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Candles -Yankee Candles -Witches Brew


I tried this in a wax tart this year. Given that even patchouli haters have liked this scent, I hoped I could replicate that result. Unfortunately, I just couldn't like it. It wasn't even fully melted before I turned it off because it smelled just like soap to me. A strong, Ivory soap type scent. Started giving me a headache. My rating is two lippies because I love the black color and the throw was excellent despite not being completely melted. This was a huge bust for me otherwise. At least I know now that I don't like this.

Candles -Yankee Candles -Pink Sands


I didn't buy this- my sister did. I found it halfway burned and with bad tunneling. I managed to fix the worst of the tunneling with something called the "aluminum trick," though there is still a good bit of leftover wax on the top of the candle.

Anyway. Onto the actual candle. Its scent is an enigma. All I'm certain is that it's feminine. Sometimes I get sweet, other times I get straight up floral. It doesn't remind me of bubblegum, or the ocean really despite the pretty jar art. Another reviewer described it as tutti frutti but it doesn't even remind me of that (although I can see where they were going at). Describing it as a girly fresh scent may be the best way to describe it.

Once I fixed the tunneling, it's been burning evenly, and I can smell it almost immediately after lighting it. I have a smaller candle and it fills most of my large living room and the entry to my kitchen with fragrance. It's good at masking other scents. Sometimes I like the smell and other times I hate it. Florals tend to give me a headache, so when it's particularly floral to me I feel tempted to blow it out early. I'm almost done with the candle but doubt I'll purchase a jar myself.

Candles -Yankee Candles -Midsummer's Night

on 12/19/2016 8:29:00 PM


You know the "bad boy" Byronic hero we're all irrationally attracted to, at least according to cliche? This is what he smells like once he's aged and matured, and has been around the block a few times. While he's still very bad indeed, he's now capable of occasionally transferring his overly intense focus onto things like pleasing his partner, showering regularly, and leaving puppies, kittens, and even civilians out of his nefarious revenge plots. This is that mother******, in a cute little jar with a moon and some stars on it.

In seriousness, Midsummer's Night is a cologne-like scent that won't remind you of either your grandfather or the teen next door who believes Axe commercials to be gospel. It isn't too heavy on the orris or patchouli, nor is it sharp and synthetic. It's warm and dark and sexy, with a base hint of burning firewood so smooth and whisper-light that you want to keep re-sniffing to make sure you're not imagining it.

Yankee Candles don't have the best throw, but I'm perfectly happy to have this one burning right next to me all night long! I am pansexual, but while this candle is open, I may feel more hetero...

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Candles -Yankee Candles -Nutcracker

on 11/28/2016 8:31:00 AM


UKers; Nutcracker can now be found online, and in Yankee outlet stores.

Nutcracker is mostly a mix of pine and berries, but there is a light hint of something spicy and citrusy underneath it - spiced orange, maybe? I'm also convinced that I can catch the occasional whiff of roasted chestnut too; as this note is largely hidden I'm not sure if it is chestnut, or woodsy notes and the name is fooling me.

As with all Yankee candles, the entirety of the wax is perfumed; I've used some candles where the fragrance burns up before the candle does, but that is not the case here. The fragrance lasts as long as the candle does and is strong enough to travel over the house. I even catch occasional wafts of the perfume whilst the candle is unlit.

Candles -Yankee Candles -Sun and Sand

on 11/16/2016 1:23:00 PM


Not a big fan of "beachy" scents - but if you like them, you will love this YC classic. A faint whiff of coconut/suntan oil and salty-sea-watery-ness.

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