Denis DaSilva and Lorraine Massey founded DevaCurl in 1994. Their line of hair products for curly, super curly and wavy hair are made without the use of parabens, sulfates, or silicones. The company was acquired in 2017 by Ares Management. Products are available online and at select professional salons and retail locations across the United States and Canada.

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Styling Products -DevaCurl -Ultra Defining gel

on 9/18/2018 7:21:00 PM


I bought a sample of this gel and I hated it. I have very fine, thin 3a/b curls and don't need curl enhancement ; I want a gel for definition and hold.

I tried it over wet (water squeezed out but not towel dried at all) hair, blotted it with a t-shirt and let it air dry, which is my normal routine.

My hair was frizzy, rough, and totally unmanageable; I had zero hold and absolutely no curl definition. It was actually worse than when I use no products after washing. Maybe it's intended to be used in combination with other Deva products; I don't know, but after using this gel I'm not interested in Deva. Plus it's very expensive.

I returned it.

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Shampoo -DevaCurl -Low Poo

on 9/4/2018 3:42:00 PM


I have medium length 3A curls. I've been using this shampoo for over a year.

As the year progressed and my hair grew out from a pixie cut to it's current length it became unmanageable frizzy, extremely dry, and then greasy and disgusting the next day. I thought the current sad state of my hair was due to the haircut, however, someone gave me the advice to stop using deva products, and my hair almost immediately became much softer and less frizzy.

YMMV, but this product wreaked havoc on my hair, and I'm never going back.

Hair -DevaCurl -Buildup Buster Micellar Water Cleansing Serum

on 7/23/2018 4:49:00 PM

I rely on this weekly to remove any residue in my fine but giant pile of wavy hair. when you use a no-poo you really need to do this every week or so depending on how much styling product you use. I apply this just like shampoo- I think their applicator tip is deceiving and unnecessary. work it into your hair (its the consistency of a serum) and then rinse followed by your usual deva conditioner.
It helps keep my hair fresh and clean ... and I use a lot of product :) it seems gentle as well, and I have sensitive skin and chemically (bleached) hair that is fine but full.

Shampoo -DevaCurl -No-Poo Decadence

on 7/23/2018 3:33:00 PM

I love this for my color treated wavy hair. You must use the "buildup buster" weekly to get out any residual product that may be hanging on in your hair. My scalp is very sensitive and my hair gets tangled easily but this product, the conditioner and the buildup buster as a system has changed my hair and keeps it from breaking.

Hair -DevaCurl -Frizz Free Volumizing foam

on 7/1/2018 7:40:00 PM

I have been searching a lifetime for a product that woulfd allow my fine, frizzy wavy locks to air dry into a tousled marvel. This does exactly that for me. I actually threw out all of my mousse, gel, salt spray etc. I just don't need it with this product. I was so skeptical and yes, everyone has different hair needs but..I hope this works for you like it has for me. It has allowed me to go natural and start growing out my hair to the length I really want. Such a 💎!!

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