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Eye Shadow -Annabelle -Chrome Eyeshadow

on 9/13/2018 3:57:00 PM


I bought this on a whim, in the Gold color, because this swatched soooo beautifully. However, this was really difficult to apply to the eyes! When I tried to apply with a flat shader brush, it either didn't pick up enough, or picked up a whole chunk, which would transfer onto my eye as a chunk. I have tried different brushes to bled, but this product is s stiff that only dense brushes can be used to blend it. When I rub my eyes so much with a brush, they get sore. When I applied it with a finger, it kinda got everywhere, and it was really difficult to blend this out nicely.

The chrome flakes can create a gritty or scaly effect on the eyelids, which is actually not very pretty to me - it emphasized my eyelids in a not-so-good way. I mean: it looks good from afar - you would notice my shiny eyelids from 20 feet away. However, when you got up close, it would look strange. I would actually expect a "chrome" to look smooth, but this doesn't. Also, the product itself seems to irritate my eyelids slightly due to the flaky texture. Here's a photo. The color is totally off, but you can see the texture - crusty, crusty...:


The only use for this that I've found is to use it as the most epic-looking body glitter I've ever had! Rub a little chunk of this on your skin, and you will turn into a Twilight vampire! This is perfect if you want to outshine the Christmas tree, like I like to do. You sure will leave glitter everywhere, but I don't care. So: this product doesn't work as an eyeshadow for me, but I've fortunately found a different use for it. Here's a picture! The glitter is multi-color, and if it look like this is a still picture, imagine what happens when I move...!


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Lipstick -Annabelle -Edge Lipstick

on 8/23/2018 12:25:00 PM

OK, I didn't expect to like anything Annabelle, to me it's always been a poor quality brand that has never appealed to me.

For some reason, these new lipsticks caught my attention - probably the "edgy" packaging, so I swatched one shade on my hand and liked it, but then I saw the price (would be about $14 tax included) and passed on it. This is not a price I'd be willing to pay for this brand.

But then SDM had a sale on them, half-price. That was more like it, so I bought the shade Anna - a nude cool mauvy pink, mlbb sort of. Loved it on, great color payoff, didn't show lip lines, smooth coverage, stayed a bit glossy for a long time, and lasted more hours than most of my other lipsticks!
So I bought the other nude shade, Brigitte, which is more of a baby pink. Love this one too. I am eyeing another shade - Soo, a bright coral pink shade, so if the sale is still on I may buy it as well.

So my thoughts:
- better overall than most of my high end lipsticks - and that includes Dior, Guerlain, etc.
- great shade range, I am sure there's something for everybody
- moisturizing
- very faint scent that dissipates quickly and doesn't linger
- great lasting power

If I had to think of cons, those would be:
- I hate the square shape of the bullet, I get it that they wanted to be edgy but to me it just makes application more difficult. They say you can use the corners to line your lips, and that's somewhat true, but you need a very steady hand. I prefer using my regular lip liners with this lipstick
- flimsy packaging
- the price. They are good, but $14 for this brand is just too much. On sale - yes, very worth it.

Bottom line, I am ready to throw out all my other lipsticks, because these are really all I need.

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Lip Liners -Annabelle -lipliner in Natural Rose

on 8/14/2018 3:14:00 PM


This is fantastic! Picked it up on a whim for an engagement party I was attending, and I absolutely LOVED it! The color is so beautiful, it goes on smooth, it's long lasting. I put it all over my lips and top it with a tiny bit of lip gloss for comfort. It's really excellent. Super flattering color on my dark complexion. Will definitely be repurchasing!!!

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Eye Shadow -Annabelle -Smoothie Eyeshadow Pencil

on 8/7/2018 12:48:00 AM


Contact lens wearers beware! The Cocoaloco pencil looks great with my brown eyes as it brings out the gold tones. But it’s a double edged sword and I’m not willing to battle. The gold flecks adhere at first but then fall off during the day. My contact lens wearing eyeballs feel irritated and my vision goes blurry with the gold flecks stuck to my lenses. This pencil is also terrible if you play sports. With all the sweating and squinting, the product ends up transferring to your lenses and STAYS THERE. Do you know how crappy it is to have your vision impaired as you bike home during rush hour? All I wanted to do was rip out my lenses. Rinsing with saline solution removes the flecks. However, eye makeup that impairs my vision is an absolute no go and so this pencil has earned itself a place in the trash.

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Blush -Annabelle -Creme Blush Golden Pink

I've been searching a long time for a nice pink blush in a crème formula and decided to give this one a try with low expectations considering it is not a premium brand. I've even tried much more expensive which was a total fail, (see me other reviews). I was pleasantly surprised with this Annabelle product. The formula is nice and creamy like a balm with just enough stick to get it to stay where you want it and enough oiliness that you can easily work it in. Color payoff is just right so you can see the end result without having to layer lots of product but never looking harsh. This is a definite buy-again but seems to be lasting pretty long - bonus! I tried to upload a picture since the product wasn't in the existing list but I can't figure out how makeup alley is not user friendly.

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