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Sunscreen -EltaMD -UV Clear SPF 46

on 3/31/2019 10:52:00 PM


This is the only sunscreen I use daily on my face.
It's pros outweigh the cons for me.
My skin is acne prone and slightly dry, fair complexion.
This product is Moisturizing and does not irritate my face.
There really isn't much of a tint, so it isn't full coverage and really doesn't layer to much coverage either.
So the Pros are that it is a Broad Spectrum coverage that my skin can tolerate, so for that fact it's invaluable since I will continue to use it and adds more to my sun protection.
A little pricy for the amount you get.
The bottle is absolute crap, because you can't see if there's anything left once the pump feels empty and you cannot remove the top easily at all. NOTE: I did manage to pry off the pump lid once and the amount inside is not even the whole bottles worth, so they kind of rip you off there.

Sunscreen -EltaMD -UV Sport Broad Spectrum SPF 50

on 3/16/2019 11:04:00 AM


Ignoring the fact that my skin immediately turned red and irritated from the Octinoxate in this, it was everything I hate about Western sunscreen: heavy, greasy, never sunk in, and the scent made me kinda of gaggy. I had high hopes for this after reading so many glowing reviews, but it absolutely did not work for my dry, sensitive skin. Thank God I got samples before purchasing a full size.

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Sunscreen -EltaMD -UV Elements Broad-Spectrum SPF44 Tinted

on 2/19/2019 11:50:00 AM


I am a fan of Elta MD and have been using UV Daily Broad Spectrum SPF 40 non tinted for years. I love everything about UV Elements BUT the tint which is an issue with all Elta MDs I have tried that are tinted. I am NC 20 and really lean yellow in undertones and this is just too orange in tint and too dark. It dries down to a very unflattering color on me - like I am wearing the wrong color of foundation. Otherwise, it applies easily, dries down well to a somewhat matte texture and overall, feels good. I will mix this with my untinted version and use it up but I was really hoping for a physical only sunscreen but unless they make this is an un-tinted version, it is a no go for my skin tone.

Sunscreen -EltaMD -UV Physical Broad-Spectrum SPF 41 (Tinted)

on 2/17/2019 7:12:00 PM


This sunscreen applies like a DREAM. Decided to make a switch from "chemical" to "physical" sunscreen because of the reaction I had to octinoxate and opted for this one after a ton of research.

Application and wearability is so important to me-- I absolutely did not want any white cast, a greasy oil slick or something that requires too much rubbing that would irritate my dehydrated and eczema and rosacea prone skin). Finding a "physical" sunscreen that works well, is cosmetically appealing, wears well under makeup, not too expensive and is easy to apply is not the easiest, but decided to give this a try after its glowing recommendation.

Simply put, this sunscreen applies like a dream, dries down and doesn't stay sticky, doesn't have a white cast and wears more like a low coverage/sheer tinted moisturizer which I appreciate. My only wish is that they'd create more shade in this range because this pulled ORANGE on my NC15 skin and husband's NW10 skin like a bad tanning job. This would absolutely fit NC20-30 well, but might be a bit too dark for anyone lighter and too light for anyone darker. I recommend this and would absolutely rebuy despite the shade since I can apply light coverage makeup over it. This sunscreen has made it easier for me to part with Obagi sun shield matte sunscreen, Biore Aqua UV watery essence, and many other beloved Korean and Japanese sunscreen which in my opinion are superior over American sunscreens in application and efficacy... that I can no longer wear because of octinoxate.

This is a great "physical" sunscreen for anyone in the market for one-- especially the people with sensitive skin and those who don't want to look like they're wearing physical blockers.

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Sunscreen -EltaMD -UV Daily Facial Broad Spectrum SPF 40

on 11/10/2018 2:43:00 PM


This is a decent sunscreen, (that uses both chemical and physical filters), for certain situations. I rated it 4 stars because of the easy to wear formula. If you’ve got the budget for it, and don’t mind having incomplete UV protection, it’s a great product.

CONS: It’s way expensive for 1.7 oz, $26+ depending where you get it. The pump bottle doesn’t let you ensure you get all of the product out, a tube would be much better. The major con for me is the low percentage of zinc oxide. In order to protect against UVA 1 rays at the upper end of the spectrum, a higher concentration of zinc oxide is needed, 20%+. The other sun screen filter, Octinoxate, only offers protection from UVB rays, so the product will cover you for UVB and UVA 2, but I don’t believe it’s enough to protect against UVA 1 rays, which do damage and age the skin. So, I only wear this for quick trips the store, going out and about but primarily being indoors, late afternoons when the sun is going down, etc. For bike rides, beach days, or any time I’ll be out longer than 10-15 minutes at a stretch, I’ll use my Neutrogena SheerZinc with 22% zinc oxide. Or bust out my Ambre Solaire with Mexoryl.

PROS: The formula is super wearable. Zero white cast, spreads easily, absorbs fully, not filmy, layers well, slightly emollient, basically unscented. I have normal-dry skin, and I don’t find it to be greasy at all. Nor is it tacky, it just sinks in and that’s that, - on to the next step. I’ll add a tiny bit of Sensual Skin Enhnacer to turn it into something that offers a bit of coverage, and they blend so well together. I LOVE the formula. If it had even 15-18% zinc oxide and wore as well as the current version, this would be my daily driver for life. The formula is that good. Much more easy and comfortable to wear than the EltaMD UV physical, which I used up before buying this.

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