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Eye Shadow -Burt's Bees -Blooming Desert

on 2/17/2018 12:11:00 AM

So I purchased this, due to the fact that I quite liked the dusky woods trio. The dusky woods was perfect for creating a neutral look. I thought this trio would be similar consistency but it was WAY more sheer than dusky woods. The colours looked super pretty in the pan, and were unique and hard to find so I just about cried when I took the trio home and put them on my hand only to see that they did NOT show up at all. I also paid around 16$ canadian for this potentially gorgeous trio, so I am not pleased.

The colours Would have been:

A pretty burnt orange sienna with a tasteful sheen.
A pretty mid toned warm brown bronze,
a satin, almost matte cream colour.

Sadly the first 2 colours left little but a sheer wash of colour, and the lightest shade hardly showed up at all.

I tried this on top of Milk pencil by NYX with a little bronzer in the crease, before I packed them on like usual (mid tone on lid, crease shade in v, lightest shade on browbone), I DID end up with a nice look, however I don't feel that it was worth all the work, especially since I can get way better results using MUCH cheaper eyeshadows without all the extra work.

Real disappointment for me :(

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Lip Treatments -Burt's Bees -Tinted Lip Balm

on 2/15/2018 11:27:00 PM


Each and every time I used it I've ended up with a severe rash around my lips. But the end of the day my lips were looking like they were lined with a dark pink lip liner. They've got puffy and hurt. It takes me three to four days to recover from using this balm. Too bad I didn't understand the cause right away and were using it weekly for more than a month. Terrible!

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Cleansers -Burt's Bees -Natural Acne Solutions - Purifying Gel Cleanser

on 2/14/2018 2:16:00 PM


The only reason I bought this acne cleanser to try was Bc I had a 2 off coupon & like getting a good deal on my shopping! I had tried this many years ago but what I remember was it being kinda runny & very liquid & it was pretty gentle due to it's gentle detergents in it that's more naturally derived like another reviewer mentioned!
It did have a fragrance but thankfully I wasn't allergic t it & it didn't linger long! It had a lemon 🍋 scent like Ajax dish detergent!

Lip Treatments -Burt's Bees -Nourishing Lip Balm with Mango Butter


That's going to be a great big no for me. Sure, it's cheap, it's nice on the lips, it smells nice. But it does absolutely nothing for my lips. Nothing. Even worse, I liked it so much when I tried my Mom's that I bought a two pack. It was only later that I noticed that my lips felt dry even when I applied it several times a day. No thanks.

Moisturizers -Burt's Bees -Renewal Firming Day Lotion SPF 30

on 2/3/2018 5:32:00 PM


I see that I am in the minority on this moisturizer. I just bought my third bottle today. I like that it has an SPF and moisturizes without being greasy. I find a lot of SPF moisturizers make my skin slick at the 4-hour mark. This does not. My makeup doesn't slide off my face by the end of the day and I feel the SPF does it's job.

As far as the revitalizing qualities, I can't really say it has improved my skin, but even if it has not, I like it enough to keep using it.

The scent is a bit strong, but now I don't even notice it. The packaging is bad, though. Once you get down to the bottom of the bottle there is no way to get out the remainder of the product. On the plus side, you never put your fingers in it so it stays relatively hygienic.

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