascara so far! I am monolids so my lashline is hidden inside - my lids are also oily in the middle of the day - this makes most, if not all eyeliners & mascaras melts! This mascara really holds my curls! It smudges a little but somehow my under eyes don't look ery dark. Same as when i remove my mascara with a cotton pad, it doesn't look very dark on the cotton pad, but yet, it's very black on my lashes. It lengthens very well. It has lots of fibers, but somehow there's very little to no fall outs through out the day. therefore i feel very comfortable and don't need to check myself in the mirror ten times per day! There could be improvements tho - for example i don't get the curled, 3 balls brush head. like seriously it makes no sense and i'm using the back of the brush head instead. the opening of the tube could be a bit more narrower to reduce the amount of product left of the brush head - i think there's just way too much/ too wet, leaving way too much product on the concave part of the brush head. I've used many tubes of heroine and fairydrops is much better. Will definitely repurchase.

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Mascara -FairyDrops -Platinum mascara

on 9/24/2015 9:52:00 AM


I bought this due to this pretty packaging and heard some good reviews previously. this really works for me. can hold curls, does not smudge that badly.

I think Japanese drug store mascaras really works for me better. would recommend a try.

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